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tions of the Scriptures, and interpret them according to the New Theology. The ruling of men's minds by sheer stark authority, or what is called the Word of God, can no more be maintained; it is a despotism unworthy of the freedom of the human mind.

But Captain Glib, said Peter, tell us what you would set up instead of God's own Word, instead of the Compass which he has given us, instead of Christ's own instructions in the gospels? If any. thing has not God's authority, it cannot be of God, but from man only ;—and so it may be, and must be, the stark and sheer authority of the Man of Sin and Son of Perdition, setting himself in the Temple of God as infallible. But God says, Forever, O Lord, thy Word is settled in heaven; and if in heaven; 20 then certainly on earth, and no other Word can be of any authority, but only God's Word. If any thing can ever be a certain quantity and rule on earth, it is that which is settled in heaven. And if any person reject that, he may think himself safe enough, when he is next door to ruin.

But to this Mr. Deism answered, Where is your boasted ruin? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of Creation; save only that the world is certainly growing better, less savage, more cultivated and social, less inhuman and more scientific, and more sagacious and successful in the pursuit of riches and happiness. And how is it that we ourselves have come safely thus far all the way over the ocean? To-morrow shall be as this day and much more abundant, and 60 we will fetch wine, and fill ourselves with strong drink.21

20 Psa. cix. 89.

But how about the end, answered Peter? You seem to be willingly ignorant that the heavens and the earth are reserved unto fire against the day of judgment, and perdition of ungodly men. Moreover, these present seas are certainly dangerous, and may be fatal for any not under the King's flag, and bound to the Celestial Country. And you very well know that no drunkard shall ever inherit the kingdom of God.22

Then said Deism again, Who talks about the Celestial Country, as if Heaven were a place? We shall have heaven on earth when society is reconstructed. Besides, we have an infallible, elastic lifeboat, in case of any difficulty, made by the Shipmasters firm of Save-all and Company, that can never sink, but is the true Ark of Safety, holding as many people as can ever crowd into it, which ensures us against any possibility of damage personally. 21 Is. lvi. 12.

22 1 Cor. vi. 10.

Then answered Peter, If you talk in this style, be sure your Covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand.2 Your pretended Life-boats and Preservers will do you no more good than if they were belts of gold girded about you, and sure to sink you by their own weight, deeper in perdition, unless you take refuge in him, who only is the Resurrection and the Life. 24

23 Is. xxviii. 18.

24 John xi. 25.





The words Resurrection and the Judgment seemed to stir up scorn and wrath in the mind of Captain Glib's first mate, almost as if a mad dog had bitten him. Ho, ho! said he; you talk of that old story of the Resurrection and the Judgment, just as if all men were not judged in this life, and raised as fast as they die, to a new life, there being no death of the soul possible for any man, since Christ hath died. We can tell you a thing or two about these mysteries. We have a much better understanding of the Scriptures and their watch-words, than our old Translators ever had.

Then said John to Peter, One might think that two persons at least had really made a resurrection already, and were here before us, namely, Hymeneus and Philetus, who concerning the Resurrection have erred, and have said that it is past already, and overthrow the faith of some,' or those other two, who, putting away conscience, concerning faith have made shipwreck, namely, Hymeneus and Alexander, whom I have delivered unto Satan, that they may learn not to blaspheme.?

Can we do any good by talking with such persons any longer ? Would it not be like casting pearls before swine ? 3

Then answered Peter, These men do indeed seem given over to strong delusion to believe a lie. But just ask him if he has the King's Chart aboard ship.

Then said John to the man, What do you sail by? Have you got the King's Chart in your cabin ?

DEISM.—To be sure we have it, and an Amended and Do-away Version of it. But do you think that was meant to tie us down to one and the same line of passage in all generations? Do you think there has been no progress in navigation and the knowledge of the seas, all this time of the ages? Why, you don't suppose we are such bigoted, superstitious fools, as to go for navigation in this nineteenth century by the letter of a record made near two thousand years ago !

1 2 Tim. ii. 17. 3 Matt. vii. 6.

2 1 Tim. i. 19, 20. 4 2 Thess. ii. 11.

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