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14.-La Lettre Chargéo. By E. LABICHE. 28 pp.

Fantaisie in one act. 15.-La Fillo do Roland. By VIOOMI. BENRI DE BORNIER.

96 pp.

Drama in four acts, in verse. Notes by Wm. L. Montague,

Ph. D. 16.-Hernani. By VICTOR HUGO. 151 pp.

Drama in five acts. Notes by Gustave Masson, B.A. 17.–Mine et Contre-Mino. By ALEXANDRE GUILLET. 97 pp.

Comedy in three acts. Notes by the Author. 18.-L'Ami Fritz. By ERCKMANN-CHATRIAN. 96 pp.

Comedy in three acts. Adapted the use of American

Schools and Colleges, and annotated by Alfred Hennequin,

Ph.D. 19.-L'Honneur et L'Argont. By F. PONSARD. 123 pp.

Comedy in five acts, in verse. Notes by Frederick C. de

Sumichrast. 30.-La Duchesso Couturière. By MADAME E. VAILLANT

GOODMAN. 24 pp. Comedy in one act, adapted from Les

Doigts de Fée;" especially arranged for ladies' cast,


10 Cents Bach.

26 PD

A series of original little plays suitable for class reading or school performance, written especially for children, by MN Michaud and de Villeroy. Printed in excellent type.

The List comprises: 1.–Los Doux Écoliers. By A. LAUBENT DE VILLEBOY.

Comédie en un acte, en prose, for boy and three girls, 2.-Le Roi D'Amérique. By HENRI MICHAUD. 8 pp.

Comédie en un acte, for boys, 10 characters. 3.-Uno Affairo Compliquéo. By HENRI MICHAUD. 8 pp.

Comédie en un acte, for boys, 7 characters. 4.-La Somnambulo. By HENRI VICEAOD. 16 pp.

nomédie ens va adle, for girls; I sharaotors, 5.-Stella. By HENRI MICHAUD. 16 pp.

Comédie en un acte, for young ladies; 6 character 6.-Une Héroine. By HENRI MICHAUD. 16 pp.

Comédie en un acte, for girls; 8 characters,

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7.-Ma Bonne. By HENRI MICHAUD. 14 pp.

Comédie en un acte, for girls; 6 characters.
8.-Dona Quichotte. By HENRI MICHAUD. 20 pp.
Comédie en un acte, for girls. 6 characters.

The Table Game. By HELÈNE J. ROTH.

A French game to familarize pupils with the names of every

thing that is placed on a dining-room table. 750. Citations des Auteurs Français. By F. L. BONNET. 780 Jeu des Académiciens. By MLLE. R, SÉE. 750. Miss Theodora Ernst's French Conversation Cards. 500. (*) Jeu de “ Connaissez-vous Paris” (Do You Know Paris).

This game has been made for schools and pupils and those who intend to visit Paris and the Exposition. A map has

been added which will be of service. 750. (*)A Game of Mythology. By A. G. FOSTER. 75C.

(See also German.)

CLASSIQUES FRANÇAIS. Under this general title is issued a series of classical French works, carefully prepared with historical, descriptive and grammatical notes by competent authorities, printed in large type, at a uniform price of Paper, 25 Cents.

Cloth, 40 Conts. 1.-L'Avare. By J. B. POQUELIN DE MOLIÈRE. 108 pp.

Comédie en cinq actes. Notes by Schele de Vere, Ph.D., LL.D. 2.-Le Cid. By PIERRE CORNEILLE. 87 pp.

Tragédie en cinq actes. Notes by Schele de Vere, Ph.D., LL.D. 3.-Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme. By J. B. POQUELIN DE

MOLIÈRE (1670).
Comédie-Ballet en oing actes. Notes by Schele de Vera.

Ph.D., LL.D.
4.-Horaco. By P. OORNEILLE. 70 pp.

Tragédie en cinq actes. With grammatioal and explanatory

notes by Frederick O. de Sumichrast. 5.-Andromaque. By J. RACINE. 72 pp.

Tragédie en cinq actes. Notes by F. C. de Sumichrast. 6.-Athalie. By JEAN RACINE. 86 pp.

Tragédie en cinq actes tirée de l'Ecriture Sainte. With Bible.

aal references and notes by O. Fontaine B.L., L.D *7.-Les Précieuses Rididules. By J.B. POQUELIN DE MOLIÈRE.

Comédie en un acte. With a biographical memoir and notes by O. Fontaine, B.L., L.D, 60 pp.

Others in preparation.

VICTOR HUGO'S WORKS. Les Miserables.

This edition of Victor Hugo's masterpiece is not only the

handsomest but the cheapest" edition of the work that can be obtained in the original French. Its publication in America has been attended with great care, and it is offered to all readers of French as the best library edition of the work to be obtained. Volume I, Fantine," 468 pages: Volume 11, Cosette,416 pages ; Volume III, Marius," 878 pages; Volume 1V. Idylle rue Plumet,512 pages ;

Volume V, "Jean Valjean," 437 pages. *5 Volumes, 12mo Paper, $4.50; Cloth, $6.50; Half-calf, $13.50.

*Single volume sold separately, in paper, $1.00; cloth, $1.50. Los Misérables.

One volume edition. The whole story intact; episodes and

detailed descriptions only omitted. Arranged by A. de

Rougemont, A.M. $1.25. Notre-Dame de Paris.

The handsomest and cheapest edition to be had, with nearly

200 illustrations, by Bieler, Myrbach and Rossi. 2 volumes, 12mo, Paper, $2.00; Cloth, $3.00; Half-calf, $6.00. Same (Edition de Grand Luxe). But 100 copies published.

It contains, with the illustrations as in the ordinary edition, 12 fac-simile water colors, and is printed on Imperial Japan paper. The set, 2 volumes, each volume numbered.

signed, and in a satin portfolio, $10.00. Samo (Edition de Ľuxe). But 400 copies published. ,,With

illustrations as in the Edition de Grand Lruce," and printed on fine satin paper. The set, 2 volumes, numbered, signed and bound half-morocco Roxbourgh style, gilt top,

$6.00. Quatrevingt-Troize. 507 pp. One of the most graphic and powerful of Hugo's

romances, and one quite suitable for class study. 12mo, Paper, $1.00;

Cloth, $1.50; Half-calf, $3.00. Quatrovingt-Troize. 595 pp.

With an historical introduction and Engligh notes by Benja. min Duryea Woodward, B.-és-L., Ph.D., Instructor in the Romance Languages and Literatures at Columbia Univer

sity and Barnard College, New York. 12mo, Cloth, $1.26. Les Travailleurs de la Mer.

This celebrated work, which is one of the most notable ex

amples of Victor Hugo's genius, uniform in style with the abowe, 1amo, Paper, $1.00; Oroth, $1.50; Half-cal, $8.00.

also No. 16, "Theatre Contemporain,")

French Publications of William R. Jenkins.



BERCY, PAUL, (B.L., L.D.) Simples Notions de Français. 101 pp.

75 illustrations, Boards, 750. Livre des Enfants. 100 pp.

Pour l'étude du français. 12mo, Cloth, 40 illustrations, 500. Le Second Livre des Enfants. 148 pp.

A continuation of Livre des Enfants”. 12mo, Oloth, 60 illus

trations, 75C. Lo Français Pratique. 191 pp.

1 volume, 12mo, Cloth, $1.00. Lectures Faciles, pour l'Étude du Français. 256 pp.

Avec Notes Grammaticales et Explicatives. This, with Le

Français Pratique,is a complete method. Cloth, $1.00. La Langue Française, 1ère partie. 292 pp.

Méthode pratique pour l'étude de cette langue. 12mo, Cloth,

$1.25. La Langue Française, 2ème partie. 279 pp.

For intermediate classes. Variétés historiques et littéraires,

12mo, Cloth, $1.25. Conjugaison des Verbes Français, avec Exercices.

12mo, flexible cloth, 500.

BERNARD, V. F. Genre des Nons.

Étude nowelle, simple et pratique. immo, 260. L’Art D'Intéresser en Classe.

Contes, Fables, etc. 12mo, Paper, 30C. La Traduction Orale et la Prononciation Française. 42 pp.

12mo, Boards, 300. Lo Français Idiomatique. 73 pp.

French Idioms and Proverbs, with their English equivalents

and copious exercises, systematically arranged. 12mo.

Cloth, 500.
Les Fautes de Langage. 86 pages. 12mo, cloth, 50c.

Collot's Lovlzao's Grammar and Exoroisos. 227 pp.

19mo, Oloth, 750,

DU CROQUET, OHAS. P. An Elementary French Grammar. 259 pp.

The arrangement of this grammar is simple, clear and con

cise. It is divided into two parts: (1) First Exercises ; (2) Elementary Grammar. A General Vocabulary is added for the convenience of the student. 12mo, Cloth, and

edition, revised, with vocabulary, 750. A College Preparatory French Grammar. 284 pp.

Grammar, Exercises, and Reading followed by Examination papers. Fourth edition, entirely revised. 12mo, half leather,

$1.25. Conversation des Enfants. 152 pp.

12mo, Cloth, 750. Lo Français par la Conversation. 186 pp.

12mo, Cloth, $1.00. First Course in French Conversation.

Recitation and Reading, with separate vocabulary for each

reading, $1.00.
French Verbs in a Fow Lessons. 47 pp.

Croth, 35c.
Blanks for the Conjugation of French Verbs.

About 60 blanks in a tablet. Per tablet, 300.
Conjugaison Abrégée Blanks.

These blanks, besides saving more than half the time other.

wise necessary in writing verbs, cause more uniformity in the class drill, make it easier for the pupil to understand his work. Per tablet, 250.

GAY & GARBER. Cartes de Lecture Françaiso.

Pour les enfants Américains. A set of reading charts printed in very large type and profusely illustrated, $7.50.

MUZZARELLI, PROF. A. Antonymes de la La Langue Française.

Exercices Gradués pour classes intermédiaires et supérieures

des Ecoles, Collèges et Universités. Livre de L'Eléve, Clo., 185 pp., $1.00. Livre du Maitre. Clo, 186 pp., $1.50.

PIOOT, OHARLES. Ploot's First Lossons in Fronoh. 132 pp.

umo, Moth, 600,

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