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asked me to converse with my lost friends through his agency. I proposed various questions to my departed relatives, and the answers astonished me! What can be the secret of this power? I must reflect on this deep mystery! With this un. accountable phenomenon I was struggling to make some progress. I wished to comprehend some letters in its alphabet. I would reach the vestibule, if I could not look into the magician's heathen temple.

In this deep study I detected myself standing on the very spot where Washington once stood! What revelations the sainted spirit of Washington could make! Will Providence in its goodness remove for a brief moment the veil that conceals death from life, and enlighten me as they who have gone before me are enlightened ?-Was my private wish audibly expressed ?

At this moment I heard the roar of wind. The earth rocked—a chasm yawned before me! From out of regions dark a spectral form appeared! Grim-visaged Despotism stalked forth to conflict and to death! In the distance I saw a manly form approaching. I turned my face, and I saw another form. They were all approaching the spot where Washington received the congratulations of grateful hearts as he once landed on freedom's soil.

Who are these forms? I asked. They came near me, and my heart beat with quickened action! For what horrid purpose is that weapon? I shall be murdered ! was the exclamation uttered in feeble voice. Imagination may deceive, but if I am awake, my eyes cannot deceive me! was the thought

of the moment. I placed myself behind the only object that could partially conceal me, and breathed, it might be, my last breath! I heard a voice. Are they gods, or demons ? it was asked. The horrid form now shook with anger, and fire was flashing from his eye!

I looked again. The moon was gone! With murky darkness all things were now obscured. The thunders rolled from cloud to cloud! The lightning flashed! The air with sulphurous gas was filled ! A lurid light shot from heaven to earth! A boat, full of living beings, was wrapped in flames, and dear relatives in horrid torments now were dying! Fire ! fire ! I cried, in loudest tones. I turned my face, and one blaze illumined the whole horizon! War, and fire, and horrid passion were desolating the whole country, and terror reigned !

I looked again. I saw two spirits meet. They seemed like men in armor, with visors down. They bowed, and seemed congenial spirits. Accept this wand-it is live oak! All power now is thine !

Command what thou wilt ! he cried, in voice of thunder !

A manly spirit now stepped forth, in grace and noble port.

My voice is for peace! The storm no more shall rage ! The moon shall shine! The fires no more shall burn! Sweet scenes of peace shall succeed war’s alarms! The whole country now shall smile in happiness!

This was no dream! I looked again. The moon was shining, the clouds were gone, and beauty was beaming from all around me. I saw gay flags of all nations floating in the breeze. Ships were crowding our busy marts, and the shouts of grateful hearts went up to heaven! The goddess of Fiction, sometimes called Poetry, was seated on her throne, and at my right hand received the worship of a grateful nation! The two spirits now were near, and in converse passed a brief moment.

I came for light, for truth, for revelations from you, as the Spirit of Truth from other worlds, said a venerable form!

I know thy name. I welcome thee! said the military form. My name, you know, is Washington.

I thank you for this interview. My name, you know, is Invisible Sam-the impersonation of the great Yankee nation.

Washington. I have watched your noble efforts, and ap

prove them all.

Invisible Sam.—Thy approval is life and happiness to me, and the sure evidence of my success in rescuing from despotism this great nation.

Washington.-Go on and enlighten the world, and coming ages will thank thee for all the virtues that pure life and wise maxims can bestow on your fellow men. My wand I have given thee, and its power has extinguished fires that despotism had kindled.

Invisible Sam.—The great country that claims thee for its founder is most glorious. We shall be united, and enjoy our present free institutions forever.

Washington.—All human institutions will crumble, and despotism will again reign, as in Catholic darkness! The whole world progresses but to recede.

Invisible Sam.--Can nothing save us ?

Washington.-Without intellectual light, an elevated civilization, pure morals, and pure religion, freedom can bave no existence.

Invisible Sam.-Has any European nation intellectual light, an elevated civilization, pure morals, and pure religion ?

Washington. They have not; and for that reason not a single state can ever support an elective, or free government.

Invisible Sam.—Is the Catholic bierarchy a despotism ?

Washington. It is the most powerful despotism that the ingenuity of man ever invented !

Invisible Sam.-Can any American promote the welfare of the great country more effectually than by blending the incidents of a thrilling tale with the daily occurrences of life, in which all readers are interested, and take a part ?

Washington.—He cannot, if he wishes to inculcate virtue, and the principles without which our great and glorious country will recede to despotism.

Invisible Sam.—To you, the Goddess of Fiction, I propose this question : Will you aid me to save the nation ? Goddess of Fiction.—Half the world has been civilized by

I lead all nations to the bighest enjoyments of this life. By my aid you shall save the nation from secession, from popery, from anarcby, from demoralization, from despotism, and you shall guide the whole country upward in civilization, in union and happiness. My mission is to redeem the world, and to claim attention to the cause of truth and virtue.

Invisible Sam.-As a literary production, I do not care what estimate the Americans may place upon my fiction


from its readers I will accept nothing. On these conditions, can the sentiments here advocated be brought to the consideration of every well educated and reflecting person ?-I want no other readers.

Washington.—They certainly can, if the principles that you advocate have the support of eminent talents. Invisible Sam.-

That question interests the readers of the country, and must be decided by them, and not by me.

To those who read the following pages, no illustration of this allegory will be offered.

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