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By John Thomson and Co. Edinburgh ; and

Baldwin, C'RADOCK, and Joy, London.


Chart of Allantic Ocean, with Gulf Stream. Switz“rland, with a view of Mont Blanc.

AMERICA. Germany, south of the Mayne.

A General Map of America. Dominions of the House of Austria.

North America, The Kingdom of Prussia.

Canada and Nova Scotia. The Kingdom of Poland, as divided. United States of America, with River St The Riissian Dominions in Europe.

Lawrence. Europe, with the Political Divisions after the Northern Provinces of the United States,

Peace of Paris, &c. in four sheets, viz. Southern Provinces of the United States, Nos, I and 2, north, and 3 and 4, south. Spanish North America, noi thieta past. ASIA.

Spanish North America, southern part. General Map of Asia.

GENERAL MAP OF THE WEST INDIA Russian Eu pire in Enrope and Asia.

Islands. Tartary, or Central parts of Asii.

The Islands of Bermuda, Bahama, and Cnba. Corea and Islands of Jap{t).

Jemaica, with the Harbours of Blue Fields, Cluna, with the adjacent Islands.

Kings on, and Port Royal. East India Islands, with the Sirman Empire. Hayti, or Si Domngo, with Porto Rico ain Hindostan, with Island of Ceylon, and skötch- Virgin Isles. es of the Ganges.

St Christopher's, with Nevis and St Lucia. British Dominions in Lucia, southern part. Antivui, with Guadaloupe, Mariegalante, &e British Dominions in India, northern part, Dominica, with Martinico, &c. with Nepaul and Cabul.

Barbadoes and St Vincent. The Persian Empire.

Grenada, Tobago, Trinidad, and Curaçou. Turkish Dominiins in Isia.

Sonth America.
Arabia, Red Sea, &c.

Caraccas and Guiana.

Peru, Chili, and La Plata.
General Map of Africa.

Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Egypt, with Abyssinia.

New Hollanii and Asiatic Islands. North and South Africa, with the Tracts of Chart of the North West Passage. the late Travellers.

Chart of the Discoveries made by the late Atlantic Islands, viz. Islands of Cape Verd, Expedition.

Canary, Madeiras, aud 4 zones, &r.

The Atlas will consist of about Twenty Numbers, Four Maps each, siz 24 by 20 inches of Imperial Folio, engraved by the first Artists, from drar. ings made on purpose, Price 10s. each, and Published at short intervals.

AN ATLAS FROM DESIGNS BY WYLD. This Work will be done from original designs, drawn by Wyld, and er

I graved by Hewitt. to consist of about 40 Maps, imperial 4to. Each Map! will have a small View illustrative of the subject; as, Map of Egypt, a Vies of the Pyramids. To be completed in 11 Numbers, at 4s. each. N. B.-This will be the neatest Atlas of its size published.

MAPS TO COMPOSE THIS WORK. 1. Orbis Veteribus notus.-2. Orbis Romani Occidentalis.-3. Orbis Romani Orientalis.—4. Græcia Antiqua.-5. Western Hemisphere.—6. Eastern da -7. World on Mercator's Projection.-8. Europe.-9. England.-10. Scot. land.-11. Ireland.-12. France in Provinces.-13. France in Departments -14. Netherland3.-15. Holland.-16. Prussia.-17. Poland.-18. Sweder. Denmark, and Norway.-19. Russia in Europe.-20. Germany.-21. Aus tria.--22. Switzerland.--23. Spain and Portugal.--24. Italy.--25. Turkey is Europe.-26. Asia.--27. Turkey in Asia.--28. Persia —29., East India Isles.-31. China.-52.--Russia in Asia.--33. Africa.34. Egypt.--35. Gulf Stream.-36. America.--37. N. America.--38. Unite

80. West Indies.-40. S. America,

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