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The Spaniards were not only cruel to the poor Indians, but they were cruel also to Columbus, who had niade them so rich.

They did not make Columbus happy; he died before he was an old man; he was very willing to die, because he was unhappy.

Christopher Columbus discovered America in the year 1492.


Familiar Lessons. Harriet, bring your book, let me hear you read. What book have you? Let me see: a little volume of poems. How many can you repeat? Let me hear my dear Harriet speak


The Bird's Nest.
Yes, little nest, I'll hold you fast,

And little birds, one, two, three, four;
I've watch'd you lung, you're mine at last;

Poor little things! you'll ’scape no more.
Chirp, cry, and flutter, as you will,

Ah! simple rebels, 'tis in vain;
Your little wings are unfledg'd still,

How can you freeüom then obtain?
What note of sorrow strikes my ear;

Js it their mother thus distrest?
Ah yes, and see, their father dear

Flies round and round, to seek their nest.
And is it I who cause their moan?

I, who so oft in summer's heat,
Beneath yon oak have laid me down

To listen to their songs so sweet?
If from my tender mother's side,

Some wicked wretch should make me fly,
Full well I know, 'twould her betide,

To break her heart, to sink, to die.

And shall I then só cruel prove,

Your little ones to force away!
No, no; together live and love;

See here they arem-take them I pray.
Teach them in yonder wood to fly,

And let them your sweet warbling hear,
'Till their own wings can soar as high,

And their own notes may sound as clear.
Go, gentle birds; go, free as air,

While oft again in summer's heat,
To yonder oak I will repair,

And listen to your songs so sweet.


Mary, what a charming little sonnet your sister Harriet has repeated. Come, my sweet girl, you must let me hear what you can say. But stop, let me see your work. Your little fingers are very handy with a needle. Very pretty indeed; very pretty work. What smail stitches. You shall hem and mark all vour papa's handkerchiefs, and very soon you shall work a muslin frock for yourself

. Now, my girl, let me hear you repeat some verses.

On a Goldfinch starred in his Cage.

Time was when I was free as air,
The thistle's downy, seed my fare,

My drink the morning dew;
I perch'd' at will on every spray,
My form genteel, my plumage gay,

My strains for ever new.


But gaudy plumage, sprightly strain,
And form genteel, were all in vain,

And of a transient date;
For caught and cag'd, and starv'd to death,
In dying sighs, my little breath
Soon pass’d the wiry grate.



ty, they were turned out, and better ones chosen to fill their places.

They continued to live in this prosperous and happy manner for a long time. At length they were divided into parties, quarrelled about trifles, abused their good magistrates, and were on the eve of a civil


Upon hearing this, a hornet, who was fond of fighting, came and offered his services. He made them a great many fair speeches, said he loved the bees very much, and if they would choose him for their leader, he would be their humble servant.

The bees were so weak and foolish as to listen to his cunning speeches, and finally chose him for their governor, and gave him the command over the whole swarm.

The hornet then assembled all the fighting bees about him, and when he thought his party strong enough, he seized upon the whole hive as his own property.

He created a lazy set of nobility, called drones, declared that the whole hive belonged to himself and his drones--that the working bees were his slaves; and that if any one dared to complain he should be stung to death.

The bees now saw their folly. They found that their violent party quarrels had destroyed their freedom and happiness, and reduced them to a state of slavery.

TABLE 29-XXIX. In the following words, c, s, and t hate the sound

of sh.

[blocks in formation]

po ten tial

ton sure

cap tious tran sient spécies so cial gra cious pa tient quo tient spa cious

gla' ci ate an nůn' ciate
ra ti o

con ten tious
sa ti ate cre den tials
gla ci al

es sen tial pre sci ent

in fec tious spa ti ate pre sci ous pro vin cial ap préciate pru den tial as so ciate sen ten tious ex pa tiate con fi den tial fa ce tious con se quen tial fal la cious pen i ten tial fe ro cious pes ti len tial in gra

tiate prov i den tial vex a tious

rev er en tial

cha os
cho rus

Words in which ch have the sound of k.

char ac ter ache

chor is ter chord cholic

chi me ra scheme christ en

tech ni cal school chem ist lach ri mal chyle sched ule ma chin ate e poch stom ach

sac char ine o cher schol ar

me chan ic

al chy my

och o

mon arch

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