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covers, and will be sent to subscribers at $1 per year in advance; and whenever 1000 subscribers are obtained, the publisher pledges himself to reduce the price to 75


The work will be commenced as soon as a sufficient number of subscribers are obtained to warrant the undertaking. Chris. Telescope.

For the Repository.


Dear Sir-As you have stated, that I once preached a Lecture at Weathersfield, (in this State,) at which time I declared the Bible to be false, or a part of it, I now take the liberty for your good and for the benefit of all those who heard me, to state as distinctly as I can recollect, what I did assert. I am confident, however, that I never said that the Bible was false or untrue, or any part of it. I never discourse in such a loose manner. Ten thousand persons, could they be collected, would be strong witnesses that this is not my manner of preaching. However, I am willing to acknowledge that I did assert, and that it is my opinion now, that some of the book called the Bible, was written by men who never were acknowledged as inspired persons, or that some of that Bible which we now have, was not known to exist till several centuries after Christ. For instance, 1 Tim. iii. 16, "God manifest in the flesh," and 1 John v. 7, "There are three that bear record in heaven," &c. were never cited by any ecclesiastical writer before the fifth or sixth century, notwithstanding the vehemence with which the Arian controversy was conducted. This is full proof that these texts were not to be found in the original manuscripts. Another text which probably I mentioned, may be found in 2 Tim. iii. 16, which reads

as follows, "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness." I probably observed something respecting the italic words which you will find by examining the verse. It is allowed, I believe, such words as are in italics were placed in the divine record by the translators. If so, will you call these words inspiration? I do not say that they are untrue, but I do not revere these words and texts as tho they were of divine authority. Thus, sir, you have my opin ion again, and you are at liberty to make such a vindication of these words and passages as you may think proper. But I believe you will not contend that they are holy writ, and if they be not, then it is evident they are not divine truths.

Yours, with all due respect,



Installation.-Rev. John Bisbe was installed as Pastor of the First Universalist Church and Society in Portland, Me. on Thursday, 23d ult.

The poetical writings of the late Josiah Brown are now in press at this office, and will be out some time in the month of October.

Messrs. J. Hazen & A. D. Jones of the Christian denomination, have issued proposals for publishing a semimonthly religious Newspaper, under the title of the Gospel Banner. The first No. was issued as a specimen of the work, on the 4th of August last, in which the Ed· itors observe :-"This number of the "BANNER" is by no means a sample of what we intend, in its execution; as a new fount of type is to be procured expressly for the

purpose." We give the two following paragraphs, as a specimen of their style, from which it would appear that the matter needed more improvement than the type.

"Owing to the limited means we are at present in possession of, we find it impossible to offer so great a variety of Religious Intelligence as we intend to in the succeeding numbers. We presume no one will consider this strange, as it is only a short time since the present work was anticipated."

"Publishers of moral and religious publications who are favorable to the work, will be cheerfully reciprocated, by assisting in the attenuation of their subscription list.”

For the Christian Repository.


Mors amplius non extabit, neque luctus.-Rev. xxi. 4.

My heavenly Father and my God,

Reveal thy smiling face,

And aid a sinful worm to sing

The riches of thy grace.

If aught my soul has learn'd of thee,

May I the same declare,

And to thy universal love,

My humble witness bear.

O may these lines no thought contain

Which thou wilt disapprove,

And if one error here be found,

Its tendency remove.

With upright heart and motive pure,

Thy truth 1 search to find,

And wilt thou, God of love and truth,
Reveal it to my mind.

When I thy sacred word peruse,

I cannot but believe,

That all will from thy gracious hands

Eternal bliss receive

For thou didst give thy Son to die

For all the human race,

That in the bosom of thy love,

We all might have a place.

Through him, to thee all reconciled,
Thy gracious eye doth view
All justified and all redeemed,
For lo, thy words are true.

In him shall all the world be bless'd-
To him all be subdu'd-

To him all drawn-in him all sav'd,
With heavenly love imbu'd.
All sin and death shall be destroy'd,
And grace triumphant reign,
And not one lurking curse be found,
Within thy vast domain.

Thy hand of love all tears shall wipe

Form every weeping eye,

And pain and sorrow and distress

From ev'ry bosom fly.

Then round thy throne, redeem'd, restor’d,

The universe shall bend,

And hymns of gratitude and praise

From ev'ry voice ascend.
And now eternal years shall fly,
And bliss in oceans roll,

The prodigals have all return'd,
And God is all in all.

O joyful thought! transporting truth!
My heart, with love o'erflow;

With holy joy and gratitude,

My bosom, ever glow.

Great God of love! I bless thy name

For grace, so vast and free,

And since thy goodness knows no bound,

Be merciful to me.

J. R.

No. 4.


Vol. VIII.


[This Sermon is from Rev. Jonathan Wallace, of Potsdam, N. Y. Editor of a religious News-paper entitled the "Day Star."]

ZECH. ix. 9.-"Behold thy King cometh unto thee; he is just, and having salvation."

This passage, which we shall make the subject of our discourse, expresses three distinguishing qualifications, agreeing harmoniously in the character of him of whom the prophet writes, viz. authority, justice and mercy, or salvation. I shall endeavor to examine these three divine attributes, and present them before you in such a point of view, as to enhance the importance of the gospel, and to recommend it to the ear and heart of my hearers. I am aware that one popular objection raised. against the doctrine which we preach, but which is entirely without foundation, is, that it denies the justice of God. In the light of our subject, I trust, this objection, or rather reproach, will dwindle into its own native insignificance, and kindle a blush of shame on the cheek of folly by which it is urged against us.

I shall first speak of justice, and show its compatibility with salvation, and hope I shall not offend, if I shall, in so doing, expose the injustice of a partial salvation, on the ground which is commonly assumed for its defence. Secondly, speak of the salvation which is consistent with justice, and compare it therewith. Thirdly, speak of the power, by which justice and salvation is accompanied; as an immutable guarantee for the execution of the one, and the successful accomplishment of the other. This plan of grace, if fairly exhibited in the light of scripture and reason, we hope will rejoice the Vol. VIII.


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