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4. But as they went along, the wolf spied a bare place round the neck of the dog, where the hair had been worn off by the chain. 66 Oh, sir, what do I see here? your

neck is quite bare!”

5. "Why, to tell you the truth," said the dog, "it is the mark of a chain, which my good master puts on me in the daytime, that I may not bite those who come to see him."

6. "Indeed!" said the wolf; "why, then, I tell you what, if this is the case, you may keep your good master, and your warm kennel, and your nice fare, and your long chain to yourself for me.

7. "I would rather go where I please, and be lean and thin, than be a slave all my life for the sake of good eating." And with that off he sprung, and did not so much as stop to say, Good bye to the dog. 48. From this fable we may learn, that to be free is one of the best gifts of heaven, if we do not make a bad use of our freedom.

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Select Sentences.

The way to gain a good reputation, is to endeavour to be what you desire to appear. More persons seek to live long than to live well.

Honesty is the best policy.

If a man has a right to be proud of any thing, it is of a good action.


Green-yes green suits my complexion best, and green it shall be.

In this dress I will go to the ball, where all the young fellows will strive to have me for a partner; but I shall perhaps refuse every one of them, and with an air of disdain, toss from them."

So saying she could not help acting what was thus passing in her mind; and giving her head a toss, down came the pail of milk, and with it all her fine schemes of happiness.


Examples of the formation of derivative words.

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When the primitive word ends with the vowel e, and the syllable added to form the derivative word, begins with a vowel the e is gener ally omitted.

a wake' a wak' ing be lieve be liev er

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de scribe de scrib ing


chid ing

be come be com ing

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pose dis pos er


Words in which the final e after 1 is silent.

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