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their nests and taking care of their young ones.

Robin has flown against the window; he wants and to get out Well, we will open the window,

. and, if he choose, he may fly away. There, When he is hungry, he will come again. We will give him some crumbs. His

he taanked now he is

to thic d mar nough


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wo ful

pa rent



TABLE 13.-XIII, dw Words of two syllables accented on the first.

feat ure
ni tre

tai lor
A cre

fe male oat meal trai tor
a pron
fro ward past ry

trea ty bare foot grate ful pi ous wea ry it the beast ly

beast ly griev ous peo ple to cal brew er gno mon plu mage wri ter umbeau ty hein ous

wain scot brok en

hind most pro logue yeo man
boat swain hoar

åb sence
bow.sprit hu mor

rhu barb ab bey
brave ry jew el ri fle am ple
jui cy

asth ma
cheap en knave ry re gion
knight hood sea son

bal ance

spright ly bel fry
dea con

la bor sti fle bash ful
dia mond le gion stee ple
do tage may or

bol ster

blem ish eve ning

coul ter blus ter mi tre

brim stone mea sles shoul der brick kiln

quo ta

now to set an


ca ble

rogu ish

an cle


dai ly

dai sy

li vre


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bish op

; and

me ter

grass 7ches

fa vor Aa yor

slave ry



blud geon crés' cent drunk ard gel ly bel lows crev ice do ings gher kin bis cuit cum brous double

gib bous bo som

cur tain drug gist guil ty. bris tle cus tard ec logue guin ea build er cyn

en gine gud geon but ton city en sign

har bor bus tle

clean ly en trails harsh ness cen sure crys tal fa ther

heal thy cel lar


board fash ion heav en calm ness crib bage fish hook heif er check er

flour ish hin drance chest nut cut lass friend ship hus band chim ney debt or

frec kle hys sop chris ten dis tance fur lough im age chym ist dun geon ges ture isth mus

cous in

kid ney

jaun' diće méddling pick' le

rep'tile jeal ous

mis tress pitch er rig ging jour ney mis chief pleas ant rig or judg ment mis sive peas ant sick ly

mus cle pin cers saun ter knuck le mus lin

pres ence scep tre leath er

mus ket pris tine scis sors length en mus tard pris on

spec tre leop ard

nec tar pic ture sculp tor lus tre

nig gard pun cheon sec ond lunch eon part ner pur chase sedg y lus cious pars nip phthis ic sense less par tridge quick en

ses sion mar tyr ped ler

seden night phren sy rebel

lyr ic

read y

mas ter

sex tile

sup ple

sur feit

shép' herd stůr' geon thick' et weap' on sher iff

threåt en wealth

у ship ping subt le

thurs day weather shipwreck sul phur till age

wheth er sin ew

sun day tres pass whis kers sin gle

troub le whis tle six pence surgeon tur key

wel come slug gard sur plice ves tige wis dom slug gish swelling vict uals wiz ard smart ness sym bol vig il

wres tle snuf fers symptom vil lain wretch ed smug gle syn od

vis it writ ten syr inge vine yard young est

zeal ot tempt er, up ward zeal ous stead y

ten ant ven ture zeph yr

spig ot spin dle spir it

sys tem

vul gar

bod y

frag ile

cap tain cap tive

åb sence dân druff phản tom nu tumn ab scess

doc trine pam phlet bor der asth ma

dol phin practice daugh ter bal ance fash ion


ise for tune ban nockfore head knap sack gau day blos som for eign lan guor geor gic

lan guage lau rel frol ic schol ar haugh ty sol emn

or phan car riage ghast ly

salm on

mort gage chol er

gran deur sol stice naugh ty col umn hand some tar iff

saw yer hon est stock ings tor ment conscience knot ty vol ley con script knowledge wran gle warn ing

gran ite

com ic

wa ter


caus tic cor nice

bul ly

com fort

fal con fal ter hal ter law yer

drow sy

bush y
butch er


hon ey

flow er

båľ sam
bul lock

ou fou bul let bor' ough coun' cil

coun ter bul rush

com pass coun ty bul wark con jure dough ty

COV er

cir cuit moun tain mor tise cuck oo

gov ern

show er or chard cush ion pal try ful ler

stom ach bow er pau per pud ding stir rup power psal ter pul ley

hour ly squad ron push ing

down fall coop er vir tue taw dry good ness ker nel


proud ly thral dom wool len skir mish mouth ful tortoise crook ed squir rel cloud

у wal nut

hook ing shov el short er

book worm wor ship doubt ful

won der brow beat

ver min
ver dict

talk er

howl ing

frown ing

war ble

The Boy that went to the Wood to look for Bird's

Nests when he should have gone to School. When Jack got up and put on his clothes, he thought if he could get to the wood, he should be quite well; for he thought more of a bird's nest, than his book, that would make him wise and great.

When he came there, he could find nonest, but one that was on the top of a tree, and with much ado he got up to it, and robbed it of the eggs. Then he tried to get down; buta branch

of the tree found a hole in the skirt of his coat, and held him fast.

At this time he would have been glad to be at school; for the bird in a rage at the loss of her eggs, flew at him, and was like to pick out his eyes. Now it was that the sight of a man at the foot of the tree, gave him more joy than all the nests in the world, This man was so kind as to chase


the bird, and help him down from the tree; and

from that time forth he would not loiter from school; but grew a good boy and a wise young man; and had the praise and good will of all that knew him.

THE CRUEL BOY. As a bird one day went to seek some food for its young ones, a boy who had a gun in his hand, saw it, and shot the poor thing through its head, and down it fell to the ground,

The boy then ran to it, and picked it up; and when he saw that it was dead, he was very sorry for what he had done.

How cruel it was to kill the poor bird which never did any harm in all its life; and to take it from its young ones, which were in the nest, wanting it to come back and feed them.

The poor little birds could not think why their mother staid so long from them, and kept chirping till they were quite tired.

At night they grew so cold for want of their mother to brood over them, that they did not know what to do.

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