A key to the German language, and conversation

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1839 - 171 pages
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Page 37 - ... four hundred five hundred six hundred seven hundred eight hundred...
Page 165 - 11 try. Nor Hungary nor Poland e'er could boast it; And as for Gallia's vine, Saint Veit, the Ritter, if he choose, may toast it, — We, Germans, love the Rhine. Our fatherland we thank for such a blessing, And many more beside ; And many more, though little show possessing, Well worth our love and pride. Not everywhere the vine bedecks our border, As well the mountains show, That harbour in their bosoms foul disorder; Not worth their room below.
Page 167 - Thuringia's hills, for instance, are aspiring To rear a juice like wine ; But that is all ; nor mirth nor song inspiring, It breathes not of the vine. And other hills, with buried treasures glowing, For wine are far too cold ; Though iron ores and cobalt there are growing, And chance some paltry gold. The Rhine, — the Rhine, — there grow the gay plantations ! O, hallowed be the Rhine ! Upon his banks are brewed the rich potations Of this consoling wine. Drink to the Rhine ! and every coming morrow...
Page 36 - Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen Twenty Twenty-one Twenty-two Twenty-three Twenty-four Twenty-five Twenty -six Twenty-seven Twenty-eight Twenty-nine...
Page 21 - As it is the strange custom in Germany for the wife to share the title of her husband, the termination inn is used to express the female title : as, bet Seetor, bie Boetortnn ; bet SReetor, bie SReetortnn ; bet $ptof,efior, bie profeffbtinn ; bet SSurgermetftet , bie SSurgermetftetinn.
Page 80 - Miss N. Good day, Sir, &.c. Good evening. Good night. How do you do? Very well, I thank you. I am glad to see you. I hope you are well. Not very well. I have not seen you for a long time. Where have you been ? APPENDIX. 3d) bin in spariS
Page 176 - * GRAMMAR. In which each rule is systematically, clearly, and concisely explained, and immediately followed by proper Exercises, for the use of English students of the German language.
Page 27 - Note 1 . — Compound words take the gender of their last component, if it be a substantive : as...
Page 29 - Sd^ilb the shield ber ©ee the lake ber ©proffe the shoot, sprout ber...

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