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“Let alone let alone

Club, brick-bat, and stone,
Naughty boys! cruel boys! and pelt us not thus !

Consider, I pray,

Consider, your play,
To you though a frolic, is murder to us.


No boy should forget that each boy is his brother,
Or find pleasure in that which gives pain to another.

Evening at home, after going to school. 1. When my father comes home in the evening from Then will I get up on his knee,

(work, And tell him how many fine things I have learned,

And show him how good I can be.


2. He'll hear what a number I know how to count,

I'll tell him what words I can spell,
And I hope, if I learn something every day,

That ere long I shall read very well.

3. I'll say to him all the fine verses I know, And tell him how kind we must be,

never must hurt poor dumb creatures at all, And he'll kiss me, and listen to mo.

That we

4. I'll tell him we always must try to please God,

And never be cruel or rude;
For God is the Father of all living things

And cares for, and blesses the good.

ban quet

Words in which n has a sound like

ng.. Blink bảng

drink' er

bänk er chink blank drunk ard an chor drink clank drunk en bank rupt link crank in stinct mink drank mon key crank ness pink flank twink ling can ker sink frank sprin kle con quer shrink lank

con quest shrunk hank think ing frank ly spunk plank wrin kle

ran cour think rank twin kle tank ard wink shank

tran quil brink sank

think er tan gle punk thank blink ing han ker clink prank

con cave drunk' shrank monk ish thank ful

tink er

un cle

in quest

TABLE 37.-XXXVII. Words in which g has its hard sound before e and i. Geld dag ger jag ged stag ger gift crag ged leg gin stag gers give dig ging pig gin twig gin gig rig ging rag ged wag gish

scrag gy bog gy gimp

gib bous shag ged fog gy gird gid dy slug gish clog ging girth

slug gard jog ging gew gaw giz zard snag gy jog ger brag ger gim let sprig ged nog gin


gib ber

gig let



The Partial Judge. A Farmer came to a neighboring Lawyer, expressing great concern foranaccident which he said had just happened.

One of your Oxen, continued he, has been gored by an unlucky Bull of mine, and I should be glad to know how I am to make you reparation.

Thou art a very honest fellow, replied the Lawyer, and wilt not think it unreasonable that I expect one of thy oxen in return.

It is no more than justice, quoth the Farmer, to be sure; but what did I say?-_I mistake-It is


Bull that has killed one of

my Oxen.

Indeed! says the Lawyer, that alters the case: I must inquire into the case; and if

And if! said the Farmer-the business I

find would have been concluded without an if, had you been as ready to do justice to others as to exact it from them.

Words in which a has the sound of short i

as heard in village, pronounced vil lige.
Cab' bage bag' gage mes' sage cord' age
car nage band age or ange
cour age dam age pas sage vil lage
crib bage lan guage pil lage
man age til lage

sau sage

vin tage

vis age

im age

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Words in which i has the consonant sound

of y when followed by another vowel;

as filial, pronounced fil yal, foc.
scullion pon


o pin ion court ier pin ion val iant re bell ion cloth ier trill ion al ien ate re bell ious sav iour trunn ion bil ia ry dis un ion viz ier bullion brill ian cy be haviour bdell ium warr iour brill iant ly ci vil ian bil ious brill iant val iant ly ple be ian bill ion

fil ial ver mil ion se ragl io bill iards trivial pa vil ion opinion ist million coll ier pos til ion valiant ness min ion gal iot fa mil iar companion onion gall iard bat tal ion con nexion pill ion

pann ier do min ion pe cul iar

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