The First French Tutor

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Page 13 - I may be. que tu sois, that thou mayst be. qu'il soit, that he may be. que nous soyons, that we may be. que vous soyez, that you may be. q'uils soient, that they may be.
Page 13 - Que j'eusse, . That I might have. Que tu eusses. That thou mightest have. Qu'il eût, That he might have. Que nous eussions, That we might have. Que vous eussiez, That you might have. Qu'ils eussent, That they might have.
Page 13 - Que j'aie, That I may have. Que tu aies, That thou mayest have. Qu'il ait, That he may have. Que nous ayons, That we may have. Que vous ayez, That you may have. Qu'ils aient, That they may have.
Page 11 - Je serai, I shall be. Tu seras, thou wilt be. Il sera, he will be. Nous serons, we shall be. Vous serez, you will be. Ils seront, they will be.
Page 12 - Prèsent je serais, I should be tu serais, thou wouldst be il serait, he would be nous serions, we should be vous seriez, you would be ils seraient, they would be Conditional.
Page 13 - Présent j'aurais, I should have tu aurais, thou wouldst have il aurait, he would have nous aurions, we should have vous auriez, you would have ils auraient, they would have...
Page 13 - I might have. que tu eusses, that thou mightst have. qu'il eût, that he might have. que nous eussions, that we might have. que vous eussiez, that you might have. qu'ils eussent, that they might have.
Page 13 - Qu'on fût that one might be Que nous fussions that we might be Que vous fussiez that you might be Qu'ils fussent that they might be...
Page 30 - The comparative of superiority is formed by putting plus, more, before the adjective and que...
Page 19 - The nouns ending in s, x, or z in the singular do not change in the plural.

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