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ed in the law, and had decided many difficult cases.

5. He then sent for a balance, and having divided the cheese with his knife, he put a part into each scale.

6. "Friend cats!" said he, "we will nicely weigh the case; and these scales cannot fail to do exact justice between you."

7. Then holding up the scales, he found one end was heavier than the other: upon which he bit off a large piece from the heaviest part, in order, as he said to make them equal.

8. Upon trying again, he found, that the other scale had now become the heaviest, which afforded him another reason for a second mouthful; and in like manner he continued weighing the case, as he called it, by biting first off one part and then the other.

9. The cats stood and looked on for some time, and fearing that they should lose the whole of their cheese, told the judge, at length, that they were quite satisfied, and begged him to give them the remaining cheese.

10. "Not so fast, friend cats," said he, "a case of this difficult nature is by no means to be easily settled. Besides, it will take what cheese there is left to settle my fees, and to pay the costs of court."

11. Having made this decision, he divided the one half among the lawyers, and putting the other half into his own pocket, with great gravity dismissed the court.

12. The cats made the best of their way home, ashamed and vexed to find that by going to law about trifles, they had both lost all they possessed.

In the following words, s and z, have the sound of zh.

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A good natured spaniel, whose name was Tray, once overtook a surly mastiff, whose name was Tiger, as they were travelling upon the high road.

Tray, although an entire stranger to Tiger, wished to become acquainted with him; and very civilly saluting him, said, that if Tiger had no objections he should be very glad to bear him company on the way.

Tiger, who happened not to be in so cross and growling a mood as usual, accepted the offer; and they pursued their journey together in a very friendly manner.

They had not travelled far, before they arrived at a village; when Tiger began to show his low breeding and bad disposition,

by barking at the passengers, and quarrelling with every dog he met.

The people of the village at last became angry with his rude conduct, and picking up clubs, fell upon the two dogs, and beat them both without distinction or mercy.

Poor Tray thought it very hard, that he should be so cruelly treated for no other reason, than because he was travelling with Tiger; but resolved in future to keep out of bad company, and to be more careful in the choice of his friends.


Words in which the vowel before n is silent.

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Ba' sin

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