A grammar of the French language: Accidence

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Page 25 - Un, m. une, f. one deux, two trois, three quatre, four cinq, five six, six sept, seven huit, eight neuf, nine dix, ten onze, eleven douze, twelve treize, thirteen quatorze, fourteen quinze, fifteen seize, sixteen dix-sept, seventeen dix-huit, eighteen dix-neuf, nineteen vingt, twenty vingt et un, twenty-one vingt-deux, twenty-two vingt-trois, twenty-three vingt-quatre, twenty-four, &c.
Page 74 - Je m'en vais, tu t'en vas, il s'en va, nous nous en allons, vous vous en allez, ils s'en vont.
Page 3 - MATERIALS FOR TRANSLATING FROM ENGLISH INTO FRENCH ; being a short Essay on Translation, followed by a Graduated Selection in Prose and Verse. By L. Le-Brun. Seventh Edition. Revised and corrected by Henri Van Laun.
Page 44 - I am * Thou art He is We are You are They are Perfect I have been Thou hast been He has been Present Participle Being Indicative Imperfect I was Thou wast He was We...
Page 23 - Mon, ton, son are used instead of ma, ta, sa before feminine words beginning with a vowel or h mute, in order to avoid the hiatus which would result from the meeting of the two vowels.
Page 2 - Millhouse (John), New English and Italian Pronouncing and Explanatory Dictionary. Vol. I. English.Italian. Vol. II. Italian.English. 2 vols.
Page 25 - Troisième Third Quatrième Fourth Cinquième Fifth Sixième Sixth Septième Seventh Huitième Eighth Neuvième Ninth Dixième Tenth Onzième Eleventh Douzième Twelfth Treizième Thirteenth Quatorzième Fourteenth Quinzième Fifteenth Seizième Sixteenth Dix-septième Dix-huitième Dix-neuvième Vingtième Vingt et unième Vingt-deuxième, etc.
Page 2 - New, Practical, and Easy Method of Learning the Italian Language. First and Second Courses.
Page 1 - HAND-ATLAS ; containing 26 coloured Maps, engraved on copper plates : 22 Maps devoted to the General History of Europe, and 4 Maps specially illustrative of the History of the British Isles. Cloth lettered, 15s.; or half-bound morocco, £1 Is. The deserved and widely spread reputation Which the Historical Atlas of Dr.
Page 3 - Concise Grammar of the Dutch Language, with Selections from the best Authors in Prose and Poetry. After Dr. F. Ahn's Method. I2mo, 3*. 6d. Practical Grammar of the German Language, Crown Svo, 3*. 6d. AHN, F.'— continued. New, Practical, and Easy Method of Learning the German Language.

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