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P. 147, 1. 19.

So thro' the vales of Loire the bee-hives glide,

An allusion to the floating bee-house, which is seen in some parts of France and Piedmont.

P. 148, 1. 2.

Caught thro' St. James's groves at blush of day;

After line 42 in the MS.

Groves that Belinda's star illumines still,
And ancient Courts and faded splendours fill.

See the Rape of the Lock. Canto V.

P. 149, I. 6.

And, with the swallow, wings the year away!

It was the boast of Lucullus that he changed his climate with the birds of passage.

How often must he have felt the truth here inculcated, that the master of many houses has no home!




'Twas Autumn; thro' Provence had ceased
The vintage, and the vintage-feast.
The sun had set behind the hill,
The moon was up, and all was still,
And from the Convent's neighbouring tower
The clock had tolled the midnight-hour,
When Jacqueline came forth alone,
Her kerchief o'er her tresses thrown ;
A guilty thing and full of fears,
Yet ah, how lovely in her tears !
She starts, and what has caught her eye?
What—but her shadow gliding by ?
She stops, she pants; with lips apart
She listens—to her beating heart!
Then, thro' the scanty orchard stealing,
The clustering boughs her track concealing,

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