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With flashing fury bid his eye-balls shine;

Meek is his favage, fullen soul to thine!

Thy touch, thy deadening touch, has steel'd the

breast, 1

Where, thro’ her rainbow-shower, soft Pity smil'd;

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At thy command exults, tho' Nature bids him weep!


When, with a frown that froze the peopled earth, 2

Thou dartedft thy huge head from high,

Night wav'd her banners o'er the sky,

And, brooding, gave her shapeless shadows birth.



Rocking on the billowy air,

Ha! what withering phantoms glare!

As blows the blast with many a sudden swell,

At each dead pause, what shrill-ton'd voices yell!

The sheeted fpectre, rifing from the tomb,

Points at the murderer's ftab, and shudders by;


every grove is felt a heavier gloom, That veils its genius from the vulgar eye;

The spirit of the water rides the storm,

And, thro’ its mist, reveals the terrors of his form.

I. 3•

O'er folid seas, where Winter reigns,

And holds each mountain-wave in chains,

The fur-clad savage, ere he guides his deer 3

By glistering moon-light thro' the snow,

Breathes softly in her wondering ear

Each.potent spell thoạ badft him know.

By thee inspir'd, on India's fands, 4

Full in the fun the Bramin ftands;

And, while the panting tigress hics

To quench her fever in the stream,

His spirit laughs in agonies, 5

Smit by the scorchings of the noontide beam.

Mark who mounts the sacred pyre,

Blooming in her bridal veft:

She hurls the torch! she fans the fire !

To die is to be bleft: 6

She clasps her lord to part no more,

And, fighing, finks! but sinks to foar.

O'ershadowing Scotia’s desert coast,

The Sisters fail in dusky ftate, 7

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