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His spangling shower when Frost the wizard flings;
Or, borne in ether blue, on viewless wings,
O'er the white pane his silvery foliage weaves,
And gems with icicles the sheltering eaves;

-Thy muffled friend his nectarine-wall pursues,
What time the sun the yellow crocus woos,
Screened from the arrowy North ; and duly hies*
To meet the morning-rumour as it flies;
To range the murmuring market-place, and view
The motley groups that faithful TENIERS drew.

When Spring bursts forth in blossoms thro' the vale,
And her wild music triumphs on the gale,
Oft with my book I muse from stile to stile ;f
Oft in my porch the listless noon beguile,
Framing loose numbers, till declining day
Thro' the green trellis shoots a crimson ray ;
Till the West-wind leads on the twilight hours,
And shakes the fragrant bells of closing flowers.

Nor boast, 0 Choisy, seat of soft delight,
The secret charm of thy voluptuous night.

* Fallacem circum, vespertinumque pererro

Sæpe forum.-HOR. | Tantôt, un livre en main, errant dans les préries .-BOILEAU.


Vain is the blaze of wealth, the


of power! Lo, here, attendant on the shadowy hour, Thy closet-supper, served by hands unseen, Sheds, like an evening-star, its ray serene, To hail our coming. Not a step profane Dares, with rude sound, the cheerful rite restrain ; And, while the frugal banquet glows revealed, Pure and unbought *—the natives of my field ; While blushing fruits thro' scattered leaves invite, Still clad in bloom, and veiled in azure light ;With wine, as rich in years as HORACE sings, With water, clear as his own fountain Aings, The shifting sideboard plays its humbler part, Beyond the triumphs of a Loriot's art.

Thus, in this calm recess, so richly fraught With mental light, and luxury of thought, My life steals on ; (O could it blend with thine !) Careless my course, yet not without design. So thro’ the vales of Loire the bee-hives glide, The light raft dropping with the silent tide ; So, till the laughing scenes are lost in night, The busy people wing their various flight,

[blocks in formation]

Culling unnumbered sweets from nameless flowers,
That scent the vineyard in its purple hours.

Rise, ere the watch-relieving clarions play,
Caught thro' St. James's groves at blush of day;
Ere its full voice the choral anthem flings
Thro' trophied tombs of heroes and of kings.
Haste to the tranquil shade of learned ease,*
Tho' skilled alike to dazzle and to please ;
Tho' each gay scene be searched with anxious eye,
Nor thy shut door be passed without a sigh.

If, when this roof shall know thy friend no more, Some, formed like thee, should once, like thee,

explore ;
Invoke the lares of his loved retreat,
And his lone walks imprint with pilgrim-feet ;
Then be it said, (as, vain of better days,
Some gray domestic prompts the partial praise)
6. Unknown he lived, unenvied, not unblest ;
Reason his guide, and Happiness his guest.
In the clear mirror of his moral page,
We trace the manners of a purer age.

* Innocuas amo delicias doctamque quietem.

His soul, with thirst of genuine glory fraught,
Scorned the false lustre of licentious thought.
-One fair asylum from the world he knew,
One chosen seat, that charms with various view!
Who boasts of more (believe the serious strain)
Sighs for a home, and sighs, alas! in vain.
Thro' each he roves, the tenant of a day,
And, with the swallow, wings the year away!"

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