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Geddes, Dr, his doctrine with respect to the Destruction of the

Canaanites, ii, 183. Refutation of it, 184.-193.
Genealogies, contained in Scripture, use of, i, 191, 192.
Genesis, book of, the history recorded here necessary in con-

nexion with that of the Israelites, and as laying a founda;
dation for, or illustrating many of the legal ordinances, i,

Gibeonites, their preservation a standing testimony of the truth

of the history of Israel, i, 30.-33. ; ii, 191.-193. Saul's
posterity punished on account of his conduct towards them.


Gideon, would not have the judiciary power secured to him-

felf, or his posterity, i, 311. Appearance of the Angels

Jehovah to him, ii. 321. His victory typical, 391,-394-
Giving of the Law, Feast of, i. 421, 429.
Glory of the Lord, ii, 328. See Cloud,
God of Abraham, Ifaac, and Jacob, reason of this designation,

ii, 32.-36.
Gods of the Heathen, judgments on them, ii, 19.-22.
Government of the Israelites, typical, i, 308.-349.
Grace of God, not injured, but displayed, by the do&rine of

atonement, ii, 105, 106,
Guilt, accumulation of, ii, 128. Its aggravation, 129.-131.


Ham, as the punishment of his crime, the curse entailed on his
Heathen Nations, history of, calculated for guarding the Israel-

posterity, ii, 109.
Haman, wonderful display of Providence with respect to him,

ii, 274-278 ; 234, 285.
Hands, why laid on the head of a criminal, ii, 95.; and of a

victim, 96, 351.
Harvesi, Feast of, i, 421.
Heart of Man, history of, i, 175.-179. ; its corruption, ibid.
Necessity of almighty power for changing it, ii, 380.-401.


ites againit imitating their finful courses, i, 255,-258. Mean
ideas of the Divine Nature, ii, 11. 14. Judgments on their

gods, 19
Heathen Writers, testimonies of, as to the truth of the History

of Israel, is 52.-70.
Herod, his fin and punishment, ii, 290, 291.
Hezekiah, his iniquity visited on his children, ii, 117, 118.
History, Sacred, its matter adapted for making the deepest

impreflion, i, 235.-241. Its form, 241.-244.
Holiness of God, how displayed, ii, 71.-73.
Hosanna, meaning of this afcription, i, 445:-448.
Hofts, the Lord of, this name explained, ii, 59-70. Angels

and devils are his hosts, 60.; wicked men, 61. His own
People, 63., especially Ministers of the Gospel, 64. ; the
heavenly bodies, ib. ; the elements, 66. ; all irrational crea-

tures, 67. Comfort arising from this character, 69.
Humanity, its interests secured by the law given to the Jews,

ii. 182.
Hyufos, or Shepherd-kings in Egypt, resemblance between

them and the Ifraelites, i. 61.-63.


Jacob, his zcal for the doctrine of the Divine Unity, ii. 33.

His wrestling with the Angel, 318.-320, The Ladder he

faw, 320, 327
Jannes and Jambres, Magicians in Egypt, i, 66, 67.
Jao, the name Jehovah, thus written by Greeks, i, 98.
Idolatry, peculiarly offensive to God, ii, 131, 132.
Jehovah-Sabaoth, the meaning of this name, ii, 59.-70.
Jehu, a remarkable instrument of Providence in the punish-

ment of others, ii, 291.-293. Punished in his posterity, for

his unhallowed motives in performing this work, 124, 125.
Jericho, destruction of, i, 22. Judgment on Hiel, who rebuilt

it, what it proves, i, 24.
Jerusalem, a type of the New-Testament Church, i, 317-320.
Jethro, who, i, 33, 34.

Jews, ,

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Jews, in crucifying Christ, brought on them the guilt of all

the righteous blood shed by their ancestors, ii, 135--137.
Jewish writers, their view of the language used with respect

to the Creation, Fall, Confusion of Tongues, Promulgation

of the Law, ii, 41.-45.
Imagination, the historical parts of Scripture admirably adapt-

ed for making an impression on this power, i, 231.-247.
imputation, this doctrine illustrated, ii, 370.-380. Justice of

God vindicated in the imputation of the fin of Adam, 113.
Incarnation of the Son of God, illustrated, ii, 315.-337.
Indians, their doctrine concerning Creation, i, 100.
Ingathering, Feast of, when celebrated, i, 452.
Inheritances, in the land of Israel, might not be sold, i, 409,416.
Iniquity, measure of, filled up, ii, 133, 134.
Intercefion of Mofes, Aaron, and David, ii. 435.
Job, book of, has been called a deistical composition, i, 83. ;

coincides with the history contained in Genesis, 83.-87.
Foseph, display of Providence with respect to him, ii, 271.-

273. 294
7 fephus, his testimony concerning the books of Moses, i. 127.
ofbua, a type of Christ, i. 328. Conducted Ifrael into Ca-

naan, 407. Angel, who appeared to him, ii. 320.
Fosbua, book of; evidences of the authenticity of the history

contained in it, i, 22.-24.
Ifraclites, placed in the most proper situation for displaying the
truths of God, i, 197, 198. Prefigured the spiritual Ila
rael, 271.-278. Idolaters in Egypt, 280. Bondmen, 279.
Chofen of God, 283. Sovereignty of this choice, ii, 217.-
229. Redeemed, i, 289. Received the Law, 295. Brought
into Covenant, 349. Adopted, 360. Separated, 366. So-
journers, 370. Called to a life of Trial, 373.; and of
Faith, 379. Their Rebellions, 385. Judgments inflicted,
390. Pardoned, 396. Brought into the Promised Land,

405. Wonderful Preservation, ii. 439.
Fudgment, day of, prefigured by the Deluge, ii. 79. Destruc-

tion of Sodom, 84. ; and of the Canaanites, 166.
Judgmenis inflicted on the Israelites, i, 390. Prefigured those

of Christians, 392. Their insufficiency to change the heart,
ii, 384-387.


Fuffice of God, to imprefs us with the majesty of this, one fpe-

cial delign of the Spirit of Inspiration, ii. 73. Displayed
in God's conduct towards Adam, 74 ; Cain, ib. ; the An-
tediluvian world, 75. ; in the Deluge, 76.; Destruction of
Sodom, 80.-84. Resemblance between Sin and Punish-
ment, 85 ; Mofaic Economy, 86; Sufferings of Christ, 102. ;

Destruction of the Canaanites, 165.
Justin, the historian, his teftimony. See Trogus Pompeius.


Kenites, their preservation a permanent proof of the truth of

the History of Israel, i. 33.-37.
Kings of Israel, God's deputies, i, 310.-317.
Koral, his children perished not with him, i, 25.


Ladder, that which Jacob faw, what it fignified, ii, 326, 327.
Law, revealed from Sinai in its form as a Covenant of Works,

i. 297. Its Precept and Curfe both referred to Christ,
298, 299. Employed in fubferviency to Converfion, 300.-
302. How a Rule of Life, 300. 303. Judicial, not for-
mally binding, 341. Contained a remarkable display of
punitive Justice, as to its matter, 87 ; the manner in which

it was revealed, 89. ; and its punishments, 94.
Law of Ceremonies, illustrates divine holinefs, ii, 72.
Leprosy, afcribed to the Ifraelites, as the reason of their ex-

pulfion from Egypt, i, 57-64. The charge accounted for,


Levirate, law of, its typical reference, ii. 330.
Levites, separation of, affords a proof of the truth of the Mi-.

racles recorded in the books of Mofes, i, 45.-47.
Longevity of the Patriarchs, what designed by it, ii, 56.
Longinus, testimony of, concerning Mofes as a writer, i, 212.
Longfuffering of God towards Ifrael, i, 387.


Magistrate, Civil, has no power over conscience, or in matters
purely religious, i. 339.-349.


Ff 4

Manna, pot of, a memorial of the miraculous sustentation of

Ifrael, i, 26.-113. This acknowledged by the Jews in eve-
ry age, 123. What was fignified by this food, 364. Faith

to be exercised with respect to it, 381.
Marah, the waters of, i. 375.
Melchizedeck, a type of Christ, ii, 338.
Mercy displayed towards Israel, i. 396.
Mercy-feat, Christ the antitype of this, i. 307. Pardon de

scribed in relation to this, 401. A figure of the true A.

tonement, ii, 363.-366.
Millennium, doctrine of the Jews concerning it, i. 431.
Minifters of the Gospel, God's army, ii. 64.
Miracles, said to have been wrought in behalf of the Israelites,

attested in succeeding ages by standing memorials, i. 21.-
29. ; by the preservation of the Gibeonites, 30.-33.; and

Kenites, 33.-37; by various ordinances, 37-52,
Miraculous Conception of Christ, a proof that all mere men

are born in fin. ii, 312, 313. This doctrine illustrated,

337.-346. Preludes of this event, ib.
Moses supposed to be the Mercury of the Greeks, i. 127. What

he says concerning his meekness vindicated, i. 132, 133.
Rejected by Israel, at his first appearance, 284. A media-
tor, 296.-298. An interceffor, 401. Joshua, although his

minister, preferred to him, 407, 408.
Mofes, the Books of, authentic. Would not otherwise have

been received by the Israelites, i, 2.-5. Not written in any
period after they entered Canaan, 6.-21. Intrinsic evidence
that they were written by Moses, i. 108.-123. Proved from
the Prophecies contained in them, 123.-125. ; from the tes-
timony of the Samaritans, 125, 126. Heathen testimonies

concerning their antiquity, 127.-130.
Murder, why so remarkably pursued by divine vengeance, ii,

132, 133


Naloth, persecuted for righteousness' fake, i. 410.
Names of the Patriarchs contain important instruction, ii. 306,


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