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and although the laborers are few in comparison to the field, yet we rejoice that the number of those who do not count their lives dear unto themselves is increasing, as you will see by the minutes above. Thus our Lord and Master is carrying on his glorious work, and will finally put down all rule and authority and power, and having destroyed the last enemy, will deliver up the kingdom to his Father, and God shall be all

in all.

The business of our council was conducted in harmony, and the public services of the sanctuary were truly refreshing, where hundreds listened to the truth with the most perfect attention, while the tear of gratitude and joy flowed from the eye of all classes: which proves that the heart which terrors cannot move, can be dissolved by love. Our public services were rendered the more interesting by the labors of those able brethren in the ministry from a distance,* to whose instructions we listened with delight. We were exhorted to praise God for his goodness, and in view of this were encouraged to return to our Father's house, and walk as he has called us. We were also shown, that true godliness consists in imitating the Deity, and that nothing ought to move us from testifying the gospel of the grace of God.-These several points were so discussed, that it was truly a refreshing season to all that heard; and we were made to rejoice in view of that happy day when all shall know the Lord.

The audience was uncommonly large and solemn; this, together with an excellent choir of singers, whose performance did them honor, rendered our meeting pleasing to all lovers of good order.

Brethren in the ministry of reconciliation, let us be encouraged. Light is progressing, the truth will stand. Let us adorn our profession by following the example of our Master, who, when he was reviled, reviled not again; let us not strive, but be gentle towards all men, apt to teach; and let us contend earnestly for the faith of the gospel.

Beloved brethren, who have been brought to trust in the living God, who is the Savior of all men; may Heaven forbid

Brs. N. Stacy, N. Y.; E. Williams, Ohio; W. Skinner, N. H.

that we should disgrace our profession by living vicious lives; but may we add to our faith, virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, godliness, brotherly kindness and charity; that we may shut the mouths of gainsayers, and prove that we love God by keeping his commandments. Thus living in peace, we shall die in peace, and finally be admitted to mansions on high, where joy will fill all hearts; and the whole family of man join in celebrating the high praises of God in endless day. Per order, JOHN MOORE.

From the (Troy, N. Y.) Evangelical Repository.



On Tuesday evening, 18th Sept. the Ministers and Delegates composing the General Convention, assembled according to adjournment, at the house of Br. Huling, and joined in solemn prayer with Br. P. Dean.

1. Proceeded to organize the Council by choosing Br. H. Ballou, Moderator.

2. Appointed Brs. T. F. King and P. Dean, Clerks.

3. Chose Brs. J. Potter, P. Dean, and J. Moore, a committee receive requests for letters of fellowship and ordination, and report thereon.

4. Adjourned the Council until Wednesday morning, 8 o'clock, then to meet at the Columbian Hotel. Prayer by Br. N. Wright, Jr.

Wednesday morning, 8 o'clock, met according to adjourn ment.-Prayer by Br. W. Skinner.

5. Proceeded to read the several epistles addressed to this body by Societies in its fellowship; and we are happy to state, that the intelligence thus received was highly calculated to sheer the hearts of the faithful.

6. A communication was read by Br. H. Ballou, stating in substance, that he was authorized by Mr. Richard Carrique to say that he (R. Carrique) had withdrawn his connexion from the Convention.

The Council was then suspended for public worship.

Order of Morning Service.

Introductory Prayer by Br. C. G. Parsons.
Sermon by Br. J. Potter, from 1 Cor. xiii. 13.
Concluding Prayer by Br. N. Wright, Jr.

7. Voted to accept the following report

"The Committee appointed at the last session of the General Convention, to consider whether it be expedient to establish any general rule, in addition to former usage, as to the admission of applicants for fellowship as preachers of the gospel, report,

That in their opinion, it is desirable that some additional rule be established.

And they would suggest the expediency of appointing, at each session of the General Convention, a committee, or committees, to whom candidates during the following year shall apply for examination in secular and sacred learning; of which committee or committees it shall be the duty to examine such applicants, with special regard to their literary and theological acquirements, and their talents for sermonizing, and if satisfied therewith, to give them a certificate according. ly, which shall be produced by said candidates, as their recommendation, on applying to the General Convention for its fellowship. HOSBA BALLOU, 2d. SEBASTIAN STREETER, PAUL DEAN, HOSEA BALLOU."

8. Voted that the above recommendation be adopted as a vote of this Convention.

9. Suspended the business of the Council, to attend public worship.

Order of the Afternoon Service.

Introductory Prayer by Br. O. A. Skinner.

Sermon by Br. T. F. King, from Mat. xiv. 31.
Concluding Prayer by Br. Wm. S. Balch.

10. Br. P. Dean brought forward the following preamble and resolution, which were unanimously adopted. "Whereas in the progress of the societies of Universalists in the United States, and the multiplication of associations in fellowship with this Convention, claiming the same power-composed of the same members, and extending over the same territory-there is not that perfect order in their government and proceedings desirable to be preserved.-Therefore,

Resolved―That it is expedient so far to alter the plan of the General Convention and the subordinate Associations, as to provide that the General Convention shall consist of the ministering brethren of all the associations and societies in fellowship with the order, together with Delegates from each of the State Conventions-and that in each state where there are three or more ministering brethren, to be composed of ministers of the state, and Delegates from branches of said state associations, to be composed of the ministers and two Delegates of each, in the territory which shall be specified. All associations to adopt the articles of faith professed by the General Convention, and to be governed by the rules of the General and State Conventions, or such as they may adopt in conformity thereto."

11. Voted that a Committee be appointed, to consider and report on the above named subject.

12. The following brethren were appointed on said Committee: viz. Paul Dean, Warren Skinner, and Job Potter.

13. Adjourned until Thursday morning, 8 o'clock.—Prayer by Br. Parsons.

Order of Evening Service.

Introductory Prayer by Br. J. Moore.

Sermon by Br. W. Skinner, from Acts xvi. 21.
Concluding Prayer by Br. Moses P. Morgan.

Thursday morning, 8 o'clock, met according to adjournment. -Prayer by Br. E. Case.

14. Voted that this Convention designate four districts, and that a committee, consisting of three in each district, be appointed to examine the proficiency of candidates for the ministry, in secular and theological literature.

15. The following districts and committees were accordingly formed. 1. Maine. 2. Vermont and New-Hampshire. 3. Massachusetts, Rhode-Island and Connecticut. 4. New-York and Pennsylvania.

For the 1st District, viz. Maine, Brs. A. Drew, Sylvanus Cobb, and John Bisbe.

For the 2d, Vermont and New-Hampshire, Brs. S. C. Loveland, Edward Turner, and Warren Skinner.

For the 3d, Massachusetts, Rhode-Island and Connecticut, Brs. Hosea Ballou, David Pickering and Paul Dean.

For the 4th, New-York

Pennsylvania, Nathaniel Stacy,

Thomas F. King and Dolphus Skinner.

16. The Committee appointed to receive requests for letters of fellowship, reported in favor of conferring ordination

on Brs. Joseph Ward, of Hampton, N. Y. David Cooper, Saratoga Springs, N. Y. and Moses P. Morgan, of Plainfield, N, H. and also a letter of fellowship to Br. Wm. S. Balch, of Andover, Vt.

17. Voted to accept the report.

18. Voted to receive the "Old Colony Association of Universalists;" the First Society of Restorationists at Fort Ann, and the Societies of Pawlet, Vt. Egremont, Mass. and Sandgate, N. Y. into the fellowship of this Convention.

19. Adjourned to attend public worship.

Order of the Morning Service. Introductory Prayer by Br. L. Willis. Sermon by Br. P. Dean, from Acts iv. 20. Concluding Prayer by Br. B. Hickox.

20. Received the report of the Committee appointed to draw up and present the outlines of a revised plan for the better government of the Convention, the Associations and Societies in its fellowship.

"Your Committee, after due consideration, offer the following sketch of a plan of government, embraced by the resolution adopted on that subject, to be hereafter filled up by a Committee for that purpose, viz.

1. Each society, organized and united in the faith of the final salvation of all mankind, by the mediation of Jesus Christ, shall be considered as having in itself, all the rights and privileges given by Christ our Lord to his disciples, and so long as they may choose, be perfectly independent of all other societies or bodies of believers, in the exercise of those rights. They shall judge for themselves in matters of faith and practice-choose their own modes, forms and time of worshipcall, settle and dismiss their own ministers. These independent societies may, if they choose, unite themselves into associations for the purpose of extending their fellowship and influence, and adopt such rules and regulations as they judge best for their mutual government and benefit: and each, when they please, may withdraw from said association: and again, these associations may form themselves into Conventions, for the greater extension of the same benefits. Therefore, in conformity to these principles, the General Convention now recommends to the Societies in its fellowship, residing in any one, or more counties of any state in the Union, or in any convenient territory, to unite into an association, to consist of their Pastors and two Delegates, chosen at regular meetings of the Societies for that purpose, which shall meet once a year, or oftener, in rotation, at the Societies in its fellowship,

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