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a nåt o my
dis pår' i ty

hu mán' i ty an tag o nist dis sat is fy

in tol er ant a nom a lous dog mat ic al me trop o lis a pol o gize dox ol o gymo ral i ty as trol o ger e jac u late pre dom in ate as tron o mer e van gel ist pri or i ty bar bar i ty ex am in er phi lon o pher ca lam i ty fa nat ic al

re frac to ry ca par i son fa tal i ty sa tan ic al con sol i date ge om e try de moc ra cy i dol a ter

tau tol o gy de nom in ate im pol i tic ver bos i ty de mor al ize im prop er ly ve nal i ty de pop u late im prov i dent a pol o gy

, de prav i ty in con stan cy bi og ra phy di am e ter in grat i tude hy poc ra cy

ty ran nic al

TABLE 11.-XI. Words of forur syllables, with the accent on the third. An te cè' dent

ac ci dén' tal ar bi tra tion

ac a dem ic com men ta tor

ap pre hen sive con tri bu tion

det ri ment al cir cum ja cent

en er get ic cul ti va tor

fun da men tal dis a greement in ci den tal in co he rent in de pend ant in ter lo per

or na men tal im ma ture ly pan e gyr ic op por tunc ly o ver bur den


a the is' tic

ben e fåc' tor

e ad mo ni tion

dip lo mat ic am mu ni tion al le com pe ti tion

cor res pond ent con tin ent al

ap os tol ic con tra dict ed em blem at ic mon u men tal

mem o ran dum in ter ces sion mal e fac tor the o ret ic

par e' gor ic

е pres ent

ar o mat ic su dor if ic

cal i man co pre

ped o bap tist sci en tif ic

phi lo sophic sup ple ment al

sys tem at ic o ver whelm ing hor i zon tal un re strict ed

un der stand ing


om ni

de ces sor

THE FOOLISH LAMB. There was once a shepherd, who had a great many sheep and lambs. He took a great deal of care of them, and gave them sweet fresh grass to eat, and clear water to drink,

If they were sick, he was very good to them, and when they climbed up a steep hill, and the lambs were tired, he used to carry them in his arms.

When they were all eating their suppers in the field, he used to sit upon a stone, or a fence, and play them a tune, and sing to them.

Every night he used to pen them in a fold. , wåd-mè, mét-pine, pin. Do you know what a sheep-fold is? If not, I will tell you. It is a kind of pen made of stakes, driven into the ground, with little sticks that will bend, twisted and made fast between the stakes, so that nothing can creep in, and nothing can get out.

Here they laid every night snug and warm, and the dogs laid round the outside to guard them, and bark, if any body came near; and in the morning the shepherd let them all out again,

They were all very happy, and loved the shepherd who was so good to them—all except one foolish little lamb, that did not like to be shut up every night in the fold.

This lamb came to her mother one day and said to her, I wonder why we are all shut up so every night? The dogs are not shut up, and why should we be shut up? I think it very hard, and I will get away if I


Then the old sheep said to the lamb-you are very silly, to wish to get away. You had better stay in the fold. The shepherd is so good to us that we should always do as he bids us; and if you run about by yourself, I dare say you will come to some harm.

I dare say not, said the little lamb: and so when night came, and the shepherd called them all to come into the fold, she would not come, but crept slily under a hedge and hid herself.

When the rest of the lambs were all in the fold and fast asleep, this little lamb came out and jumped and frisked about: and she got out of the field into the woods, and a fierce wolf came out of his cave and howled very loud .

Then the silly lamb wished she had been shut up in the fold: but the fold was a great way off, and the wolf saw her, and seized her, and carried her away.

This story is meant to show, that little children should always mind their parents, and take their advice.

TABLE 12.-XII, Difficult and irregular monosyllables. Bày

ache ail stair gàuge day bait frail swear plague hay clay


wear vague pray bray nail bear bait sway stray hail tear

great fray jail flail air

graze brain mail snail chair praise chain pail

plaint pair raise grain sail aim pain baise slain tray

claim strain raze train play shame faint maize sprain date maid taint knave twain staid stage

saint break paint laid

change trait steak quaint braid

spray waif

paid blaze strait stay main wade haste

waste gray

strange wait

pea méad béak keel lieve sea

knead leak deal beeves tea

bleed weak heal eaves flea breed bleak meal

greaves yea. plead sneak peel beurd key deem speak seal shear leap seem freak steal steer fear team squeak veal

bier. dear cream neap

weal tier rear sheaf reap zeal

year peer fief

cheap' peal cheer drear lief heap ceil

blear clear plea steel eel squeal flee

kneel sleeve sear creed bee teal grieve smear heed knee reel leave tear


béad beast sleight geese dean lead feast bright niece

cheek read least fight piece

wreak seed

yeast blight grease sleek weed beam fright crease fleek league dream flight bleat streak teague fleam wight treat bean tweag ream wright meat clean leash steam steep feat mien liege seam sleep beat

queen siege scream creep


yean brief stream sheep sheep heat

lean chief team fleece

wean mean grief gleam peace

seen priest leaf

cease glean green

peace keen

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