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4. But as they went along, the wolf spied a bare place round the neck of the dog, where the hair had been worn off by the chain. “ Oh, sir, what do I see here? your

I neck is quite bare!"

5. “Why, to tell you the truth," said the dog, “ it is the mark of a chain, which my good master puts on me in the daytime, that I may not bite those who come to see him."

6. “Indeed!” said the wolf; “why, then, I tell you what, if this is the case, you may keep your good master, and your warm kennel, and your nice fare, and your long chạin to yourself for me.

19. “I would rather go where I please,

7. and be lean and thin, than be a slave all my life for the sake of good eating." And with that off he sprung, and did not so much as stop 10 say, Good bye to the dog.

8. From this fable we may learn, that to be free is one of the best gifts of heaven, if we do not make a bad use of our freedom.

Select Sentences. The way to gain a good reputation, is to endeavour to be what you desire to appear.

More persons seek to live long than to live well.

Honesty is the best policy. If a man has a right to be proud of any thing, it is of a good action.

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FABLE III. The Country Maid and her Milk Pail.

A country maid, as she was walking along with a pail of milk upon her head, began to study how she could make her fortune.

6 I will sell this milk," said she, “for a good price, and the money I shall get for the milk will enable me to increase my stock of

eggs to three hundred. These eggs, allowing for what


be addled and broken, will produce me at least two hundred and fifty chickens.

The chickens I will fatten, and carry to market about Christmas, when poultry always bears a good price; and then I cannot fail of having money enough to buy me a new gown.

Let me consider what color I will have?

Green-yes green suits my complexion best, and green it shall be.

In this dress I will go to the ball, where all the young fellows will strive to have me for a partner ; but I shall perhaps refuse every one of them, and with an air of disdain, toss from them."

So saying she could not help acting what was thus passing in her mind; and giving her head a toss, down came the pail of milk, and with it all her fine schemes of happiness.

act or

Examples of the formation of derivative words.

be hold' be hold'er dream dream er

di rect di rect or hear

hear er dis turb dis turb er play play er de fend

de fend er speak speak er en chant en chant er read read er

op pressop press or

When the primitive word ends with the vowel e, and the syllable add.

ed to form the derivative word, begins with a vowel tho e is gone ally omitted.

Bake fade prate chide write

bak' ing a wake a wak'ing fad ed be lieve be liev er prat er

de scribe de scribing chid ing be come be com ing writ ing dis pose dis pos er

pud dle

coup le

TABLE 33. XXXIII. Words in which the final e after 1 is silent. A' ble bat' tle jum' ble rattle sa ble bus tle

ruf fie fee ble dim ple'rid dle rip ple bi dle

bot tle sic kle b. ble

buc kle cra dle fid dle cat tle

crip ple thim ble la dle this tle

trou ble ha zle whistle ma ple frec kle muf fle wrin kle tri fle

tic kle title han dle nee dle

bun dle peo ple

rab ble whit tle

sup ple spin dle stop ple

ga ble

pes tle

grid dle
man tle

tur tle

can dle

mus cle net tle pur ple

tat tle

spar kle

ap ple


Ca' pa

ble can ti cle cred i ble cul pa ble drink a ble

а af fa ble pal pa ble par a ble ob sta cle pli a ble mu ta ble so cia ble suit a ble du ra ble

leg' i ble
move a ble
syl la ble
i ci cle
cru ci ble
eat a ble
pos si ble
mir a cle

ve hi cle
void a ble
ter ri ble
vend i ble
sen si ble
ob sta cle

com pat' i ble im pos si ble in fal li ble de du ci ble de fin a ble de plor a ble de sir a ble re ceiv a ble in del i blc per cep ti ble in flex i ble per cep ti ble in cred i ble re mark a ble

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