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101-GREENBRIER, AT HINTON, W. VA., meets (114-WATERLOO, IOWA., meets in Odd Fellows'

first and third Sunday evenings of each month. Hall, second and fourth Sundays in each month, at Thos. F. JHTH, CE. Box 108 Huntington, W. Va.

2 P.m. M. H. HAM, F.Å. E.. Hinton, w. Va. W.F, HALL, C.E..

.Ft. Dodge, Iowa. C. W. BALDWIN, F. A. E.

... Box 721 102–AUSTIN, MINN., meets first and third Sundays W.M. CAMP, cor. Sec. ..298 Julian av. Dubuque, Ia. at 7:30 p.m., in Engineer's Hall, Bridge street, near H.E. CAMP, Sec. of Ins..



., Box 500

meets in Odd Fellows' Hall, first and third Wed J.D. BEECHER, Sec. of Ins.

nesdays of each month.

JOHN C. STRAHORN, C. E. and Sec. of Ins.... Box 103 103-ROCKY MOUNTAIN, AT LARAMIE, Wy. T.

C.E. MOORES, F.A. E....

L. Box 266 Meets every Saturday evening. C. H. CLARKE, C.E...

117-ERIE, PA., meets at 1116 State street first

.Box 180 J. W. RIFFLE, F, A. E

and third Sunday in each month, at 11 a. M. Box 109 J.A. DURFIELD, O. E...

..546 Eas Tenth st. C.E. HECKMAN, Cor. Sec.... P. BOLTOX, Sec. of Ins..

Joun C. KYOLL, Sec. of Ins.

715 State st. 104-COLUMBIA, PA., meets first and third Sunday 118-BROCKVILLE, ONT., meets in V. ison & MCat 1 p.m., in Shuler's Hall, Locust st.

Lean's Block, entrance from Main st., first and Address WM. SMURTHWAITE, C. E. & Cor. Sec.Box 33 third Sunday, at 2 p. m. SIMON C. CAMP, F.A. E...


Box 17 J. K. RYNIER, Journal Agent and Sec. of Ins. DAVID SIMPSON, F. A, E..

Box 217

J.O'BRIEN, Sec. of Ins.. 105 NEW YORK CITY., meets second Sunday and 121-EFFINGHAM, ILL., meets over Gilbert's drug fourth Thursday of each month at 10 a. m., com

store, on Jefferson street, the first and third Sunmencing January 10, 1875. WESLEY PHILLIPS, C. E., Harlem Engine House, 480

days of each month. street and 4th avenue.

J. X, Woods, C.E..

Jos. A. MCCLELLAND, F. A. E...........Lock Box 82 C. E. STEWART, F. A. E., Sec. of Ing., and 'Journal

ED. BANNIN, Sec. of Ins

.Box 157 Agent, Harlem Engine House, 43d st. and 4th av. W. H. ALDRICH, Cor. Sec.. Harlem Engine House, 123--NEW ORLEANS, LA., meets second and fourth 43d st. 4th ave.

Sundays of each month, at 2 p. m., In Bible Hall,

163 Camp street. 106-BELLOW FALLS, VT., meets first Thursday

TIMOTHY GALVIN, C. E......52 Annunciation street. and third Saturday of each month, in Gray's Hall, at 8 o'clock p. m.

F.W. FIELDER, F.A, E. and Sec. of Ips., 859 LO

cust st. k. H. B. GRAVES, C.E..

.Box 208 GEO. S. BLAKE, F. A. E.

Box 201 124-MAUCA CHUNK, PA., meets every second D. W. WRIGHT, Sec. of Ins.........Greenfield, Mags.

and fourth Saturdays, at 8 p. m., In Mechanic's

Hall, Race street. 107-ST. JOSEPH, MO., meets in their Hall ist and D. MOLANE, C. E

Box 79 3d Sunday of each month at 2 pm.

W. H. FULTON F. A. E..


H. E. GROVER, Sec. of Ins., Box 50, E. Mauch Chunk, A, K, PIOKLE, F. A. E..

.6. St. Joseph P&. J. W. CHAPMAN, Sec. and Treas. of Ins., cor. 12th and Sacramento sts., S. St. Joseph, Mo.

125CLINTON, IOWA, meets second Friday and

fourth Sunday afternoons in each month, in En108-WINNEMUCCA, AT CARLIN, NEV., meets gineers' Hall, Empire Block, Fourth street. Arst Saturday and third Friday in each month, in


Box 612 Engineer's Hall.


Box 726 CHAS MAYNARD, C. E..

CHAB. E. CROSS, Journal Agent ...........
Box 96 Tuos. KEEFE, Sec. of Ins

Box 455 J.G. RESSEGUE, Cor. Sec. and Sec. of Ins ..

126 - TEHACHAPI, AT TULARE. CAL., meets 109 — TRENTON, N. J., meets at Concordia Hall,

in Engineers' Hall, 1st Tuesday and 3d Friday of West State Bt. 'fourth floor, every second Thurs.

each month.

L. Box 126 day evening, commencing Aug. 28.

D. C. HORTON, F. A.E....


Box 543 CHAB. LYNCH, F.A.E.

Box 549

R. A. MURPHY, Cor. Sec. and Sec. of Ins. Tros. BRADY, Sec. of Ins..

Box 543

127-BEARDSTOWN, ILL., meets every Wednes110-PACIFIC, AT SACRAMENTO, CAL., meets

day at 7 p. m. in Engineers' Hall, corner Main

and Washington streets. every Saturday at 7:30 P. m., in Red Men's Hall, New Masonic Building, K street, between Fifth


Creston, Iowa: J. A. BAILEY, F. A.E..

Box 441 and Sixth streets. WM. SCOTT, C. E........

Box 346

M. D. WEBB, Cor. Sec., Sec. of Ins. and Journal

.Box 360
..Box 346
Thos, SWEENEY, F. A. E.
S. E. WEBSTER, Sec of Ins.........

.......... Box 346 129_-VALLEY CITY, AT GRAND RAPIDS, MICH.

meets first Saturday and third Monday, at 7:30p.m 111-SOUTH CHICAGO, I11., meets every Friday at at 58 Monroe st.

7p. m. at their Hall on State street, between JAS. HARKNESS, C. E..... Box 222, Cardillac, Mich. 48th and 49th sts.

A. W. GRAVES, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins-. 186 Third av. GEO. A. WUPPLE, C. E

4735 State bt.F.O. DONAHOK, Journal Agent........186 Third ave. JOHN GABRIEL, F. A.E.

.4533 Burnside st. J.C. PARKER, Sec. of Ins., 1670 South Dearborn st. 130-KAW VALLEY, AT EMPORIA, KAN., meets

alternate Sunday evenings, in their Hall, Com112-OTTUMWA, AT CRESTON, IOWA., meets ercial st. every Sunday at 2 p. m., in Masonic Hall.


Box 279 Cias. C. FISHER, CE Box 80 CHAS, FLETCHER, F. A. E.

.Box 279 HENRY TYRON, F. A. E

J.H. GRIPFIT, Sec. of Ins.. B. RUSSELL, Sec. of Ins.,

Box 52 J. K. PARE, Journal Agent 118-DES MUINES, IOWA, meets first and third 132-ST. THOMAS, ONT., meets every Tuesday

Sundays of each month, in Odd Fellows'Hall, East night, at 7:50, in Forrester's Hall, Moors Block. Des Moines.

GRO. HARLAND, C.E.. JOHN L. BAUDER, C. E. and Sec. of Ing. East De- W». CRAWFORD, F. A. E. Moines.

A.C. MERCER, Cor. Sec. A.C. KNIGHT, F. A. E.... East Des Moines, Iowa 'JOHN F. AYOIT, Sec. and Treas. of Ins.... .Box 431

..........Box 285

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...... Box 150

138-HAMILTON, ONT., meets second and fourth 151-BURLINGTON, IOWA, meets every alternate Saturdays at 9 King st., West.

Sunday at 2 p. m., in Parson's Block, corner JAS. MCCUE, C. E. and Sec. of Ins,

Drawer 27 Jefferson and Third sts.
H. TAYLOR, F. A. E....

... Drawer 27 FH, REYNOLDS, C. E...
J. W. PABR, F. A. E

Lock Box 26 135-HUDSON, AT JERSEY CITY, N. J., meete G. H. ANDERSON, Sec. of Ing

.22 S. 10th st. every Thursday at 10 o'clock &, m., over Fifth

Jas. FOWLER, Cor. Sec.....
Ward Savings Bank, corner Pavonla avenue and
Erie street.

152-OSWEGO CITY, N. Y., meets first and third E. KENT, C. E..... Erle R'y Eng. House, Jersey City.

Sunday of each month, at 7:30 p. m., in Engineers' W.J. Wood, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins.,

Hall, Midland Depot.
H.M. HASLET, C. E...

88 East Mitchell st. 136_SALT LAKE, AT EVANSTON, WYOMING

WM. E. HARDING. F.A. E.... ..Midland Depot. TER., meets every Saturday evening at their hall. J. W. SUTTON, Journal Agent.. J.J. KRAUSS, C. E,..... WM. DOWNEY, F. A. E.

153_GARRETT, IND. S. F. HENRY, Sec.and Treas. of Ins..

E. J. BOARDYAX, C, E. and Sec. of Ins........ Box 80 R. J. MOCONNELL, Cor. Sec.....

G.S. THOMPSON, F. A. E. and Journal Ag't, Box 242 187-STARRUCCA, AT SUSQUEHANNA DEPOT, 155-DECATUR, ILL., meets first and third Sunday PENN.

at 10 o'clock, a.m. WM. J. HULL, C.E.. Box 323 JOHN WARREN, C. E.

Box 164 JOHN KEENA, F. A.E..

Box 323

WY. HAYS, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins ...... Box 164 H. N. HOWELL, Sec. of Ins. J. T. LEARY, Journal Agent.


N. J., meets last Saturday of each month, at 188-BOWLING GREEN, KY., meets every Mon.

Kaiser Hall. day at 2 p. m., in Engineers' Hall, south side Public


.C. R. R., N. J. shops, Square, over Moulton's store.

M. A. LOVELL, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins. C. R,R, of A. STROTHER, C. E....

Lock Box 18

N. J. shops.
W.J.GUY, F. A. E., Journal Agent, and Sec. of Ins
Lock Box 18




Box 4 meets second and fourth Monday of each month at Room 7 Stude's Building, Preston st., at 7:30 o'clock p.m. Welcome to the wortby.

159/CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, meets first and third Address S. C. LISCOMB, C. E...

Box 339 Sundays of each month,

at 11 a. m., at Engineers' P. O'BRIEN, F. A. E. and Journal Agent.....Box 339 Hall, Merchant's Block, Iowa avenue.


H.A. WOLCOTT, F. A. E...........

Box 267 M, W. RYAN, C. E...

DH. DEGEAR, Sec. of Ins..

....... Box 903 S. J. HOLMAN, F. A.E.

Box 8

160—CAPITOL, AT WASHINGTON, D. C., meets 142-ST. FRANCIS, AT RICHMOND, PROV. QUE- every first and third Sunday in each month, at 9 BEC, meets 2d and 4th Thursday of each month, at

o'clock p. m. Odd Fellows' Halı.


706 Sixth st. John P. FERGUSON C. E. and Sec. of Ins...... Box 57J, W. RULLYAN, F.A. E...

..607 Md. ave. J. WILKINSON, F. A. E......

Box 57

161-SAN FRANCISCO, CAL., meets second and 143-URBANA, ILL., meets every Saturday, over fourth Sundays, at 12 m., of each month, at Somer's drug store, at 7p. m.

9094 Market st. wy. WEBB, C, E....

Box 321 WY. BRADLEY, C. E

.Box 50, Brooklyn, Cal. A.S. HAMPTON, F. A. E.

Box 449 HARRY BREWER, F. A.E.& Cor. Sec. and Sec. of Ing. R. B. TRENARY, Sec. of Ins..

..Box 122 4 Oak Grove ave. 144-BRAINERD, MINN., meets first and third Mon: 163–PASSUMPSIC, ATLYNDONVILLE, VT., meets

days. at Odd Fellows' Hall, corner of South and second Wednesday and fourth Thursdays, at En. Laurel ste.

gineers' Hall, Week's Block. Address T. H. BRADY, C. E...

Box 74 Ls. Howk,C. E... L. F. PEABODY, F. A. E.....

Box 67C, B. PIKE, F. A. E...

...Derby Line Vt. 145—VANDERBILT, AT NEW YORK CITY, meets 161-MASSASOIT, AT ATCHISON, KAN., meets

at Germain Hall, 426 Eighth avenue, first and third every first and third Saturday evening in Engineers Sundays in each month, at 10 a. m.

Hall, Commercial street, between Second and Third H. B. MILLIKEN, C. E..

263 West 430 st. streets. JNO. A.CAMERON, F. A.E.

458 West 31st st. BURT S, CRAFT, C. E. GEO. H. VANTASSEL, Journal Agent, Tarrytown, Jas. STRAHAN, F. A. E and Sec. of Ing. Lock Box 754

Westchester County, New York. NAT. SAWYER, Cor. Sec., H. R. R. Eng. Youse, 45th 165—-CAYUGA, AT ITHACA, N. Y., meets second st. and 4th ave.

and fourth Mondays of each month, at 7:30 p. m., John DAVIDSON, Sec. of Ing., H. R. R. Eng. House

in Odd Fellows' Hall, corner State and Cayuga sts. 45th st. and 4th ave.


Box 296 146-MARSHALLTOWN, IOWA, meets first and

third Sunday in Engineers' Hall, foot of Second st., second door west of Union Depot.

166-CARBONDALE, PA, meets first and third M.C. WHEELER, C. E....

Tuesday of each month, at 7:30 p.m., in Stuart's I. S. MILLARD, F.A E

Box 1462

Hall, Salern st. C.F. PETERSON, Cor. Sec.

Box 1536

J. VAN DERMARK, C. E., Sec. of Ins. and
Journal Agent

Box 657 ANDREW SNYDER, Sec. of Ins.. ......Box 1606

P. R. VAN DERMARK, F. A.E...... Lock Box 446 150-ST. PAUL, MINN., meets in Druids' Hall, corner Seventh and Jackson streets, every first 167–DEVEREUX, AT W. CLEVELAND, 0., meets and third Sunday evenings of each month, at 2 every alternate Sunday at 2 o'clock, commencing o'clock p.m.

Sept. 30, 1877
WM. THOMAS, C. E......Bradley st., near Beaumont. John LXEPHART, C. E

A. & G. W. Shops. W. H. NRAL, F. A.E. 112 Forbes st. C.E.SYMONDS, F. A.E.

75 Merchant ave. Wx. T. PUGH, Sec. of Ing....Box 552, Eau Clair, Wis. I HUGH LARKINS, Sec. of Ins..

55 Pelton ave.

........ Box 291

168–GRAND RIVER, AT IONIA, MICH., meets 180_MINNEHAHA, AT MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. first and third Fridays of each month,

meets every second and fourth Sunday in Druld's TERRY DOLAN, C. E..

Box 129 Hall, Bridge Square, Mendenhall Block. Open HARRY HAYS, F.A. E. and Sec. of Ins....... Box 129

at 1 p. m. Geo. R. ABBOTT, Cor. Sec. and Journal Ag'i, Box 777 JOHN B. JOHNSON, C. E.

F. M. Dunn, F. A. E., 1810 16th ave., S. Minneapolls. 169-SYRACUSE, N. Y., meets first and third Tuesdays, at 7:30 p. m., and second Sunday, at 8 p. m. 181-ELDON, IOWA. of each month, in Britcher's Hall, cor. South-west A.J. SHEFFÉR, C. E.... Wilton, Muscatine Co., Iowa. and Gifford sts.

Robr. MCGUIRE, F. A.E."

Box 898 JOUN HAYDEN, C. E....

66 West Fayette st.

PETER BLAKE, Sec. and Treas of Ins., Witon JuncR. W. WILLIAMS, F. A.E...

.201 Gifford st.

tion, Trenton, Mo. S. W. WATKINS, Sec. of Ins...

........68 Tully st.

182_LITTLE ROCK, ARK., meets every Saturday 170—WELLSVILLE, 0.meets first Friday, second at Engineers' Hall, cor. Main and Markham sts.,

Sunday and Fourth Tuesday of each month, in at 7:30 p. m.
Aten's Hall.


.L. Box 653
J. C. DENSLOW, C. E...

ISIDRO Casat, F. A. E., and Sec. of Ing., L. Box 658
H. C. PARMALEE, Cor. Sec. & Sec of Ins.

183—OMAHA, NEB., meets 2d and 4th Saturday

evenings in Knights of Pythias' Hall. 171-HOBOKEN, NJ meets in American Mechan. T. C. LIVINGSTON, C. E...

110 Howard st, 1ce' Hall, No. 80 Washington street, first and third GEO. T. WILKINS, F. A. E...

South 9th st. Wednesdays, and second and fourth Fridays of B.C. HOWARD, Sec. of Ins.... .Grand Island, Neb.

each inonth, at 12:30 p. m. JOHN R. ENGLISH, °C. E...

... Box 194 184–STUART, IOWA. SAMUEL D. HARRIS, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ins., Box 194

G. T. NETTLES, C.E....

Box 113

Box 213 172–BINGHAMTON, N. Y., meets Orst and third J.C. STEPHENS Sec. of Ins.

Sundays of each month, at 3 p. m., in Engineers' H. F. Rogers, Cor. Sec..
Hall, opposite Erfe Depot.

Jas. SHEHAN, Journal Agent..
W.L. SPAULDING, C. E., Station A...
C.F. SALMOX, F. A. E. and Sec. of Ing..Box 132 Sta. 185-JANESVILLE, WIS,
tion A.


Box 84 173–OIL CREEK, AT OIL CITY, PA.. meets every JOHN HEATH, Cor. Sec, and Sec. of Ins....


Box 1683

Box 87 Wednesday at 7:30 p. m., at Reynolds & Hukill's GEO.J. NICHOLS, Journal Agent

Block, corner of Seneca and Sycamore sts. G. S. FRAZINE, C.E

Box 119 M. MORIARTY, F. A E...

........ Box 351 186-DENVER, COLORADO, meets in Engineers' JA8. Fox, Cor. Sec..

Hall, every Saturday evening. PETER CRAHAN, Sec. of Ins.

F.P. WILLSON, C. E....

E.C. BOVEE, F.A. E., and Journal Agent... 175–OLENTANGY, AT DELAWARE, O., meets GEO. W. DAVIS, Sec. of Ins....

every Sunday at Engine House. HENRY H. RICHMOND. C.E..

Box 326 187-MARSHALL, TEXAS, meets first and third
C. C. ROBINSON F.A. E. and Sec. of Ins.... Box 241

Wednesday, in Odd Fellows' Block.
JAS. A. JONES, C. E...

Box 422 176-BARABOO, WIS.

Lock Box 82 R. J. DUNCAN, Sec. of Ins

Box 422

Lock Box 82 A. LEMAY. Sec. of Ins

Box 167 188-STRATFORD, ONT.-Meets 2d and 4th Satur. GEO. W. WHITFIELD, Journal Agent

day of each month. 177-DENISON, TEXAS. meets every Wednesday T.J. LOONEY. F.A. E.


Box 337

Box 337 evening in Masonic Hall.

Jos. Bowx, Sec. or ins

Box 387
J. K. COLLINS, C. E...... Box 81, Corsicana, Texas.
Gro. LYON, F. A. E..

Box 26


H, MAY0, C, E... 176- SEDALIA, MO., meets fret, second and T. MCNABB, F. A. E.

Box 358 fourth Saturday nights of each month, in Knights G. TEALE. Cor. Sec of Pythias Hall, Ohio st., opposite P.O.

F. L. STREET, Journal Agent. E. COGLEY, C. E..

Box 878
R. LISTER, F. A. E..

Lock Box 878
J. H. HOPE, Journal Agent and Sec. of Ins.. Box 878 190—PALESTINE, TEXAS, meets first and third

Sundays of each month, in Odd Fellows' Hall. 179–PARSONS, KANSAS, meets first Sunday and

P. H. RAMSDELL, C. E... third Friday of each month.

WILL D. YOUNG, F. A. E... 1. & Gt. N. R. R. C. H. HOWLETT, C. E....

Box 608 WY. O'HERIN, F. A. E.

J. H. REILLEY Cor. Sec.
Box 505 J. W. ABBOTT, C. E....

Box 146
D. H. DUNIAN, Sec. of Ins.
Box 287 H. A. SPEAB, F, A. E.....

Box 146

......Box 2034

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tle, Poultry, Composto, &c. More than 1100 recipes for Cooking, * This is a work of unusual excellence, and should be in every Baking, Preserving, Pickling, &c. There is so much that is val“ family ant in the hands of every artisan."-South Norwalk uable in this work that we can give only a faint idea of its con

tenis, (Conn.) Sentinel.

Agents Wanted. Liberal Commission. Sent by Mail, Postage Paid, for $2.50. (When change is not handy, send postage stamps for the odd 50c.) Address all communications to


No. 39 Beekman St., New York,

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This Watch 1s widely and favorably known as an accurate time-keeper ; the movement is distinguished

for its simplicity of construction and exquisite workmanship.


Particulars obtained through any first-class Jeweler or by inquiry direct to

our House.



Locomotive Engineers and Firemen,

BY C. A. HOXSIE, Embraces practical Instructions for the care and management of the Locomotive Engine ander all circumstances, and 18 designed for the use of the Fireman

as well as the Englneer, ignoring entirely all fanciful theories, and matters pertaining more especially to Locomotive Builders or Mechanics.

This work has been approved of by many master mechanics on the leading R. R. Iines in the country, and by universal consent acknowledged as the best and only work published on the Locomotive that is entirely devoted to the use of Engineer and Fireman.

Price $1.50 per copy, post paid.
Money must accompany all orders, and can be sent with safety by Reglstered Letter.

All money sent to me by Post Office Orders will be made payable at Providence Post Office, R. I., sad send the order to my address.


Box 55, Carolina Mlll8, Washington Co., R. I. See advertisement in Journal, 1877.



(Formerly of Todd & Rafferty.)


Flax, Hemp, Jute, Rope, Oakum, and Bagging Machinery, Steam Engines,

Boilers, etc. I also manufacture BAXTER'S NEW PORTABLE ENGINE of 1877, of one-horse power, complete for $125 ; can be seen in operation at my store.

I will furnish specifications and estimates for all kinds of Machinery, Send for Descriptive Circular and Price. Address,

J.C. TODD, 10 Barclay St, N. Y., or Paterson, N, J.

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