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bèt' ter
din ner

fès' ter bil let dis trict

fet ter bit ter

fid dler blun der drum mer fil let buf fet

fin ish

gen try
car go
el der

fish er
emblem fit ly gid dy

går den gar ner gar ter

diz zy

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gen der

dus ty

gib bet

car nal cen tral

em net

Alin ty

gim let

flut ter

chil dren en ter chil ly en try cin der ev er

fren zy

frit ter

cut ler

ex it

den tist. fel on

gin ger giv er

glim mer ful gent glit ter fum ble

gun ner fur bish fur nish

grum ble

des pot

fen cer

fun gus

fen nel

dif fer, dimly

fer ry

gus set gut 'ter.

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hår' dy

kin' dreil mém' ber pêr' ish har ness

king dom men tor pet ty har vest lem on mer ry: pig my hec tor

lend er, mil ler: 4 help er let ter

mit ten pil grim hin der lil y mud dy' pip pin hun dred lim ber mur der plen ty

' hunt er

lim it mur mur plun der lim ner

nev er print er in dex lim pid

num ber pub lish in let lit ter

nut még pun ish in sect

puppy part ner

quiv er jest er mar gin pencil reb el just ly mar ten

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pen ny

rec tor ken nel

mar vel

pe per

· ren der

um ber un der

spar kle

riv' er
sis ter
tår' dy

đg ly rub bish slen der

tar get

ul cer rud der slip per

tem per rus ty

slum ber ten dril sel dom

thrif ty

ut most sen tence spel ling thun der ut ter

spin net tim ber sev er

vel lum

vel vet shel ter splen did tin der shil ling splin ter trench er vic tim shud der stub born trump et viv id shut ter stud

trus ty

wed ding tum bler wel ter

wil ful sum mer tur bid sim mer supper

tur nip sin ner swel ter twen ty

win ter

sex ton

spir it

tim id

ves sel

sig nal

sub ject

sil ver

whis per

am ber

gal lon

nap kin nov el

pan nel

bap tist

gan der gar ret

åb' bot cốb bler fog gy

mån ner act or

com mon fol ly mat ron ad der

com plex fos ter

con duct bal lad cop per gam mon pam per bản ter dag ger dam ask

pan try bat ter dam sel god ly

plat ter bod kin

doc tor bot tom

dol lar ham let bran dy drag on hap py rab bit drop sy hat ter

ran dom can dy fac tor hop per

rob ber chan nel fag ot

hor rid sad ler chap ter flan nel lad der

son net clar et flor id

lan tern sor ry

gos pel

pon der prof it

cam el

in spire

TABLE 5-V, Words of two syllables, accented on the second. A base a wake

de grade in cline a bate

be fore de lude in clude a bide

be have de note in duce a buse

be hold dis like in flame ad duce cas cade dis taste in sanead mire

com pose e late
com pute en dure

in trude a like com plete en force

in vite al lude con clude en gage

in voke a lone con dole ex cuse a maze con fine

fore seen mis rule ar rive

con sume il lume mis take as pire cre ate

im bibe mi nute as sume

de bate im plore mo rose a tone

de cide at tire de cline

per spire

a dore

mis place

im pure im pute

par take

po lite

pro fane pro fuse

re dúce
se clude

un fold' pre pare re fine

se cure un glue pre side re fute se date

un kind pro cure re gale se duce

un lace pro duce, re late

se rene un ripe
re mind
se vere

un told re mote sub lime un safe pro pose re pine

suc ceed op pose pro mote

su pine af ford
su preme ap ply
sur vive

ma ture re buke re quire tra duce

sa lute re cite

re store trans late pa rade re eline re tire trus tee

pol lute

pro vide

re pose

re port pro voke re pute

de ject

e lect e mit

de mur de pend de pict

en rich

as cend

Ab růpt' de féct af féct in féct ac cept

de fend e ject in fest ad dict

in flict ad dress de press

in ject ad mit

e quip

in sist a mend

in stil e vent in sult de sist fo ment in tend de tect

ful fil in trust col lect de test him self in vent com pel di rect im pend in vest con duct dis miss

im press it self con tend dis sent im print mis give cor rect

dis tinct cor rupt dis trust in dent

mis trust de duct dis turb in duct

be gin be set

in cur

mis print

neg lect


be gån

in verse

per mit per sist

ob strůct' se lèct

de fer' OC cur sub ject be long di vert of fence sub mit be troth o mit

sug gest be yond de ter op press sus pense ca nal con fer sus pect de tract

per vert sus pend dis band per verse por tend sup press dis tract

in vert trans cend en camp re fer pro ject trans gress gal lant pro tect re fresh

im plant af firm

pro long in firm re mit un bend re volve

con cert

re cant be stir re trench un hurt

pre dict

pre fer

re fit

un bar

re press

un fit

in fer ro bust un just

un lock

re lax

in ter

A ripe ap-ple It is you Hen-ry
A red cher-ry

Where are you go-ing
A fine melon Read your les-son
A clear mor-ning

The rain is o-ver A sweet flow-er The clouds are fly-ing A pint of wa-ter The air is pleas-ant A cup of cof-fee

The birds are sing-ing I lost my pen-knife The hills are ver-dant Bring me a can-dle The


is grow-ing Go and call Ma-ry The tree is fra-grant Bring me a nee-dle Trees are in blos-som Wash the dish-es God is their ma-ker Set the ta-ble He dwells in Heav-en Eat your din-ner Be just and hon-est James you are i-dle Bad boys are cru-el.

TABLE 6.--YI. Words of three syllables, accented on the first. Cru' ci fix la zi ress âb do men fåc' to ry cru el ty le gal ly ad mi ral de cen cy li bra ry

lav en der di a dem lo cal ly

man i fest ac ci dent man ner ly lu cid nese al i ment mar i ner du ti ful me di ate am i ty du plicate me te or am nes ty nat ur al e qual ly mu tu al

bar ris ter. nov el ty fa tal ly

na ked ly cab i net pan o piy fri a ble

cal um ny par a dox for ci ble o ver plus can nis ter par

al lel ford a ble pi ra cy

can ni bal par a pet
po et ry
can o py

pol i cy fru gal ly pli an cy

pon der ous fu ner al pri ma ry

con tin ent por ger re gen cyfam i ly

pov er ty ru di ment god li ness prop er ty

fac ul ty

an i mal
an nu al

lu na cy

dra pe ry droll e ry

mod es ty

no ta 'ry

flu en cy

cap i tal


ho li ness

i vo ry

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