A Collegiate Course in the French Language

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Sheldon, Blakeman,, 1857 - French language - 368 pages

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Page 338 - Que tu aies été that thou mayest have been Qu'il ait été that he may have been Que nous ayons été that we may have been Que vous ayez été that you may have been Qu'ils aient été that they may have been IMPERFECT.
Page 296 - ... are of different persons, it agrees with the first person in preference to the second, and with the second in preference to the third. Mon frère et moi viendrons My brother and I will come to see vous voir.
Page 341 - J'ai reçu. Tu as reçu. Il a reçu. Nous avons reçu. Vous avez reçu. Ils ont reçu.
Page 337 - I may have had. que tu aies eu, that thou mayst have had. qu'il ait eu, that he may have had. que nous ayons eu, that we may have had. que vous ayez eu, that you may have had.
Page 338 - J'aurai été, Tu auras été, II aura été, Nous aurons été, Vous aurez été, Ils auront été...
Page 49 - Un honnête homme, an honest man. Un homme honnête, a civil or polite man. Un grand homme, a great man. Un homme grand, a tall man. Un petit homme, a little man. Un homme petit, a mean man. Un pauvre homme, a simpleton.
Page 340 - That thou mayst finish. Qu'il finisse, That he may finish. Que nous finissions, That we may finish. Que vous finissiez, That you may finish. Qu'ils finissent, That they may finish. IMPERFECT.
Page 51 - Making. To do. Doing. I make, thou makest, he makes. I do, thou dost, he does. We make, you make, they make. We do, you do, they do. To go. Going. I go, thou goest, he goes. We go, you go, they go. To mend. Mending. To repair. Repairing. I mend, thou mendest, he mends. I repair, thou repairest, he repairs. We mend, you mead, they mend.

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