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Locomotive Department of Railroads.


P. M. ARTHUR, G. C. E.,

OFFICE_Room 10. Sloss Bras Bloer Sonne


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Little Giant Injector !!

The Great Boiler Feeder. The Best Locomotive

Injector in the World.

You can make it as hot as steam can make it, and yet it will bring the water and go to work in two seconds. It should always be put above the running board, handy to the engineer, and any dirt may be taken out of it while the engine is running,

We guarantee it to out-work and ont-run any other, and give less trouble.
One has been in daily use in Pennsylvania Railroad Shops for six years without any repairs.

The Engineer on the express train from Philadelphla to Baltimore (which runs one hundred miles In one hundred and thirty minutes), uses the Injector instead of the pumps, and says he can run seventy miles without shutting off or touching the Injector. It feeds the water warner, and you can make steam easier and more regular. We will send an Injector to any Superintendent or Master Me. chanie, and if they desire it, will send a man to put it on. Try it for

sixty days, give it the severest trial you can-now is the time to try them, in cold weather. If you desire to keep it, you may do so by paying us list price for it-we make no charge for expenses for our man or you may return it after trial. In ordering, No.7 are for large, No. 6 for medium, and No, 5 for sinall locomotives. Always state whether for copper or iron pipes, and whether for locomotives or stationery bollers, Address

Rue Manufacturing Company,

523 Cherry Street,



HOXSIE'S POCKET COMPANION Locomotive Engineers and Firemen,



Embraces practical instructions for the care and management of the Locomotive Engine ander all circumstances, and is designed for the use of the Fireman

as well as the Engineer, ignoring entirely all fanciful theorles, and matters pertaining more especially to Locomotive Bullders or Mechanics.

The Author's alm has been to condense in as brief space as possible plain and explicit, yet compre.

The work embodies numerous suggestions valuable to experlenced Engineers whtle the detall ex. planations are designed more especially for those less Informed; and it is believed to be suficient to meet

Among the subjects treated, besides the General Instructions for Engineers and Firemen, and to which separate articles are devoted, may

be mentioned, Tramming Center Marking, Expansion":nadto Side and Matn kods, Four Principal Points of Valve Motion, Trouble on the Road

and how to meet its The difticulty encountered by young Engineers and Firemen struggling for promotion, bas been steadly kept in wlew by the author, whose experience as a practical Engineer

has enabled him to hann common sense manual of the Locomotive free from unnecessary technicalities, abstruse science of Steelese theory.

This work has been approved of by mang master mechanics on the leading R. R. Iines in the country, work published on the Locomotive Engine that is entirely devoted to th

use and benent of Engineere manner of break.downs while on the road, especially the valve motion gear, which in do much a demanded by young engineers, and so plain and applicable that none can fall to understand and apply it Money must accompany all orders and can hananthataty by Registered Letter.

ble at Providence Post Office, R. I., And All money sent to me by send the

order to my address

Carolina Mulg, Washington Co., R...

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PUT YOURSELF IN HER PLACE. passenger station a branch road entered the

main line, and there was, as might be sup

posed, a cross-over switch. Beyond the HE long summer day had crept slow- passenger station, on the west, was a short

ly away, and it was nearly five siding ending in a small freight house, and o'clock. The hours at the railway directly opposite was another siding with a

station were marked as by some gi- freight shed and coal yard. At this point gantic clock that told the laggard minutes there was also another cross-over switch. by screaming whistle and clanging bell, Lydia walked on past the freight house, The 4:30 accommodation had gone east, the and, crossing the side-track, found a large western express, due there at 4:55, 'had flat rock beside the way, and there, under thundered through the village, gone on the shade of an ancient apple tree, she sat over the great viaduct, and disappeared down to wait till her lover should come. round the vast curve beyond.

He comes! She heard the three long So one counted the hours by the trains, whistles sounding far down the line, and a Lydia by name, a girl of the best New Eng- bright blush mounted to her face. The land type, quiet, and yet with an immense train would stop. That was the signal for capacity for doing and daring should love the station-master. Her brother came out and the occasion demand. The local freight of the freight house, spoke pleasantly to would come next, and then---then she would her, and then walked on towards the switch see him again. She lail aside her work, at the head of the siding. put some split zephyr vanity upon her head Suddenly the main line track before her and went out towards the railroad. As she began to sing in sharp metallic murmurs. approached the station she saw her brother, The train had entered that section of the the station-master, opening the little freight road, and he was near. Then there came house on the farther side of the track. By the sound of escaping steam. The engine this she knew the local freight would stop was slowing down, and the steam, no longer this time. Her heart beat the faster and employed, was bursting with a loud roar she quickened her step.

from the safety-valve, as if impatient of On reaching the passenger station where delay. the village street crossed the railway, she With a jar that shook the ground the imlooked up and down the line and then mense freight engine rolled past her, and crossed over and turned to the left and the engineer, leaning out of the window, walked beside the track toward the freight nodded to her as he slid past. Then the house.

cars in long procession came into sight and To understand all that took place on this moved past with slowly decreasing speed. occasion, and to fully appreciate her con- Four brakemen busy at the brakes went summate skill in controlling the events so past, and still he came not. At last the quickly to crowd upon her, we must study rear car appeared, and a young man swung the construction of the road at this point. himself down from the iron ladder on the The main line for more than a mile to the car, and sprang to the ground at her feet. right, or towards the east, was perfectly A sooty man, clad in blue canvas, now straight and comparatively level. To the black with smoke and dust. Only a brakeleft, or the west, it crossed a deep valley by man! No; a trifle better-the conductor of a lofty stone viaduct, and beyond the val. the freight train. A year ago he had been ley it curved toward the north and mounted glad to take the place of a brakeman, and the hill by a long grade. Just,east of the already he had been promoted. Love did

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it. He had met and loved Lydia in the till she came to the switch-post. Here she days of his foolish idleness, and she had leaned against the wooden frame for a little insisted that he do some manly work or she space, shading her eyes from the sun with could not-yes, she did and could love her hand and watching the train. It had him; but he must show himself worthy her run around the valley and was turning into love. Already he had advanced, and she the great curve that crept upward in a long was well pleased with his progress, and grade over the hill beyond. they had become engaged.

It was now a mile away and she could A grimy, dusty man in unlovely gar- i no longer distinguish any one on the cars. ments; but, in her eyes, be was a man She turned slowly away, seized the iron bar made for better things. As he stood be- ! of the switch and easily threw it over into side ber, one could see in his clear eyes and place so as to leave the main line open for sensible face that he had good stuff in him, the next train. and was worthy of her love.

She looked back down the road and saw It becomes uis not to linger while they that the passenger train had entered the talk quietly together beside the track. The line from the branch, and was just pulling traiu moved slower and slower, till, finally, up at the station to discharge passengers. it stopped with the last car just beyond the. It may seem surprising that a passenger switch. The iron horse was moved on, the train should be allowed to follow a freight station-master signaled with his arms in a train so closely. curious fashion, and each of the four brake- Bad engineering as this arrangement was, men repeated the motion in turn. White it was not so serious as it seemed, for this puffs of steam rose high in the air from the passenger train did not follow the freight farther end of the train. A curious rat- except for three miles, when it reached the tling sound spread through the train, and end of its trip, and was turned off upon a the last car backed down, turned aside and siding, entered the siding. The station-master left She turned once more to look after the the switch and came hastily towards the retreating freight train. It was in full lovers.

view, climbing the grade on the great “Good day, Alfred. Light freight to curve. day; only one car; by the way, the brake Suddenly she put up both hands to shade chain is broken, and you had better drop her eyes, and leaned forward on the switch the car at the repair shops. The freight frame. What had happened. Two tiny can be thrown out without leaving the car. puffs of steam rose from the engine. It was

So saying, the station-master went on into ths signal to stop. the freight house, followed by the rattling Ah! The train has parted! Faint and and rumbling cars. They gradually lost far away came the short, sharp danger their speed and then came to a stop, with whistle. A single car had broken loose the end of the train lost in the dark cavern from the train and had been left behind. of the freight house. There was a shout It was standing alone upon the track. from the building, and then one of the No. It was moving backward. It was brakemen began to move his arms as a sig beginning to roll down the grade. It was nal to go on. Again the white puffs of moving faster and faster. There was a steam shot up in the distance, and with a man upon it-her lover. jar and quiver, the train started again. Involuntarily she spread out her arms

Car after car rolled past them. There and let them fall to her side three or four were hurried whispers, a warm hand-shake times in succession—the signal to put on the and perhaps a kiss, and then the young man brakes. swung forward, grasped the ladder on the • How foolish! He cannot see me, and—” last car, climbed quickly to the top and sat She leaned against the switch frame and down. She stood gazing after him as he shook with fear and agony. was drawn away from her, and smiled and The brake was broken. waved farewell to him with her handker- Swift and swifter rolled the disabled car. chief.

It was coming down the track, gaining “Here, Lydia, you must help me." speed at every rod.

It was her brother who stood beside her She sprang to the middle of the track and with a bunch of keys in his hand.

tried to shout to the engineer of the train " The passenger train follows this at once at the station. She made the motions to and I must go to the station. Will you back down out of danger. Her tongue please close the switch after them?"

clove to the roof of her inouth and her cry She took the keys mechanically, and then became an inarticulate groan. turned again to look after her lover seated Onward came the car. She could see her on the last car of the retreating train. It lover upon it frantically waving his arms had passed out of the switch and was cross- from right to left. What did it mean? ing the great viaduct and moving more Her bram seemed to be on fire. She could and more swiftly away.

do nothing but gaze on the advancing car To close and lock the switch was neither in dumb horror. difficult nor dangerous, and she quietly Ah! The passengers! Could she not save walked on towards the end of the siding them?

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