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In 1 volume folio, illustrated with Engravings of the Coats from the Second Edition, printed at Paris. 8vo. 125. of Arms, L. 2.2. boards. A few copies on large Paper,

L 3.3s. bwards. Second Edition.

“This is a book to be placed by the side of Mrs Hut: A GENEALOGICAL HISTORY of the chison's delightful Memoirs of her beroic Husband and his chivalrous independents. Both are pictures by a fe EARLDOM of SUTHERLAND, from its Origin to the mnak hand, of tumultuary and almost private wars, carried year 1630. Written by Sir ROBERT GORDON of Gor. on by conscientious individuals against the actual govern- donstoun, Bart. With a Continuation to the year 1651. ment of their country; and both bring to light, not only Published from the Original Manuscript, and illustrated innumerable traits of the most romantic, daring, and de. by Engravings. In I volume folio, price L.5. vs. boards. votec fidelity, in particular persons, but a general cbarac A few copies are printed on royal paper, price L. 7.179. ter of domestic virtue and social gentleness, among those 6d. handsomely donc up. who would otherwise have figured to our imaginations as adventurous desperadocs, or ferocious bigots. While her MEMORIE of the SOMERVILLES; being narrative acquires an additional interest, and a truer tonela History of the Baronial House of Somerville. By of nature, from tbc occasional recurrence of female fears : JAMES LORD SOMERVILLE. In 2 vols. 8vo, with and anxietice, it is conversant with still more extraordi. Engravings. Price L 2.2s. in boards. nary incidents and characters, and reveals still more of what had been previously malignantly represented, or en.

A few copies on Royal Paper, price L.3. 3s. in boards. tirely uaknown."-Edinburgh Review, No.51.

The BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY, The PEERAGE of SCOTLAND, containing containing an Historical and Critical Account of the Lives an Historical and Genealogical Account of the Nobility of and Writings of the most Eminent Persons in every Nathat Kingdom, from their Origin to the present Generation, particularly the British and Irish; from the earliest tion, collater from the Public Records, Ancient Chartu- Accounts to the present time. A New Fdition, revised laries, the Charters and other Writings of the Nobility, and enlarged by ALEXANDER CHALMERS, F.S. A. Works of our best Historians, &c. By Sir ROBERT Handsomely printed in 2 vols. 8vo. Price L. 19. ks. ini DOUGLAS of Glenbervie, Bart. Second Edition, re

boards. vised and corrected, with a Continuation to the present period, by JOHN PHILIP WOOD, Esq. In 2 volumes An ACCOUNT of the LIFE and WRIT. folio, with the Arms of the Peers beautifully engraven. INGS of the late JOHN ERSKINE of Carnock, D.D. L. 10. 10s. boards.

one of the Ministers of the Greyfriars Church, Edinburgh. A few copies are printed on royal paper, forming one of By Sir HENRY MONCRIEFF WELLWOOD, Bart. the most superb books ever published, price L.15. 158. In 8vo. With a Portrait. Price 14s. boards. handsomely done up. The BARONAGE of SCOTLAND, contain- SMITH, LL.D., of WILLIAM ROBERTSON, D. 1).,

BIOGRAPHICAL MEMOIRS of ADAM ing an Historical and Gonealngical Account of the Gentry and of THOMAS REID, D. D. Read before the Royal of that Kingdom, collected from the Public Records and Society of Edinburgh. Now collected into 1 volume, with Chartularies of this Country, the Records and Private some Additional Notes By DUGALD STEWART, I's: Writings of Families, and the Works of our best Histo- F. R. S. E. Price L.2.%.

Arts, Sciences, Philosophy, and Education.

A NEW GENERAL ATLAS, constructed Edinburgh. With Plates. Second Edition. 2 vols. Sva. from the latest Authorities. By A. ARROWSMITH. Price L. l. 1s. boards. Hydrographer to the Prince Regent. Exhibiting not only Vol. 11. separately. Price 10s. 6d. boards. the Bounlaries and Divisions, but also the Chains of Mountains, and other Geographical Features of all the ELEMENTS of GEOMETRY and PLANE known Countries in the World: comprehended in 59 Maps, from original Drawings, Engraved in the best style of the TRIGONOMETHY, with an Appendix, and Copious Art by Sidney Hall. Koyal tio. Price L. 1. Itis, half bound. Notes and Illustrations. BY JOHS LESLIE EES.E.

Proteror of Mathematics in the University of Painburgh. The same ncatly Coloured, price L. 2. 128. 6d. half bound. Thirt Edition, improved and enlarged. 8vo. JO«. cd.

boards, ELEMENTS of the PHILOSOPHY of the HUMAN MIND. By DUGALD STEWART, Fsq. F. R. The PHILOSOPHY of ARITHMETIC, SS. L. & E. formerly Professor of Moral Philosophy in the Exhibiting a Progressive View of the Theory and Fractice Uruversity of Edinburgh. 2 vols. $vo. Sixthi Édition of Calculation; with an enlarged Table of the Products of Ll. Ss. boards,

Yumbers under One Hundred. By JOUY LESLIE,

F. R. S. E. Professor of Mathematics in the University of PHILOSOPHICAL ESSAYS. By DU- Edinburgh, Prico 8s. in boards. GALD STEWART, Esq. F. R. SS. L. & E. Third Edi. tion. 8vo. 146. boards.


and EFFECT. By THOMAS BROWN, M.D. Profes. OUTLINES of MORAL PHILOSOPHY, sor of Moral Philosophy in the University of Edinburzh. for the Use of Students in the University of Edinburgh. Third L'dilion enlarged. One large volume octavo. kos. By DUGALD STEWART, Esq. Fourth Edition. Svo. boards. 8. boards.

A SYSTEM of MINERALOGY. By RO. OUTLINES of NATURAI PHILOSO- BERT JAMESON, Professor of Natural History in the PHY; being Heads of lectures delivered in the Univer. University of Edinburgh. S vols. Svo. The Sound Edi. sity of Edinburgh. By JOHN PLAYFAIR, F. R. SS. L. tion, with numerous Pates, illustrative of the various & É. Professor of Natural Philosopby is the University of Crystaltications that oecine in etre BNneral Kangrun, di


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the Structure of the Earth, and of the Form and Struc- Designed chiefly to connect the Study of Classical Leartture of the Organic Remains which it contains. L. 2. 128. ing with that of General Knowledge. By ALEXANDER d. boards.

ABAM, LL. D. Rector of the High School of Edinburgh

8vo. Price lts. boards, or 198. neatly bound. A TREATISE on the EXTERNAL, CHE. MICAL, and PHYSICAL CHARACTERS of MINE- ELEMENTS of GENERAL HISTORY, RALS. 'By ROBERT JAMESON, Professor of Natural ANCIENT and MODERN; to which are added a Table History in the University of Edinburgh, &c. Second Edin of Chronology, and a Comparative View of Ancient and tion. 8vo. 128, boards.

Modern Geography, By ALEXANDER FRASER

TYTLER, F.q. Professor of Universal History in the MINERALOGICAL NOMENCLATURE University of Edinburgh. Illustrated by Maja Son alphabetically arranged, with Synoptic Tables of the Che-Edition, corrected and improved. In 2' vols. 8vo. Price mical Analyses of Minerals. By THOMAS ALLAN, 165. boards. Esq. F.R.S. 8vo. A New Edition. 125. boards.

LECTURES on RHETORICand BELLES ESSAYS on the NATURE and PRINCI. LETTRES. By HUGH BLAIR, D.D. & F.R.S. E ade PLES of TASTE. By ARCHIBALD ALISON, LL B. of the Ministers of the High Church, and Professor of Prebendary of Sarum, &c. Pifth Edition. 2 vol. Gro. Belles Lettres in the University of Edinburgh, 3 sobs.

8vo. Price L. 1. 1s, boards. L. 1. ls, boards,

Same Work in 5 vols. royal 18mo. Priee L. 1. ELEMENTS of AGRICULTURAL CHE- boards. MISTRY, in a Course of Lectures for the Board of Agri. The PHILOSOPHY of RHETORIC. culture. By Sir HUMPHREY DAVY, LL. D.; Second GEORGE CAMPBELL, D.D. 2 vols. 8vo. ISs. Edition. One vol. 8vo. With Engravings. Price 188. boards.

ELEMENTS of MORAL SCIENCE. MEMOIRS of the WERNERIAN NATU- JAMES BEATTIE, LL.D. Professor of Moral Philosca RAL HISTORY SOCIETY, for the Years 1808 to 1816. phy and Logle in the Marischal College and University of In two large volumes octavo. With upwards of Forty Aberdeen. The Third Edition, to which is now added a Coloured Engravings. Price L. 2. 9. in boards.

Complete Index. 2 vols. 8vo. Price lês. boards. FACTS and OBSERVATIONS towards The SCHOLAR’S VADE-MECUM; or a forining a NEW THEORY of the EARTH. By WIL NEW DICTIONARY, LATIN and ENGLISH; con LIAM KNIGHT, LL. D. Professor of Natural Philoso-sisting of such Words as are purely Classical. lo sbich phy in the Institution of Belfast. Svo. %.

the English is given from the best Authorities, and the

Lutin Words explained in all their Variations, according A SUMMARY of GEOGRAPHY and to the most approved Editions. For the Use of Schools HISTORY, both Ancient and Modern. Containing an

The Fourth Eddion, much improved. By JAMES MOIR, Account of the Political State and Principal Revolutions Teacher of Languages. 8vo. 6s. bound. of the most illustrious Nations in Ancient and Modern Times, their Manders and Customs; the Local Situation VOCABULARY, intended as an INTROof the Cities, especially of such as have been distinguished DUCTION to the Study of the SYNONYMES of the by mercorable events. With an Abridgment of the Fa- LATIN LANGUAGE. By JOHN HILL, LL.D. Fool bulous History or Mythology of the Greeks, &c. &c. &c. scap 8vo. Second Edition, enlarged. 2s. bound,


Poetry, Novels, and Romances.

The MINSTRELSY of the SCOTTISH | The LORD of the ISLES, a Poem. The BORDER. Consisting of Historical and Romantic Bal. Fifth Eddion. 8vo. 148. boards. lads, founded on Local Traditions ; with an introduction Mr Walter Scorr's POETICAL WORKS. and Notes. By WALTER SCOTT, Esy. Fifth Edition Complete in 10 vols. royal 8vo. Price L. 11. lls boards. S vols. 8vo. Price L. 1. 165, boards. The LAY of the LAST MINSTREL. The The BRIDAL of TRIERMAIN; or, The Thirteenth Edition. 8vo. 10s, 6d. boards.

VALE OF SAINT JOHN, a Poem. In Three Cantos

By WALTER SCOTT, Esq. Fifth Edition, foolscap 8re. Sır TRISTREM, a Romance, by Thomas of Price 7s.6d. in boards. Ercildoune ; published from the Auchiuleck MS, in the HAROLD THE DAUNTLESS, a Poem Advocates' Library, With a preliminary Diesertation in Six Cantos. By WALTER SCOTT, Esq. Foolscap and Glossary. Fourth Edition. 8vo. 155. boards.

Svo. Price 78. 6d. in boards. BALLADS and LYRICAL PIECES. The CONSOLATION, and other Poems. By the Fourth Edition. 8vo. 7s.6d. boards.

Rev. WILLIAM GILLESPIE 8vo. 19. in boards MARMION, a Tale of Flodden Field. The The CITY or the PLAGUE, a Dramatic Ninth Edition. 8vo. 14s, boards

Poem. By JOHN WILSON, Author of “ The Isle of

Palms." Second Edition, handsomely printed in octare. The LADY of the LAKE, a Poem. The 106.6d. boards. Eleventh Edition. 14s, boards.

« We think there are many dramatic beauties in the ROKEBY, a Poem. The Sixth Edition. 8vo. both pathetic and poetical in a very high degree. There

poem before us, and a great number of passages that are 1 ts. boards.

is a charın about the work, to which it would be unfortu. The VISION of DON RODERICK,—The joined with deeper feelings, and more solenn and impres

nate, we think, to be insensible-a certain pastoral purity, FIELD OF WATERL00, and other Poems. 8vo. sive images, than belong to pastoral and reflecting, il not 10s 6d, boards,

the more agitated and deeply shaded scenes of adventur.

dus life, an enchanting image of peace, purity, and ten., GUY MANNERING; a Novel dernes; which, we hope, is not more unlike the ordinary Autbor of “ Waverley.". 3 vols. 1910. A New Édition,

By the tenor of actual existence."--Edinb. Review, NO.52

Price L.1. Is. in boards. The PARADISE of COQUETTES, a Poem. The ANTIQUARY; a Novel, By THOMAS BROWN, M. D. Professor of Moral Phia thor of " Waverley” and “ Guy Mannering." 3 vols.

By the Au. losophy in the University of Edinburgh. Second Edslion, 19mo. A Nemo Edition. Price L. 1.4. in boards. fool-cap 8vo. Price Is. in boards.

“ This Author may drop his mask when he pleases, and ROB ROY. By the Author of " Waverley," place his name, whenever he chooses to disclose it, among “ Guy Mannering," and "The Antiquary." 3 vols. 12mo. the few classical writers of this scribbling generation Fourth Edition. Price L. 1.4s. Edmb. Review, Feb. 1815.


TALES OF MY LANDLORD. The BOWER of SPRING, with other Poems. Sertes. Collected and arranged by JEDEDIAH CLEISHBy the Author of “ The Paradise of Coquettes." Fool. BOTHAM, Schoolmaster and Parish Clerk of Gander. scap 8vo. Price 7s. boards.

cleugh. 4 vols. 1200. A new Edition. Price L. 1. 126. boards. AGNES, a Poem, iv Four Parts. By THO. | WOMEN; or, POUR ET CONTRE. A MAS BROWN, M. D. Foolecap 8vo. Price 7s. in boards. Tale. By the Author of " Bertram," a Tragedy. In 3 ECCENTRICITIES for EDINBURGH. vols. 12mo. Price L. 1. Is. boards. By GEORGE COLMAN, the Younger. Foolscap 8vo.

“ The length of our analysis, and of our quotations, are Price Ss.

the best proof of the pleasure with which we have red

this moral and interesting talc, and may stand in place of The APPEAL; a Tragedy, in Three Acts, as eulogy. Let us only sec, what the work really deserves, a performed at the Theatre Royal, Edinburgh. 8vo. Price ss. favourable reception from the public, and we trust Ýr The WORKS of ROBERT BURNS; with

Maturin may be moved once more to resume a sticies of

composition so tapy to a writer of rich fancy and ready an Account of his Life, and a Criticism on his writings, powers, so delighetul to the numerous class of readers, who by the fate Dr CURRIE. To which are now udied The have Gray's authority for suipoing it no bad of RELIQUES of ROBERT BURNS, collocted by Mr CRO. Paradise, to liw all day on a couch and read new novels." MEK. In 5 vols. 8vo. Price L. 2. 43.6d, in boards.

Edinb. Review, V0.59. June 1818. The Same WORK in 5 vols. 18mo. Price MANDEVILLE, a Tale of the Seventeenth L. 1.5s, in boards.

Century in England. BY WILLIAM GODWIN. In The POETICAL WORKS of ROBERT 3 vols. izmo. Price L. 1. Is. boards. BURNS, complete in 1 volume 24mo. Price 6s. In boards. SAINT PATRICK; a National Tale of the WAVERLEY; a Novel. 3 vols, 12mo.

Fifth Century. By an Antiquary. In 3 vols. Umo. New Edition Price L. 1. ls. in boards.

COQUETRY; a Novel. 3 vols, 12mo.

Agriculture, Gardening, &r.

An ACCOUNT of the SYSTEMS of HIUS- HEBRIDES, by James Macdonald, 4s.
BANDRY adopted in the more IMPROVED DIS-

INVERNESS, by James Robertson, D.D. 143.
TRIOTS of Scotland; with some Observations on the

KINCARDINE, by George Robertson, 12.. Improvements of which they are susceptible. Drawn up


D. D. 105, 6d. for the coneideration of the Board of Agriculture, with a View of explaining how far these Systems are applicable

VAIRS and MORAY, by the Rev. W. Leslie, 14s. to the less cultivated parts in England and Scotland. By

ORKNEY and SHETLAND, by John Shirrefl, 10s.6d. the Right Honourable Sir JOHN SINCLAIR, Bart.

PERTH, by James Robertoon, D.D. 14s. Founder of the Board of Agriculture. Third Edition

PELBLES, by the Rev. James Findlater, 73. 2 vols. 8vo. with numerous Plates. Price L. 1. 108, boards.

RENFREW, by Mr Wilson, 10. 6.

ROSS and CROMARTY, by Sir George Mackenzie, GENERAL REPORT of the AGRICUL


ROXBURGH and SELKIRK, by the Rev. Dr Dou. of SCOTLAND. Drawn up for the consideration of the

glas, Is.

STIRLING, by the Rev. Patrick Graham, D.D. 88. Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvement, under the direction of the Right Honourable Sir JOHN SIN.

SUTHERLAND, by Capt. John lienderson, 12s.

WEST LOTHIAN, by James Trotter, 9s.
CLAIR, Bart. vols. 8vo. and a volume of Plates in
Quarto. Price L. 45. 45. boards.

PRIZE ESSAYS, and TRANSACTIONS AGRICULTURAL REPORTS of the dif- which is pretixer an account of the Iustitutioti and Prin.

of the HIGHLAND SOCIETY of SCOTLAND. To ferent COUNTIES of SCOTLAND. Drawn up for the cipal Proceedings of the Society. By HENRY MACconsideration, and under the Direction of the Board of KENZIE, Esy. Volumes 1. II. III. IV. and V. pari I. Agriculture;-viz.

8vo. Price L.3. ARGYLE, by John Smith, D.D. 8vo. Is. ABERDEEN, by Dr Skene Keith, 8vo. 18s. DISCOURSES explanatory of the Object and ANGUS, or FORFARSHIRE, by Rev. James Head- Plan of the Course of Lectures on Agriculture and Rural rick, 8vo. 185.

Economy. By ANDREW COVENTRY, M. D. F. R.S.E. ARRÁN, (Island of ), by Rev. James Headrick, 8vo. and A.S.S. Honorary Member of the Dublin Society, dc. 105. 60.

Professor of Agriculture in the University of Edinburgh. BANFF, by J. Souter, 8vo. 10s.6d.

8vo. 1o. boards, BERWICK, by Robert Kerr, 1Ss. CAITHNESS, by Capt. John Henderson, 8vo. 15s.


POCKET COMPANION and ASSISTANT; consisting DUMFRIES, by Di Singer, 18s.

of Tables for finding the contents of any piece of land by DUMBARTON, by the Rev. A. Whyte and Duncan pacing, or by dimensions taken on the spot in ells, like Macfarlane, D.D. os.

wise various other Tables, of great use in every Gentle EAST LOTHIAN, by Robert Sommerville, 6s. man and Farmer in Scotland. By JOHN AIXSLIE. GALLOWAY, by the Rev. Samuel Smith, 9s. Land Surveyor in Edinburgh. Kmo. Os bound.

TABLES for COMPUTING the WEIGHT| The VILLA GARDEN DIRECTORY: of HAY, CAPTLE, SHEEP, and HOGS by MEA. Jor MONTHLY INDEX of WORK to be done in TOWN SUREMENT, with a Comparative Table of the Weights and VILLA GARDENS, SHRUBBERIES, and PARused at Falinburgh, to those in use at Smithheld and else. TERRES. With Hints on the Treatment of Sbruabe and wbere. By JOHN AINSLIE. 12o. 14. 6d. sewed. Flowers usually kept in the Green-room, the Lobby, and

the Drawing-room. By WALTER NICOL Third Ede MEMOIRS of the CALEDONIAN HOR- tion. Footscap 8vo. 7s.6d. boards. TICULTURAL SOCIETY. 2 vols. 8vo. Price L 1. 58. boards.


NURSERYMAN'S and FORASTER'S GUIDE " the The GARDENER'S KALENDAR; Or ! OPERATIONS of the NURSERY, the FOREST, and MONTHLY DIRECTORY of OPERATIONS in every the GROVE. By the late WALTER NICOL. Ezed hranch of HORTICULTURE. By WALTER NICOL and Completed by EDWARD SANG. Svo. With Three #vo. Third Edition 14s, boards.

| Engravings. 158. boards

Scots Law.

'The DECISIONS of the COURT of SES-FORM of PROCESS before the JURY SION, from its Institution until the Separation of the COURT. By JOHN RUSSELL, Beq. Clerk to the Sig. Court into TWO DIVISIONS in the year 1904, digested net, and one of the Clerks of the Jury Court. With an under proper Heads, in the form of a Dictionary. In APPENDIX, containing the Act of Parliament, the Acts which the Decisions in Manuscript in the Library of the of Servierunt of the Courts of Session, and the Rules and Faculty of Advocates are publishel for the tirst time, and Orders of the Jury Court for regulating the Term of PTO. those finnerly printed are Corrected. With Additions in cedure. 8vo. Price 5s. boards. Notes, and with a Synopsik. By WILLIAM MAX. WELL MÓRISON, É«Advocate 42 vola. 4to. Price REPORTS of CASES tried in the JURY in boards L. 45: bound in calf, double lettered, L. 52. COURT, from the Institution of the Court in 1815 to the

Sittings at Edinburgb ending in July 1818. By JOSEPH COMMENTARIES on the LAW of SCOT- MURRAY, Ewq. Advocate. 8vo. Price 15s. boards. LAND, and on the PRINCIPLES of MERCANTILE JURISPRUDENCE By GEORGE JOSEPH BELI,

REPORTS of some Recent DECISIONS by Es. Advocate. Third Edition, much enlarged and im the CONSISTORIAL COURT of SCOTLAND, in Ac. proved. In 2 vols. 4to. Price L. 4. 46. in boards.

tions of Divorce, concluding for Dissolution of Marriages Vol. 11. just published, may be haul separately. Prive ælelmaled under the English Law. By JAMES FERL.2.4. boards.

GUSSON, Eoq. Advocate, one of the Judges. 8vo. Price

138. boards, A SYSTEM of the FORMS of DEEDS used and interesting question, whether a marriage, solenmized

These Reports contain a full description of the great in SCOTLAND. By ROBERT BELL, E . Advocate, in England, can be dissolved by a sentence of divorce in Lecturer on Conveyancing, app,inted by the Society of Scotland, on account of adultery? (lerks to the Simet. Third Iditim, enlarged and inn. proved. 7 vols. 8vo. Lt. ks. in benerus.

A SUMMARY of the LAW relating to the Pol. VII. containing the General Index, &c. may be granting New Trials in CIVIL SUITS, by Courts of Jushad separately. Price 124. boards.

isce in England. By JOHN PETER GRANT, Esq.

M.P. 8vo. 10s. 6d. boards. A TREATISE on the ELECTION LAWS, as they relate w the Nepresentation of Scotland, in the An ABRIDGMENT of all the STATUTES Parliament of the United Kingiloin of Great Britain and now in Force, relative to the Revenue of Excise in Great Ireland. By ROBERT BELL, Exq. Advocate. 410 Britain, Methodically Arranged and Alphabetically Di. Price L. 9.58. boards.

gested By JANES HUIE, Collector of Excise. Third

Edition, revised and brought down to the end of the Ses. A TREATISE on LEASES, explaining the sion of Parliament 1818. 8vo. Price L. 1.58. Nature and Elf ct of the Contract of Lease; and pointing REPORTS of Certain REMARKABLE out the Legal Rights cnjoved by the Parties. By RO. BERT BELI, E. The Third Edition, improved and CASES in the Court of Session, and TRIALS in the enlarged. In one Large Volume, 8vo. ( in the Press), High Court of Justiciary. By WILLIAM BUCHA.

NAX, Esq. Advocate. 8vo. 18s. boards. ABSTRACT of the FORMS of DEEDS Relating to Heritable Rights, with Observations. By the CRIMINAL LAW of SCOTLAND. By J. BUR

A TREATISE on Various BRANCHES of ROBERT BELL, Esq. 8vo. Price 7. boards.

NETT, Advocate. 1 vol. 4to. Price L. S. Ss, boards. A TREATISE on the LAW of SCOTLAND, REMARKS on the CONSTITUTION and with respect to TITHES and the STIPENDS of the PROCEDURE of the SCOTTISH COURTS of LAW. Parochial (leryy. By JOHN CONNELL, Esq. Advo. By JAMES GLASSFORD, Esq. 8vo. 7s.6d. boards. Cate", Procurator of the Church of Scotland. 3 vols. Svo. La... boards.

An ABRIDGMENT of the ACTS of the

GENERAL ASSEMBLIES of the CHURCH of SCOT. FORM of PROCESS before the COURT of LAND), from the year 16% to 1810 inclusive, alphabeti. SESSION, the NEW JURY COURT, and the COMMIS cally arranged. To which is subjoined an APPENDIX, SION of TEIND3. By JAMES IVORY, Exq. Advocate. containing an Abridgment of all the Acts of Parliament 2 rols. 8vo. Price L. 1. 4. boards.

relating to the Church of Scotland 8ve. 15s. in boards.

Medicine, Surgery, Anatomy.


OBSERVATIONS on some Important Points cano Leone, Professor of Anatomy in the University of in the Practice of Military Surgery, and in the Arrange- Pavia. Translated from the Italian by J. H. WISHAKT, ment and Police of Hospitals. illustrated by Caves and Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh Dissections. By JOHN HENNEN, Deputy Inspeutor of 8vo. Price 58. Military Hospitals. Svo, Price 12s. boards.

A MEMOIR the CONGENITAL An ACCOUNT of the SMALL POX, as it CLUB-FEET of CHILDREN, and on the Mode of Corappeared after Vaccination. By ALEXANDER MON. recting this Deformity; by Antonio Scarpa, Emeritus KO, M D. Professor of Anatomy in the University of Professor and Director of the Medical Faculty of the ImEdinburgh. Including, among many cases, tbree which perial and Royal University of Pavia, &c. (with Fire Ori: occurred in the Anthor's own Family. In 8vo. With ginal Engravings by Anderleni). Translated from the Plates. 105. 6d, boards.

Italian by J. H. WISHART, Fellow of the Royal College

of Surgeons, and one of tbe Surgeons of the Royal Intır. ESSAYS on the MORBID ANATOMY of mary of Edinburgh. One volume 4to. Price 104. 6 the HUMAN EYE. Illustrated by numerous Coloured PRACTICAL OBSERVATIONS on the Engravings. By JAMES WARDROP, F.RS, E. 2 vols. royal 8vo. Price L. 2. 6s. boards.


the Pathology of certain Diseases. In a Series of Letters Vol. 11. just published, (with Coloured Engravings) may to his Son, on his leaving the University of Edinburgh in be had separately. Price L. 1.5s, boards.

tbc year 1809. By ANDREW WILSON, M. D. Kelso,

Svo. 98. boards. OBSERVATIONS on the UTILITY and ADMINISTRATION of PURGATIVE MEDICINES HEADS of LECTURES on the INSTITU. in various DISEASES. By JAMES HAMILTON, M. D. TIONS of MEDICINE BY ANDREW DUNCAN, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians; of the Royal Senior, M. D. Svo. 55. Society of Edinburgh; Senior Physician to the Royal In. firmary of that City and Corresponding Member of the OBSERVATIONS on the Distinguishing Medical Lyceum of Philadelphia Sixth Buition with ad- SYMPTOMS of three Different Species of PULMONA. ditions, and Portrait of the Author. 8vo. 10s. Gd. boards. RY CONSUMPTION, the Catarrhal, the Apostematon,

and the Tuberculous. With some Reinarks on the Reme. CONSPECTUS MEDICINE THEORE- dier and Regimen best fitted for the Prevention, Removal, TICE usum Academicum. Auctore JACOBO GRE

or Alienation of each Species. The Second Edition. Ta GORY, M.D. Olim. Med. Theor. nux Med. Pract, in which is added an Appendix, on the preparation und use Acad. Ealinburgi Professor. Edilio Saria, prioribus emen

of Leutucarium, or Lettuce-opium. By ANDREW datior. Octavo. 165. boards.

DUNCAN, Senior, M. D. 8vo. Price 7s.6d. REPORTS of the PRACTICE in the CLI-VENTION of the Contagious Fever now prevalent in the

OBSERVATIONS on the CURE and PRE, NICAL WARDS of the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, City of Fdinburgh and its Environs; with an Inquiry into during the months of November and Dereinber 1817, and the Nature and Origin of tho specific Poison producing January 1818, and May, June, and July 1818. By AN. the various forms of this Disease, the Means necessary for DREW DUNCAN, Junior, M. D. F. R.S. E. Fellow of preventing the Formation, as well as arresting the Pro. the Royal College of Physicians, Professor of Medic Po- gress of the Contagion; with the best Chemical Processes lice and Medical Jurisprudlence in the University of Cline for that purpose. Ky J. YULE, M. D. F. N. S. E. Member burgh, and one of the Physicians to the Royal Public Dis. of the Royal College of Physicians, and one of the Physipensary and Lanatic Asylum. 8vo. Price 5s. sowed.

cians to the Publio Dispensary of Edinburgh. 8vo. Price

Ps. Gl. A MEMOIR on the CUTTING GORGET of HAWKINS; by Antonio Scarpa, (with an Engraving). PHARMACOPÆIA in usum Nosocomii 'To which is added, a Biographical Account of J. B. Cur. Regii Edinburgensis. Foolscup Sro. 58.

Scrmons, &c.

SERMONS by the Rev. ARCHIBALD Alison, less deserving of patronage, not less likely to do good to LL. B. Prebendary of Sarum, Rector of Roddington, Vicar the reader than its more fortunate companion.

“ Those extracts w have given, afford ample means fort of the Episcopal Chapel, Cowgate, linburgh. 2 vols. 8vo. judging of the whole volume. The morality is pure, and L 1. ts.

the spirit is charitable; the reasoning is logical and conVol. II. separately. Price 12s. boards.

clusive; the style is easy and Howing, generally free froin

bad taste and grammatical inaccuracy; and, to sum up all, DISCOURSES on the PRINCIPLES of we have no hesitation in saying, that Mr M. holds a high RELIGIOUS BELIEF, as connected with Human Hap Place, among the sermon writers of the day." --Britista piness and Improvement. By ROBERT MOREHEAT, Critic, Nov. 1816. A. M. late of Baliol College, Oxford, junior Minister of the Episcopul Chapel, Cowgate, Edinburgh. Volume Se. SERMONS by Thomas Laurie, D. D, Miniscond. 8vo. 105.6d. Isoards. Also Volaine first, fourth ter of Newburn. 8vo. Price 103.6d. in boards. Edition. %6. boards.

“ Mr M. has acquired considerable reputation as a writer SERMONS by William Crawford, D. D. of sermons. The first volume was read with uncommon Professor of Moral Philosophy in the University of St Ano aytdity. The present volume, we me certain ih neither 'drew 8vo. Price 103.0id. in boards.

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