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cag hat

hag fan rag sad


Words of one syllable. Nole. A figure placed over the first word, marks the sound of the vowel in all that follow in that column, until the sound is changed by another figure.

LESSON 1.-1. Båg påd dén bég big dịp bôg ddt fag rap hen let dig kit dog got

men net fig hip fog hot gag sap pen sex gig rim mob sop ten bet


tin rob nod wen keg wig pin sob fox

LESSON 2.-II. Búg růb båd bed bid føp bút bit

bịt dug bud had leg did

did hop cut get hug cup lad pet pit lop run met lug but mad vex sit Jot

nut yet mug pun sad wet wit not lug hid

LESSON 3.-III. Who has had my hat? Ann has a new fan. Did you not see it? It is on her lap. Yes, it is on the box. The dog is mad. Run and get it.

He bit ten men. The man has a gun. I had a nut to eat. I saw him run. She will set by me. Now the sun is set. He has cut my pen.

LESSOX 4.-IV. Belt gilt bånd clod hůrt bled bråd melt hilt hand plod turn bred clad felt milt brag shop rust shed shod pelt wilt drag stop pul fled trod

LESSON 5.-V. Clóg glút clåd blåbchůb grit bénd frog shut bran drab club skip lend trot club span brag plum shin mend prop stun trap plan spur swim send

LESSON 6.-VI. Bane here dine bold cure came hope cave mere line hold mute lame cove gave mete five fold lure name more pave pile vine cold mule same lone save wine hive gold puke tame rope

LESSON 7.-VII. Lace dice fåde bide cage bake dime mace mice lade ride page cake fine trace nice made side rage make pine pace rice wade bite wage wake tire

LESSON 8.-VIII. Gale cape pipe cope dire date drive male rape ripe hope hire hate five sale tape wipe rope fire

wipe rope fire fate dive tale ape type pope wire grate rive

LESSON 9. IX. Lute råve lime bone fåre bile fort duke pale time cone mare file post tube wave pike hone rare pile sold dupe vale like tone tare vile ford dure dale hide, hole care kite

care kite pore pure male tide mole fare mite sore sure hale size pole hare rite tore

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LESSON 10.-X See my new book Do you see that tree I can spell in it It bears fine plums And I can read too Are they ripe now Do hear me read No they are too green Yes read this page

You can not eat them Can you read well I love ripe plums Let me hear you try And so does Ann


LESSON 1.-I. Blånk bént king bỏnd bůck cảmp bank lent ring fond

duck lamp rank rent sing pond luck

luck damp sank sent wing long muck vamp

LESSON 2.-II. Fáct bell ill doll củff milk is flat fell kill loll puff silk his add ebb mill moss muff bring fix pass egg miss boss skiff best six act less bliss loss cliffself mix

LESSON 3.- III. Blame cảne deed beef crime måte dame lane feed meek prime flute fame

mane need feel game sane seed keep chime tune

LESSON 4.-IV. Bide joke bore béer deep code poke core deer keep rife mode note


feet rode robe Wore meet weep mile

clime june

deep life

peep wife


LESSON 5.-V. Glåde snåke tråct clánk clåmp black grade glaze pact crank champ crack shave craze plant shank cramp match

prate sang plank spasm patch quake slate fang clump splash fetch stage shape rang thump crash vetch

LESSON 6.-VI. Mine sire strife bride brick strive spine quire fife chide kick spike spire trite glide

glide chick

chick splice gripe mire quite pride ' click strike snipe smite squire vice lick ride stripe spite spike trice

stick wide


Will it not rain
The sun is hot

The grass

is green

Give me my book
I must not stay
It is time to go
Or we shall be late
It is past nine
Here is my task
I can learn fast
Where is my pen
Can I not write
You are too young
First learn to spell
And be a good boy
Here the boys come
What do they want
Will you come in
No we must go

Hear the birds sing
See the lambs play
The cow has come
She must be fed
Where is her calf
It is in the yard
It wants some milk
Lambs love milk
Give them some too
They can eat grass
This lamb is mine
Here is the dog
He will not bite

prů dent

bi as

gro cer

mu ral na tal na sal

ra ker re al

gru el

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cra zy

ri ot

cru el

he ro

Words of two syllables, accented on the first.
Ba' ker glory

ma' ker
gra vy
mi nor

ra cer
ci der
eli max
ha lo

o val ri val di et ho ral O ver

hu man

hy men pa per fa tal ju ry fi at la dy pi lot

sha dy fi nal la bel fo cal Ji bel

po et

pli ant fu el lo cal

stu pid

do nor du ty

pa cer

ru in
ru ler
sa cred

pe nal

sa vor

sli my

le gal

po tent po lar

fo cus fru gal

so ber so la spi der

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

va ry vi per

cra dle.

ho ly li on

cri sis cro ny

sto ry sla ter sla vish

vo ter

lo cust

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