Town's Speller and Definer

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Phinney & Company, 1854 - English language - 168 pages

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Page 153 - If you have an enemy act kindly to him, and make him your friend. You may not win him over at once, but try again. Let one kindness be followed by another...
Page 166 - ... sixth. seventh. eighth ninth. tenth. eleventh. twelfth. thirteenth. fourteenth. fifteenth. sixteenth. seventeenth. eighteenth.
Page 153 - Never be cast down by trifles. If a spider breaks his thread twenty times in a day, he patiently mends it each time. Make up your mind to do a good thing, it will be done. Fear not troubles, keep up your spirits, the darkness will pass away. If the sun is going down, look at the stars ; if they are hid by clouds, still look up to heaven, rely upon the promises of God, and be cheerful. Never yield to misfortunes.
Page 166 - ... four hundred five hundred six hundred seven hundred eight hundred nine hundred one thousand first.
Page 155 - ... dam, to stop water damn, to condemn dear, costly deer, a wild animal dew, falling vapors due, owing die, to expire dye, to color...
Page 166 - ... two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen...
Page 153 - ... truth. The former sought her among the stars, the latter found her at his feet. Life, to youth, is a fairy tale just opened; to old age, a tale read through, ending in death. Be wise in time, that you may be happy in eternity. 3 n2 Happiness, like a snail, is never found from home, nor without a home. The rose is sweetest when it first opens ; the spikenard root, when the herb dies. Beauty belongs to youth, and dies with it, but the odour of piety survives death, and perfumes the tomb.
Page 153 - ... they will govern you. Conquer your enemies by kindness, preserve your friends by prudence, deserve the esteem of all by goodness. The road ambition travels, is too narrow for friendship, too crooked for love, too rugged for honesty, too dark for science, and too hilly for happiness. Evil thoughts are dangerous enemies, and should be repulsed at the threshold of our minds. Fill the head and heart with good thoughts, that there be no room for bad ones. Drinking water, neither makes a man sick nor...
Page 154 - ... au' ger, a tool. au gur, one who foretells. bail, surety. bale, a pack of goods. ball, a sphere. bawl, to cry aloud. base, low, vile. bass or base, in music. beer, a liquor. Ыer, to carry dead bodies. bin, a box. been, participle of be. ber
Page 157 - Icet a root. leat to run out. less 01 a reading. lessc^ .0 diminish. iir, fall, what, prey, marine, pin,- bird, move, li ar, one who tells lies. li er, one who lies in wait lyre, a. harp, led, did lead. lead, a heavy metal. lie, an untruth. lye, water drained through ashes.

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