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Amérique, America.

Attraper, v. a. 1. to catch. Amitié, n. f. friendship.

Au, art. at or to the. Amertume, n. f. bitterness, sorrow. Aujourd'hui, adv. to-day. Ami, e, n. m. & f. friend.

A uparavant, adv. before. Amour, n. m. love.

A uprès, pre. & adv. near. Åne, n. m. ass, donkey.

Auquel, prn. to which. An, n. m. année, f. year.

Aurore, n. f. dawn, aurora. Ancien, m. adj. ancient, old.

Aussi, conj. & adv. as, so, also. Ange, n. m. angel.

Aussitôt, adv. immediately. Anglais, e, adj. English.

Austral, e, adj. austral. Animal, (PL aux.) n. m. animal. Autant, adv. as much, as many. Animer, v. a. 1. to animate, to excite. Autol, n. m. altar. Annoncer, v. a. 1. to announce. Auteur, n. m. author. Antique, adj. ancient, antique. Autour, pre. & adv. round, around. A peine, adv. scarcely, hardly. Autre, adj. other. A percevoir, v. a. 3. to perceive. Autrefois, adv. formerly. Apologue, n. m. apologue.

Autrui, prn. other, others. Apparence, n. f. appearance.

Aux, art. at or to the. Appartenir, v. n. ir. 2. (ind. p. j'ap Avancer (s'), v. r. 1. to advance partiens), to belong.

approach. Appeler, v. a. 1. to call.

Avant, pre. before. Apprendre, v. a. 4. (p. appris), to Avare, n. & adj. miser, avaricious. learn.

Avec, pre. with. Approcher, v. a. 1. to bring near, (s'), Avenir, n. m. future. v. r. to approach.

Aveugle, adj. blind. Appuyer, v, a. 1. to lean.

Avide, adj. anxious, eager. Après, pre. after.

Aviser (s'), v. r. 1. to think, to take Aquilon, n. m. north wind.

into one's head. Arabie, Arabia.

Avoir, v. aux. & a. ir. (p. d. j'eus), Arbre, n. m. tree.

to have. Architecte, n. m. architect.

Avouer, v. a. 1. to confess. Armer, v. a. 1. to arm (s'), v. r. to arm

one's self.
Arracher, v. a. 1. to tear.

Arriver, v. n. 1. to arrive.
Art, n. m. art.

Badin, e, adj. playful.
Article, n. m. article.

Baigner, v. a. 1. to bathe. Artifice, n. m. artifice, cunning, Bâillon, s. m. gag. trick.

Baiser, v. a. 1. to kiss. Asie, Asia.

Balancer, v. n. 1. to balance, hesiAspirer, v. n. 1. to aspire.

tate. Assembler, v. a. 1. to assemble. Balbutier, v. a. & n. 1. to stammer. Asseoir (s'), v. r. ir. 3. (ind. p. je Barque, n. f. bark, boat.

m'assieds, p. assis), to sit down. Barrière, n. f. gate. Association, n. f. association, com Bataille, n. f. battle. pany.

Bataillon, n. m. battalion. Assommer, v. a. 1. to strike down, Bâtir, v. a. 2. to build. to kill.

Battre, v. a. ir. 4. (p. battu,) to beat. Attacher, v. a. 1. to attach.

Baudet, n. m. donkey. Attaché, adj. attached.

Bavard, e, n. & adj. talkative, pratAtteindre, v. a. ir. 4. (p. d. j'at tler. teignis), to reach, to hit.

Beau, bel, f. belle, adj. fine, hands Attendre, 4. to await, to expect. Attendri, e, a. v. p. moved, grieved. Beaucoup, adv, much, many. Attentif, ve, adj. attentive.

Beauté, n. f. beauty.


to drive away.

Bec, n. m. beak.

Céleste, adj. celestial. Bel-esprit, n. m. wit.

Celui, prn. this, that. Bénir, v. a. 2. to bless.

Censurer, v. a. 1. to censure. Berger, n. m. shepherd.

Cent, adj. num. hundred. Besoin, n. m. need, want.

Centre, n. m. centre.
Beurre, n. m. butter.

Cependant, conj. however,
Bien, n. m. property, adv. well. Certain, adj. certain.
Bien-être, n. m. welfare, comfort. Ces, adj. these, those.
Bienfaisance, n. f. beneficence, be- Cesse (sans), without ceasing.

Cette, adj. this, that.
Bienfait, n. m. benefit.

Ceux, prn. these, those. Bientôt, adv. soon.

Chaleur, n. f. heat. Billet, n. m. note.

Champ, n. m. field. Blanc, blanche, adj. white.

Changer, v. a. & n. 1. to change. Boire, v. a. ir. 4. (p. d. je bus, p. Chant, n. m. song, singing. bu) to drink.

Chanter, v. a. & n. 1. to sing. Bois, n. m. wood, forest.

Chaos, n. m. chaos. Bon, ne, adj. good, kind, simple Chaque, adj. each. Bonheur, n. m. happiness.

Charger, v. a. 1. to charge, load. Bonne-chère, n. good living.

Charme, n. m. charm. Bonté, n. f. goodness, kindness. Charrier, v. a. 1. to transport, carry. Bord, n. m. border, shore.

Chasser, v. a. & n. 1. to hunt, to chase, Borner, v. a. 1. to confine, to bound. Botte, n. f. boot, bundle.

Château, n. m. castle, villa. Bouche, n. f. mouth.

Chaume, n. m. thatch. Bouillir, v. n. ir. 2. to boil, to bubble. Chaumière, n. f. cottage. Branche, n. f. branch.

Chef, n. m. chief. Bras, n. m. arm.

Chemin, n. m. way, road. Brave, adj. brave, worthy.

Chêne, n. m. oak. Braver, v. a. 1. to brave, affront. Cher, e, adj. dear. Brebis, n. f. sheep.

Chercher, v. a. 1. to seek. Brillant, e. adj. shining, brilliant. Chère, f. fare; faire bonne-chère, to Briser, v. a. 1. to break.

live well. Brouter, v. a. & n. 1. to browse, to Chéri, adj. cherished, beloved. graze.

Cheveux, n. m. pl. hair. Bruit, n. m. noise.

Chèvre, n. f. goat.
Buisson, n. m. bush.

Chien, n. m. dog.
Chiffre, n. m. figure.

Cheur, n. m. choir, chorus.

Choisir, v. a. 2. to choose.

Choix, n. m. choice. C', prn. it.

Chose, n. f. thing. Cacher, v. a. 1. to hide, conceal ; (se), Chrétien, n. & adj. Christian. v. r. to hide one's self.

Chûte, n. f. fall. Cage, n. f. cage.

Ciel, n. m. (pl. cieux,) heaven Calife, n. m. calif.

Cime, n. f. peak, top. Calomnie, n. f. calumny.

Circonférence, n. f. circumferenca Camp, n. m. camp

Cité, n. f. city. Campagne, n. f. country, campaign. Citoyen, n. m. citizen. Candidat, n. m. candidate.

Clair, e, adj. clear, n. m. light. Caresse, n. f. caress.

Clameur, n. f. cry, clamor. Cas, n. m. case.

Cour, n. m. heart. Causeur, se, adj. talker, talkative. Cohorte, n. f. cohort. Ce, prn. & adj. this, that.

Coin, n. m. corner. Célèbre, adj. celebrated.

Colline, n. f. hill.

Combattre, v. a. & n. 4. to combat, | Cortége, n. m. retinue. to fight.

Côte, n. f. coast. Commander, v. a. 1. to command, to Côté, n. m. side. order.

Couchant, n. m. West. Combien, adv. how much, how many. Coucher, (se), v. ref. 1. to lie down. Comme, adv. & conj. as, like, when. Couleuvre, n. f snake, adder. Commencement, n. m. beginning. Coup, n. m. blow. Commencer, v. a. 1. to begin. Coupe, n. f. cup, vessel. Comment, adv. how.

Couper, v. a. 1. to cut. Commission, n. f. commission. Cour, n. f. court. Commodité, n. f. convenience.

Courage, n. m. courage. Commun, e, adj. common, usual. Courber, v. a. 1. to bend, to bow. Compagne, n. f. companion.

Courroux, n. m. anger. Complice, n. m. accomplice.

Court, e, adj. short. Composer, v. a. 1. to compose. Cours, n. m. course. Comprendre, v. a. ir. 4. to under. Courtisan, n. m. courtier. stand, to comprise.

Coûter, v. n. 1. to cost. Comptant, adj. & adv. ready, for cash. Couvrir, v. a. ir. 2. to cover. Compter, v. a. 1. to count, to intend. Craindre, v. a. ir. 4. (p. d. je craignis, Concevoir, v. a. 3. to conceive.

p. craint), to fear. Conclure, v. a. ir. 1. to conclude. Craquer, v. a. & n. 1. to crack, to snap. Concours, n. m. concourse, assembly. Créer, v. a. 1. to create. Condamner, v. a. 1. to condemn. Crier, n. a. 1. to cry. Condition, n. f. condition.

Croire, v. a. ir. 4. (p. d. je crus, pConduire, v. a. ir. 4. to conduct. cru), to believe. Confiance, n. f. confidence, depen- | Croquer, v. a. 1. to eat greedily. dence.

Cueillir, V. a. ir. 2. to gather, to Confier, v. a. 1. to trust, to confide. pick. Confrère, n, m. brother, fellow. Cultiver, v. a. 1. to cultivate. Confusément, adv. confusedly. Curiosité, n. f. curiosity. Conjuré, a. V. sworn together.

Cytise, n. m. cytisus. Connaître, v. a. ir. 4. (p. d. je con

nus, p. connu), to know, to be ac-
quainted with

Conque, n. f. shell.
Conquérant, n. m. conqueror.

Dans, pre. in, into.
Conscience, n. f. conscience.

Davantage, adv. more.
Conseil, n. m. advice, counsel

De, pre. of or from.
Consentir, v. n. 2. to consent, agree. Débarquer, v. a. & n. 1. to land.
Conserver, v. a. 1. to preserve. Déborder, v. n. 1. to run over.
Consolation, n. f. consolation. Debout, adv. standing.
Constant, e, adj. constant.

Décapiter, v. a. 1. to behead.
Consternation, n. f. consternation. Déceler, v. a. 1. to discover.
Content, e, adj. pleased, content. Déchirer, v. a. 1. to tear.
Continuellement, adv. continually Décision, n. f. decision
Contracter, v. a. 1. to contract. Déclin, n. m. decline, fall.
Contre, pre. against.

Découvrir, v. a. ir. 2. to discover", unContrée, n. f. country, district.

cover. Contre-temps, n. m. disappointment. Dédaigner, v. a. 1. to disdain. Convaincre, v. a. ir. 4. to convince. Défaut, n. m. defect. Convenir, v. n. 2. to agree, to suit, Défendre, v. a. 4. to defend, to forbica to confess.

Défenseur, n. m. defender, protector. Conversation, n. f. conversation. Déguiser, v. a. 1. to disguise. Convier, v. a. 1. to invite.

Déjà, adv. already. Corps, n. m. body, corps.

Délicat, e, adj. delicate.

Délicatement, adv. delicately. Divers, adj. diverse, different.
Délice, n. m. delight.

Divin, e, adj. divine.
Délices, n. f. pl. delight.

Dix, adj. ten. Délicieux, se, adj. delightful, deli- Docteur, n. m. doctor. cious.

Dôme, n. m. dome.
Demande, n. f. request, question. Don, n. m. gift.
Demander, v. a. I. to ask, to request. Donc, conj. therefore, then.
Deineure, n. f. abode, dwelling. Donner, v. a. 1. to give.
Démon, n. m. demon.

Dont, prn. of which, of whom.
Deniers, n. m. p. money, means. Dorer, v. a. 1. to gild.
Déployer, v. a. 1. to display.

Dormir, v. n. ir. 2. to sleep. Depuis, pre. since.

Doucement, adv. softly, sweetly. Dáranger, v. a. 1. disturb, to put Douceur, n. f. softness, sweetness. out of order.

Doux, ce, adj. soft, sweet. Dernier, e, adj. last, latter.

Drapeaux, n. m. p. colors, standards Dérober, v. a. 1. to steal, to conceal. Droit, n. m. right. Derviche, n. m. dervise.

Droit, adj. & adv. straight. Dès, pre. from.

Du, art. of or from the.
Désagréable, adj. disagreeable. Duc, n. m. duke.
Désarmé, adj. v. disarmed.

Durée, n. f. duration.
Descendre, v. n. 4. to descend, to Durer, v. n. 1. to last, to endure.

come down.
Désert, n. m. desert.
Désirer, v. a. 1. to wish, to desire.

E. Désoler, v. a. 1. to distress, to grieve, to desolate.

Eau, n. f. water. Désormais, adv. henceforth.

Échapper, v. n. 1. to escape. Dessécher, v. a. 1. to dry up, to | Écho, n. m. echo. drain.

Eclairer, v. a. 1. to light. Dessous, adv. under.

Éclat, n. m. brightness, splendor. Dessus, adv. above.

Éclore, v. n. ir. 4. to hatch. Destinée, n. f. fate.

Écouler (s”), v. r. l. to elapse, to Destiner, v. a. 1. to destine.

pass. Détacher, v. a. 1. to detach, to sepa- | Écouter, v. a. 1. to listen, to hear. rate.

Écraser, v. a. 1. to crush. Détruire, v. a. ir. 4. (p. d. je dé- Écrier (s'), v. r. 1. to exclaim. truisis), to destroy.

Écrire, v. a. ir. 4. to write. Doux, adj. two.

Édifice, n. m. edifice. Devancer, v. a 1. to outstrip, to come Effacer, v. a. 1. to efface. before.

Effet, n. m. effect. Devant, pre. before, opposite.

Effleurer, v. a. 1. to graze, to touch Devenir, v. n. 2. to become.

slightly. Devoir, v. a. 3. to owe.

Effort, n. m. effort, endeavor. Dévorer, v. a. 1. to devour.

Effrayer, V. d. 1. to frighten, (s') ref. Dieu, n. m. God.

to be frightened. Digne, adj. worthy.

Égorger, v. a. 1. to slaughter, to mur. Diminuer, v. a. 1. to diminish.

der, to cut the throat. Dîner, n, m. dinner.

Eh bien! int. well! Dîner, v. n. to dine.

Élever, v. a. 1. to raise. Dire, v. a. ir. 4. (p. dit.) to say, tell. Elle, prn. she, it, her. Discourir, v. n. ir. 2. to discourse. Éloquence, n. f. eloquence. Discipline, n. f. discipline.

Embellir, v. a. 2. to embellish. Disparaître, v. n. ir. 4. to disappear. Emblématique, adj. emblematical. Disperser, v. a. 1. to disperse. Emblême, n. m. emblem. Distance, n. f. distance

Embrasser, v. a. 1. to embrace, to kiss.


Émigré, n. & adj. emigrant. Éteindre, v. a. ir. 4. (p. d. j'éteignis). Empécher, v. a. 1. to prevent.

to extinguish, put out. Empire, n. m. empire.

Etendard, n. m. standard. Employer, v. a. 1. to employ, to Etendue, n. f. extent.

Éternel, le, adj. & n. eternal. Empreinte, n. f. mark, print. Etonner, v. a. 1. to astonish. Emprunter, v. a. 1. to borrow. Étourdir, v. a. 2. to stun, to disturb. En, pre. in, into, at, lo.

Être, v. aux. & n. ir. 4. (ind. p. je En, rel. prn. of it, of them, etc. suis, p. d. je fus), to be. Encenser, v. a. 1. to flatter, to worship. Être, n. m. being. Enchaîner, v. a. 1. to chain.

Euphrate, Euphrates. Enchantement, n. m. enchantment, Européen, ne, n. & adj. Europeana charm.

Eux, prn, m. pl. them. Encore, adv. yet, still, again. Éveiller, v. a. 1. to awake. Endormir, v. a. ir. 2. to put or lull to Éviter, v. a. 1. to avoid. sleep, (s') ref. to go to sleep.

Exactement, adv. exactly. Endroit, n. m. spot, place.

Examiner, v. a. 1. to examine. Enfant, n. m. child.

Excellent, e, adj. excellent. Enfanter, v. a. 1. to produce.

Excessif, ve, adj. e.ccessive. Enfer, n. m. hell.

Exciter, v. a. 1. to excite. Enfers, n. m. pl. infernal regions. Exemple, n. m. example. Enfin, adv. at last, finally.

Exilé, n. m. & adj. exile, exiled. Enfler, (s') v. r. 1. to swell, to increase. Expirant, adj. v. expiring, dying. Engloutir, v. a. 2. to swallow up. Expirer, v. n. 1. to expire. Enivrer, v. a. 1. to intoxicate.

Extérieur, n. m. outside, exterior. Enlever, v. a. 1. to take or carry Extérieur, e, adj. exterior. away.

Extrêmité, n. f. extremity. Ennemi, n. m. & adj. enemy, in.

imical. Ennuyeux, e, adj. tiresome, weari



Ensemble, adv. to jether.

Fâché, e, adj. v. angry, sorry. Entendre, v. a. 4. to hear, to under. Façon, n. f. fashion, way. stand.

Faction, n. f. faction, watch. Entraves, n. f. pl. bonds, obstacles, Fagotin, m. a name often given, in fetters.

France to monkeys. Entrer, v. n. 1. to enter, to go in. Faible, adj. weak, feeble. Envers, pre. towards, to.

Faim, n. f. hunger. Envoler, (s'), v. r. 1. to fly away. Faire, v. a. ir. 4. (p. d. je fis), to Épargner, v. a. 1. to spare.

make, to do, to cause. Épaule, n. f. shoulder.

Falloir, v. unip. ir. 3. ind. p. il faut), Epouvanter, v. a. 1. to frighten. to be necessary. Époux, se, n. m. & f. husband, wife. Famille, n. f. family. Épuiser, v. a. 1. to exhaust.

Farce, n.

farce, trick. Erreur, n. f. error.

Farouche, adj. wild, stern. Esclave, n. m. slave.

Fatigue, n. f. fatigue, weariness. Espace, n. m. space.

Faussement, adv. falsely. Espérance, n. f. hope.

Faux, n. f. scythe Espérer, v. a. 1. to hope.

Faux, se, adj. false.
Esprit, n. m. wit, mind.

Félicité, n. f. happiness, felicity.
Essayer, v. a. 1. to try, attempt. Femme, n. f. woman, wife.
Et, conj. and.

Fers, n. m. pl. chains, irons.
Établir, v. a. 2. to establish.

Fertile, adj. fruitful, fertile.
État, n. m. state, condition, trade. Feu, n. m. fire.
Été, n. m. summer.

Feuillage, n. m. foliage.

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