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Promener, v. a. 1. to carry about. Redire, v. a. ir. 4. to say again, re-
Prononcer, v. a. 1. to pronounce. peat.
Protestation, n. f. protest, protesta- Redouté, adj. v. dreaded, feared.

Réduire, v. a. ir. 4. (p. d. je rédui-
Province, n. f. province, district. sis, (to reduce, to compel.
Publier, v. a. 1. to publish.

Réellement, adv. really. Puis, adv. then.

Réflexion, n. f. reflection. Puiser, v. a. 1. to dip, to find. Refuge, n. m. refuge, asylum. Puisque, conj. since.

Refuser, v. a. 1. to refuse. Puissance, n. f. power.

Regard, n. m. look.
Puissant, e, adj. powerful.

Registre, n. m. register, book.
Règle, n. f. rule, regulation.

Régner, v. n. 1. to reign, to prevail.

Regret, n. m. regret.

Reine, n. f. queen. Quand, adv. when.

Religion, n. f. religion. Quatre, adj. num. four.

Relever, v. a. 1. to raise again. Qu', que, conj. that, prn. which, Relief, n. m. en relief, raised, emwhom.

bossed. Quel, adj. what, which.

Remercîment, n. m. thank. Quelque, adj. some, adv. however. Remettre, v. a. ir. 4. (p. d. je reQuelque chose, n. m. something. mis, p. remis), to replace, to give, Quelquefois, adv. sometimes.

to hand, to deliver. Qui, prn. who, which.

Remplir, v. a. 2. to fill, to fulfill. Quoi, prn, which, what.

Remuer, v. a. 1. to move, to stir. Quoi ! int. what!

Rencontrer, v. a. 1. to meet. Quoique, conj. although, though. Rendre, v. a. 4. to render, to return,

to give back.

Renfermer, v. a. 1. to inclose, to conR.


Renommée, n. f. fame, report. Radoteur, se, n. m. &f. dotard. Renvoyer, v. a. ir. l. to send buck, Raison, n. f. reason, right.

to send again. Ramasser, v. a. 1. to pick up, to col- Répandre, v. a. 4. to spread, spilte lect.

shed. Rameau, n. m. branch.

Repas, n. m. repast, meal. Rappeler, v. a. 1. to recall, to re- Repentir, (se), v. r. 2. to repent.

mind, (se) v. r. to remember, to re Répéter, v. a. 1. to repeat. collect.

Répliquer, v. a. 1. to reply. Rapporter, v. a. 1. to bring back, to Replonger, v. a. 1. to plunge, or cast relate.

again. Rapprocher, v. a. 1. to bring near or Répondre, v. a. 4. to answer, reply. together.

Réponse, n. f. reply. Rarament, adv. rarely, seldom. Reproduire, v. a. ir. 4. to reproduce. Rassembler, v. a. l. to collect, to Reptile, n. m. reptile. bring together.

Républicain, n. & adj. republican. Rassurer (se), v. r. 1. to take cour Réserver, v. a. 1. to reserve, to keep. age, to cheer up, to settle.

Résister, v. n. 1. to resist. Recevoir, v. a. 3. to receive.

Résoudre, v. a. & n. ir. 4. (p. d. je Rechigné, adj. gruff, awkward, re résolus, p. résolu), to resolve, to pulsive.

decide. Récipiendaire, n. m. candidate, one

Ressemblance, n. f. resemblance, chosen to a post.

likeness. Reconnaître, v. a. ir. 4. to recognize, Reste, n. m. rest, remainder, remknow again.



Reste, (de), adv. sufficiently, fully, Saison, n. f. season besides.

Salle, n. f. hall, parlor, room. Rester, v. n. 1. to remain, to dwell. Salut! int. Hail! good luck! Retentir, v. n. 2. to resound.

Sang, n. m. blood. Retentissant, adj. v. resounding. Sanguinaire, adj. bloodthirsty, sanRetirer (se), v. \r. l. to retire, with guinary. draw.

Sanglant, o adj. bleeding, bloody. Retour, n. m. return.

Sans, pre. without. Retourner, v. n. 1. to return, to go Santé, n, f. health. back.

Sauvage, adj. wild, savage. Réussir, v. n. 1. to succeedo

Savant, adj. & n. m. learned, learned Réveil, n. m. act of awaking. Réveiller (se), v. r. 1. to awake. Savoir, v. a. ir. 3. (ind. p. je sais, p. Revenir, v. n. ir. 2. to return, come d. je sus, p. su), to know. back.

Science, n. f. knowledge, science. Rêver, v. n. 1. to dream, to think. Scier, v. a. 1. to saw. Revers, n. m. reverse, wrong side. Se, prn. him, her, himself, herself. Revêtir, v. a. ir. 2. (ind. p. je re Seigneur, n. m. Lord. vêts), to clothe, invest.

Sein, n. m. bosom. Revoir, v. a. ir. 3. (p. revu), to see Selon, pre. according to. again.

Sembler. v. n. & unip. 1. to seem, to Riant, adj. v. laughing, smiling, appear. pleasant, cheerful.

Semence, n. f. seed. Riche, adj. rich, wealthy.

Semer, v. a. 1. to sow, to scatter. Ridicule, n. m. ridicule, adj. ridicum Sensément, adv. sensibly. lous.

Sentiment, n. m. sentiment, thought. Ridiculement, adv. ridiculously. Sentinelle, n. f. sentinel. Rien, adv. nothing.

Sentir, v. a. ir. 2. ind. p. je sens), to Rite, n. m. rite.

feel, smell. Rivage, n. m. bank, shore.

Séraphin, n. m. seraphim. Rive, n. f. bank, shore.

Serpolet, 1. m. wild thyme. Rire, v. n. ir. 4. ind. p. je ris, Servage, n. m. bondage. ri), to laugh.

Servir, v. a. & n. 2. (ind. p. je sers), to Rocher, n. m. rock.

serve, to be used. Roi D. m. king.

Servitude, n. f. servitude, slavery. Rose, n. f. rose.

Ses, adj. pos. pl. his, her, its. Roseau, n. m. reed.

Seul, e, adj. alone, only. Rosée, n. f. dew.

Seuil, n. m. threshold, door-step, sill. Route, n. f. road, way, path.

Si, conj. if, adv. so. Roulement, n. m. rolling.

Siècle, n. m. age, time, century. Rouler, v. a. & n. 1. to rollo

Signe, n. m. sign. Royal, e, adj. royal, kingly.

Signer, v. a. 1. to sign. Rumour, n. f rumor, report, noise. Silence, n. m. silence.

Silencieux, se, adj. silent, not loqua

cious. S.

Sillon, n. m. furrow.

Simple, adj. simple. Ba, adj. poss. f. his, her, its.

Singe, n. m. ape, monkey. Sable, n. m. sand.

Sinueux, se, adj. sinuous, winding. Sac, n. m. sack, bag.

Situation, n. f. situation. Sacré, e, adj. sacred, holy.

Soigneux, se, adj. careful. Sage, adj. wise, good.

Soi-même, prn. himself, one's self. Sagesse, n. f. wisdom.

Soin, n. m. care. Sain, e, adj. healthy, wholesome. Soir, n. m. evening. Saint, e, adj. holy.

Soldat, n. m. soldier.

go out.

Soleil, n. m. sun.

Surpasser, v. a. 1. to surpass. Solide, adj. strong, solid.

Surprendre, v. a. ir. 4. (p. d. je surSolitude, n. f. solitude.

pris, p. surpris), to surprise. Sombre, adj. dark, gloomy, sad. Surpris, e, adj. v. surprised. Sommeil, n. m. sleep.

Surtout, adv. above all.
Sommet, n. m. summit, top, pinnacle. Surveillance, n. f. watch, care.
Son, n. m. sound

Symbol, n. m. symbol.
Son, adj. pos. m. s. his, her, its. Sycomore, n. m. sycamore.
Songer, v. n. 1. to dream, to think. Sympathie, n. f. sympathy.
Sonner, v. n. 1. to ring.

Syrie, Syria.
Sort, n. m. lot, fate.
Sorte, n. f. kind; de sorte, adv. so

Sortir, v. n. ir. 2. (ind. p. je sors), to

Tableau, n. m. table, picture. Sot, sotte, n. & adj. fool, foolish. Tâcher, v. n. 1. to endeavor, to try. Sottise, n. f. nonsense.

Tailler, v. a. 1. to cut, to shape. Soudain, e, adj. sudden, unexpected, Talent, n. m. talent. adv. suddenly.

Tandis, adv. while. Souffle, n. m. breath, wind.

Tanner, v. a. 1. to lan.
Souffrir, v. a. ir. 1. to suffer, to bear. Tant, adv. so much.
Souhaiter, v. a. 1. to wish, to desire. Tant mieux, adv. so much the better.
Soulier, n. m. shoe.

Tant pis, adv. so much the worse.
Soupçonner, v. a. 1. to suspect. Tard, adv. late.
Souplesse, n. f. suppleness, docility. Te, prn. thee.
Sourd, e, adj. deaf.

Tell, telle, adj. such.
Sous, pre, under.

Tempéré, e, adj. temperate. Soutenir, v. a. ir. 3. (ind. je soutiens), Tempête, 11. f. tempest.

to sustain, to support, to bear, to Temps, n. m. time, weather. maintain.

Tendre, adj. tender, kind. Soutien, n. m. support.

Tenir, v. a. ir. 2. (ind. p. je tiens, p. Souvenance, n. f. remembrance, re d. je tins, p. tenu), to hold. collection.

Tenter, v. a. l. to tempt, to attempt, Souvenir, n. m. remembrance, recollection.

Terme, n. m. teron, end, expression. Souvenir (se), v. r. ir. 2. (ind. p. je me Terrasser, v. a. 1. to throw down. souviens), to remember, recollect.

Terre, n. f. land, earth. Souvent, adv. oflen.

Terreur, n. f. fear, terror. Spirale (en), winding.

Terrible, adj. terrible. Splendeur, n. f. brilliancy, splendor. Tête, n. f. head. Stance, n. f. stanza.

Thym, n. m. thyme. Statut, n. m. statute.

Tige, n. f. stalk, stem. Stratagème, n. m. stratagem, trick. Tigre, n. m. tiger. Stupide, adj. stupid, silly.

Tirer, v. a. 1. to draw, to extract, to Succomber, v. n. 1. to fall.

fire, to shoot. Suivre, v. a. ir. 4. ind. p. je suis), to Toi, prn, thee, thou. follow.

Toison, n. f. fleece. Sujet, adj. & n. subject.

Toit, n. m. roof. Superbe, adj. proud, superb, magnifi- | Tomber, v. n. 1. to fall. cent.

Ton, adj. thy. Sûr, e, adj. sure, certain, safe.

Tonnerre, n. m. thunder.
Sur, pre. on, upon.

Tort, n. m. wrong.
Sur-le-champ, adv. immediately. Toucher, v. a. 1. to touch
Surface, n. f. surface.

Toujours, adv. always.
Surnuméraire, adj. supernumerary. Tour, n. f. tower.

to try.


Tour, n. m. trick, turn.

Vain, e, adj. vain. Tourmenter, v. a. l. to torment, to Vaincre, v. a. ir. 4. ind. p. je vaincs, tease.

p. d. je vainquis, p. vaincu), to Tourner, v. a. 1. to turn.

vanquish, to conquer, to overcome. Tout, e, adj. all, every.

Vaisseau, n. m. vessel, ship. Tout, adv. entirely, quite.

Vallon, n. m. valley, vale. Tracer, v. a. 1. to trace, to mark. Valoir, v. n. ir. 3. (ind. je vaux, p. Trahir, v. a 2. to betray.

d. je valus), to be worth. Trait, n. m. feature, trait, arrow. Vanité, n. f. vanity. Traitement, n. m. treatment,

Vanneur, n. m. winnower. Traître, n. m. & adj. traitor, treacher- Vanter (se), v. r. 1. to boast.

Vaquer, v. unip. & n. 1. to be vacant. Trame, n. f. woof, plot.

Vase, n. m. vase, vessel. Tranquille, adj. quiet, tranquil. Vaste, adj. vast. Tranquillement, adv. quietly, tran- Vengeur, n. m. avenger. quilly.

Venir, v. n. ir. 2 (ind, p. je viens, p.
Transport, n. m. transport, carriage. d. je vins), to come.
Travail, n. m. work, labor.

Vent, n. m. wind.
Travers (à), pre. through, across. Verger, n. m. orchard.
Trembler, v. n. 1. to tremble, to shud- Vérité, n. f. truth.

Vermeil, n. m. silver gilded.
Très, adv. very.

Vers, pre. towards. Trésor, n. m. treasure.

Vert, adj. green. Tribu, n. f. tribe.

Vertu, n. f. virtue. Triomphe, n. m. triumph.

Vertueux, se, adj. virtuous. Triste, adj. sad. sorrowful.

Vêtement, n. m. garment. Trois, adj. num. three.

Vêtir, v. a. ir. 2. to clothe. Trône, n. m. throne.

Vice, n. m. vice. Trop, adv. too much, too many. Victime, n. f. victim. Trouble, n. m. trouble, vexation, dis- Vide, adj. empty, n. m. empty space. turbance.

Vie, n. f. life. Troupeau, n. m. flock, herd.

Vieux, vieil

, vieille, adj. old, antiTrouver, v. a. 1. to find; (se), v. r. to quated.

happen to be, to be present, to Vif, ve, adj. lively, quick. appear.

Vigilance, n. f. vigilance. Tu, prn, thou.

Vil, e, adj. vile, mean, low. Tuer, v. a. 1. to kill, slay,

Village, n. m. village.
Tyrannie, n. f. tyranny.

Ville, n. f. town, city.
Virilement, adv. manfully, coura-


Visir, n. m. vizier.

Visiter, v. a. 1. to visit. Un, une, adj. num. one, a, an. Vivacité, n. f. vivacity. Unir, v. a. 2. to unite

Vivant, e, adj. v. living. Univers, n. m. universe.

Vivre, v. n. ir. 4. (ind. p. je vis, po Usage, n m. custom, use.

d. je vécus, p. vécu), to live. Usurper, v. a. 1. to usurp.

Vou, n. m. vow, wish.
Utile, adj. useful.

Voici, pre. here is, this is.
Voilà, pre. there is, that is.

Voler, v. n. 1. to fly, v. a. to steal.

Voie, n. f. way, path, road.

Voir, v. a. ir. 3. (p. d. je vis, p. vu), Vacant, e, adj. vacant, unoccupied. to see, to perceive. Vache, n. f. cow.

Voisin, n. m. neighbor. Vague, n. f. wave, billow.

Voix, n. f. voice.

Vorace, adj. greedy, voracious.

Y. Vos, adj. pos. pl. your.

Y, adv. there. Votre, adj. p. your.

Y, prn. to it, to them, at it, at them, Vouloir, v. a. & n. ir. 3. (ind. p. je in it, in them.

veux, p. d. je voulus, p. voulu), Y avoir, v. unip. 3. il y a, there is, to wish, lo be willing.

there are; il y a un an, a year ago. Vous, prn. you.

Yeux, n. m. p. (plural of wil), eyes. Voûte, n. f. vault, arch. Voyager, v. n. 1. to travel

Z. V rai, e, adj. true.

Zénobia, Zenobia Vraiment, adv. truly.

Zéphyr, n. m. light wind, zephyr. Vue, n. f. view, sight.

Zéro, n. m. zero, naughts

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