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[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

to pull down, to fell boucher, to stop a hole, to block up

to destroy, to ruin brûler,

to compound Cacher,
to border upon, to cadrer,
meet, to end in calomnier,
Sto soak, to lead

to burn to hide, to conceal to suit, to agree, to answer to calumniate to shoot at a person from a sheltered place

animals to drink canarder, {

to absolve causer, v. n.
to hasten causer, v. a.
to receive, to accept céder,
to accompany célébrer,
to deliver ceindre,
to set forward chanter,
to acquire charger,
to dress one's self out chasser,
(to direct a letter, to chauffer,
send, to dedicate choisir,


to lower, to hum

ble, to let down

blanchir, v. n.










[blocks in formation]

aimer, to love, to like, to be fond of

[blocks in formation]

to affect clouer,

to aggravate commencer, to enlarge, to widen concerner, to help, to assist concerter, to exasperate, to make sour confondre, to sharpen











blanchir, v. a.


to light, to kindle coudre,

to go couler,

to change courir,

to moor a ship couvrir,

to gather, to collect cracher,
to announce creuser,

[blocks in formation]
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to dig, to deepen to believe, to credit

to cook, to bake to rid, to get clear of

a troublesome person to overflow, ta jut out to unseal

to decipher, to unravel to uncover, to discover

to order, to decree to get weak, to fail to redeem to degenerate

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

to heat, to warm haranguer, to clear, to brighten hurler,

to warrant

to watch, to keep

to paddle in the water

to groan, to moan to freeze, to chill to slide, to slip to cluck like a hen to grow,

to grow tall to broil

to guide

to hate

to heave, to haul

to haunt, to frequent to hasten

to stand on end

to strike, to hit to hoist to disgrace, to curse to hoe to make a speech to howl, to yell to dress

to fail, to run aground habiller, (H. mute)
to light, to watch, hériter,
to have an eye upon honorer,
to write humecter,
to equalize humilier,

to cut the throat, to Idolâtrer,
murder, to slaughter imaginer,
to scratch impliquer,
to burn, to con- impugner,
sume by fire imputer,
to embrace, to hug incarcérer,

to carry away indemniser,
to put on, to endorse indiquer,
to figure, to shape inscrire,
to grieve, to afflict intriguer,
to stuff, to cram Jaillir,
to hesitate, to scruple japper,
to congratulate jeûner,
to turn over the leaves jouer,
to betroth jouir,
to fix, to make firm jucher,
to flatter juguler,
to melt, to liquefy justifier,
to form Labourer,
to fortify lacer,

to freshen laisser,
to visit often languir,

to fry lever, v. à.

to inherit

to honor to moisten to humiliate

to idolize, to worship to imagine to implicate

to impugn, to oppose to ascribe, to attribute to imprison to indemnify to indicate to inscribe

to intrigue ⚫to spout out to yelp, to bark to fast to play to enjoy

to roost to choak

to justify

to till, to plough to lace

to leave to languish to lift, to raise

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[blocks in formation]

to march pondre,

to marry porter, to disguise poser,

to populate to pinch to pound to pity to please

to rain

to plunge, to dip

to pluck out feathers

to stab

to govern, to civilize

to polish to lay eggs

to carry

to lay, to set, to put

to mix, to mingle postuler, to put up for, to be a


to husband, to take care pouiller,

to modify pourrir,

to mount, to ascend pourvoir,
to mortify prêcher,

to moisten, to wet précipiter,
to store, to provide prendre,
to swim prêter,
to be born prévenir,
to mat priver,
to negotiate prohiber,
to blacken projeter,
to name protéger,
to obey punir,

candidate for to call names to putrefy to provide to preach

to precipitate

to take

[blocks in formation]

to oblige Quérir, (used only with aller,) to fetch

to offend questionner,

to offer quêter,

to rise in waves quitter,
to ornament Rabattre,

to remove, to take off racommoder,
to contrive, to warp raccourcir,
to forget racheter,

to open radoucir,
to pacify railler,

to turn pâle raisonner,
to dress a wound ramasser,
to look after a horse rajeunir,
to appear rajuster,
to bet ramer,
to set out, to depart ramoner,
to pass, to call ranger,

to pay râper,

to paint rapprendre,

to think raser,

to question to beg, to collect money to quit

to pull down again

to mend, to patch to shorten

to buy again, to redeem

to soften to jest, to jeer to argue, to reason to take up, to pick up to grow young again to set in order again

to row

to sweep a chimney to set in order to grate, to rasp to learn again

to shave

to make perfect rassurer, to quiet one's fear, to secure

[blocks in formation]

to persecute rattraper, to catch again, to overtake

[blocks in formation]





[blocks in formation]

to revive, to relieve, to sympathiser,
delight, to refresh Tailler,

to gather, to receive, tarder,
to collect tarir,


to recoil, to fall back
to say again, to repeat tenir,
to reiterate têter,
to reduce tirer,
to reflect tolérer,
to govern, to rule tomber,
to regulate tordre,
to reign tortuer,
to regret tourner,

to perspire

to follow

to implore, to supplicate

to raise, to heighten traire,
to exile traiter,
to remedy tranquilliser,

remercier, to thank, to return thanks travailler,





to restore, to remit trébucher, to fall asleep again trembler, to repare, to restore tremper, to repeat tricher,

reprendre, to find fault, to take again trotter, to retain, to withhold tuer, to dream Unir,




to laugh usurper,

revenir, to return, to come again
Saccager, to sack, to pillage, to plunder utiliser,"











sommer, sonner, souffler,






to bleed Valoir,

to sap, to undermine végéter,
to know veiller,
to assist, to succour vendre,
to seduce venir,
to saddle vêtir,
to feel vider,

to serve, to attend vieillir,
to whistle violer,
to slumber, to doze vivre,

to summon

to ring, to strike, to sound

[blocks in formation]

to blow "Vogue la galère,”

to suffer voiler,

to stain, to soil voir,
to subdue voler,

to sustain


to undergo, to submit vouloir,

to live

to row "Let happen what may" to veil

to see

to fly, to steal

to travel

to wish, to be willing

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