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22 ALLITERATIVE POEM on the Deposition of King

Richard II., with a Glossary.-Ric. Maydistone de Concordia inter. Rich. II. et Civitatem, London, edited by T. WRIGHT, small 4to, cloth, 98

(Camden Society) 23 THE EARLY History of Freemasonry in England, illus

trated by an English Poem of the XIVth Century, with Notes, by J. O. HALLIWELL, post 8vo. SECOND EDITION, with a facsimile of the original MS. in the British Museum, cloth, 2s 6d

“ The interest which the curious poem of which this publication is chiefly composed has excited, is {proved by the fact of its having been translated into German, and of its having reached a second edition, which is not common with such pubiications. Mr. Halliwell has carefully revised the new edition, and increased its utility by the addition

of a complete and correct glossary.”—Literary Gazette. 24 TORRENT OF PORTUGAL, an English Metrical Ro

mance, now first published, from an unique MS. of the XVth century, preserved in the Chetham Library at Manchester, edited by J. O. HALLIWELL, &c. post 8vo. cloth, uniform with Ritson, Weber, and Ellis's publications, 58

“ This is a valuable and interesting addition to our list of early English metrical romances, and an indispensable companion to the collections of Ritson, Weber, and Ellis.”—Literary Gazette.

“ A literary curiosity, and one both welcome and serviceable to the lover of black-letter lore. Though the obsoleteness of the style may occasion sad stumbling to a modern reader, yet the class to which it rightly belongs will value it accordingly; both because it is curious in its details, and possesses philological importance. To the general reader it presents one feature of interest, viz. the reference to Wayland Smith, whom Sir W. Scott has invested with so much interest."

Metropolitan Magazine. 25 THREE Early English Metrical Romances, (the Anturs

of Arthur at the Tarnewathelan ; Sir Armadace; and the Avowing of King Arthur, Sir Gawan, Sir Kaye, and Sir Bawdewyn of Bretan,) with Glossary, &c. by J. Robson, small 4to. cloth, 6s

(Camden Society.) 26 THE THORNTON ROMANCES. The Early English

Metrical Romances of Perceval, Isumbras, Eglamour, and
Degrevant, selected from MSS. at Lincoln and Cambridge,

by J. O. HALLIWELL, small 4to. pp. 380, cloth, 10s (ib.) 27 ROMANCE of the Emperor Octavian, now first published

from MSS. at Lincoln and Cambridge, edited by J. O. HALLIWELL, post 8vo. 28 6d

(Percy Society) 28 NUGÆ POETICÆ; Select Pieces of Old English Popular

Poetry, illustrating the Manners and Arts of the XVth Century, edited by J. O. HALLIWELL, post 8vo. only 100 copies printed, cloth, 58

Contents:-Colyn's Blowbol's Testament; the Debate of the Carpenter's Tools; the Merchant and his Son; the Maid and the Magpie; Elegy on Lobe, Henry VIIIth's Fool; Romance of Robert of Sicily, and five other curious pieces of the same kind.


29 ROMANCE of Syr Tryamoure, from a MS. at Cambridge, edited by J. O. HALLIWELL, post 8vo. 28 6d

(Percy Society.) 30 THE " BOKE OF CURTASYE ;' English Poem

illustrative of the Domestic Manners of our forefathers, edited, from a MS. of the fifteenth century in the British

Museum, by J. O. HALLIWELL, post 8vo. 28 6d (ib.) 31 THE NURSERY RHYMES of England, collected chiefly

from Oral Tradition, edited by J. O. HALLIWELL, the 4th edition, enlarged, with 38 Designs by W. B. Scott, Director of the School of Design, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 12mo, in very rich illuminated cloth, gilt leaves, 4s 6d

“ Illustrations ! And here they are; clever pictures, which the threeyear olds understand before their A, B, C, and which the fifty-three year olds like almost as well as the threes.”—Literary Gazette.

We are persuaded that the very rudest of these jingles, tales, and rhymes, possess a strong imagination-nourishing power; and that in infancy and early childhood a sprinkling of ancient nursery lore is worth whole cartloads of the wise saws and modern instances which are now as duly and carefully concocted by experienced literateurs, into instructive tales for the spelling public, as are works of entertainment for the reading public. The work is worthy of the attention of the popular antiquary.”-Taits Mag.

The public are cautioned against other works with imitative titles, which have been published since the second edition of the above, and which are mostly pirated from it. Mr. Halliwell's is the largest collection of these old ditties ever formed, with explanatory notes, &c. &c.

32 AN ESSAY on the Archæology of our Popular Phrases

and Nursery Rhymes, by H. B. KER, 2 vols. 12mo. new, cloth, 4s (pub. at 128)

A work which has met with great abuse among the reviewers, but those who are fond of philological pursuits will read it now it is to be had at so very moderate a price, and it really contains a good deal of gossiping matter. The author's attempt is to explain everything from the Dutch, which he believes was the same language as the AngloSaxon.

33 POEMS of John Audelay, a Specimen of the Shropshire

Dialect in the XVth Century, edited by J. O. HALLIWELL, post 8vo. 38 6d

(Percy Soc.) 34 A PARAPHRASE on the Seven Penitential Psalms, in

English Verse, by THOMAS BRAMPTON, 1414, together with the Psalter of St. Bernard, edited by W. H. BLACK, post 8vo. 48 6d

(ib.) 35 APOLOGY for Lollard Doctrines, attributed to Wicliffe,

now first printed, and edited by Dr. J. H. TODD, small 4to. pp. 269, cloth, 78 6d

(Camden Soc.) 36 SPECIMENS of Old Christmas Carols, chiefly taken from MSS. sources, edited by T. WRIGHT, post 8vo. 38

(Percy Soc.)



37 CHRISTMAS CAROLS, Ancient and Modern, including

the most popular in the West of England, with Specimens of French Carols, with Notes, &c. by W. SANDYS, post

8vo. cloth, reduced from 128 to 88 6d 38 COCK LORRELL'S BOTE, a Satyrical Poem, from

unique copy, printed by WYNKYn de WORDE, edited by E. F. RIMBAULT, post 8vo. 28

(Percy Soc.) 39 THE PAYNE and Sorowe of evyll Maryage, from a copy

believed to be unique, printed by Wynkyn de Worde; with an Introduction regarding other works of the same class, and from the same press, by J. P. COLLIER, post 8vo. 28 6d

(ib.) 40 RARA MATHEMATICA; or a Collection of Treatises on

the Mathematics and Subjects connected with them, from ancient inedited MSS., by J. O. HALLIWELL, 8vo. 2nd edition, cloth, 3s 6d

Contents :-Johannis de Sacro-Bosco Tractatus de Arte Numerandi; Method used in England in the Fifteenth Cer tury for taking the Altitude of a Steeple; Treatise on the Numeration of Algorism; Treatise on Glasses for Optical Purposes, by W. Bourne; Johannis Robyns de Cometis Commentaria ; Two Tables showing the time of High Water at London Bridae, and the Duration of Moonlight, from a MSS. of the Thirteenth Century; on the Mensuration of Heights and Distances; Alexandri de Villa Dei Carmen de Algorismo; Preface to a Calendar or Almanack for 1430; Johannis Norfolk in Artem

progressionis summula ; Notes on Almanacs, by the Editor, &c. &c. 41 KYNG JOHAN, a Play by John BALE, (now first printed,) edited by J. P. COLLIER, small 4to. cloth, 98

(Camden Soc.) 42 THIRTEEN PSALMS, and the First Chapter of Ecclesi

astes, translated into English Verse by John CROKE, temp. Henry VIII., with Documents relative to the Croke Family,

edited by Dr. Bliss, post 8vo. 28 6d (Percy Soc.) 43 THE HARMONY OF BIRDS, a Poem, from the only

known copy printed in the middle of the sixteenth Century,

with Introduction, by J. P. COLLIER, post 8vo. 28 (ib.) 44 HAWES' (Stephen) Pastime of Pleasure, an Allegorical Poem, reprinted from the edition of 1555, post 8vo. 6s 6d

(ib.) One of the most remarkable productions between the age of Lydgate and that of Wyatt and Surrey, and one of the links in the History of

English Poetry. The old editions are excessively rare. 45 FIVE POETICAL TRACTS of the Sixteenth Century,

from unique copies, viz.—“The Doctrynall of Good
Servauntes. " The Boke of Mayd Emlyn.”
New Notbroune Mayd.” A Complaint of a Dolorous
Lover upon Sugred Wordes and Fayned Countenance."
And “Loves Leprosie.” Edited by E. F. RIMBAULT, post
8vo. 3s 6d

(Percy Soc.)


6. The

46 KIND-HART'S DREAM, containing Five Apparitions,

with their Invectives against abuses raigning, by HENRY CHETTLE, containing Notices of Shakspeare, Nash, &c., a curious picture of the Manners and Customs of the times, with a Life of the Author, edited by E. F. RIMBAULT, post 8vo. 48

(Percy Soc.) 47 THE PLEASANT and Sweet History of Patient Grissell,

in prose and verse, with an Introduction concerning the origin of the story, and its application in various countries, edited by J. P. COLLIER, post 8vo. 38


and Haughton, with Introduction by J. P. COLLIER, 8vo. 58

(Shakespeare Soc.) 49 HISTORICALL Expostulation against the beastlye Abusers

both of Chyrurgerie and Physyke in oure Time, by John HALLE, (with portrait) 1565, edited by T. J. PETTIGREW, post 8vo. 28 6d

(Percy Soc.) 50 NORTHBROOKE'S Treatise against Dice, Dancing, Plays,

Interludes, and other IDLE PASTIMES, 1577, edited by

J. P. COLLIER, 8vo. cloth, 48 6d (Shakespeare Soc.) 51 THE SCHOOL OF ABUSE, containing a pleasant In

vective against Poets, Pipers, Players, &c. by STEPHEN Gosson, 1579—HEYWOOD's (Thomas) Apology for

Actors, 1612, reprinted in 1 vol. 8vo. cloth, 58 (ib.) 52 MAROCCUS EXTATICUS; or Bankes's Bay Horse in a

Trance, anatomizing some abuses and bad tricks of this age (1595), edited by E. F. RIMBAULT, post 8vo. 18 6d

(Percy Soc.) 53 A DEBATE between Pride and Lowliness; by FRANCIS THynne, edited by J. P. COLLIER, 8vo. cloth, 48 6d

(Shakespeare Soc.) 54 SIR THOMAS MORE, a Play (about 1590) now first

printed, edited by the Rev. A. Dyce, 8vo. cloth, 48 6d


55 THE HARMONY of the Church, Spiritual Songs and

Holy Hymns, by MICHAEL DRAYTON, reprinted from the edition of 1591, (and not in his collected works.) Edited by the Rev. A. Dyce, post 8vo. 38

(Percy Soc.) 56 PLEASANT History of the Two Angry Women of Abing

don, with the Humorous Mirth of Dick Coomes and Nicho. las Proverbs, a Play by HENRY PORTER, 1599, edited by the Rev. A. Dyce, post 8vo. 48

(ib.) 57 PIERCE PENNILESS'S Supplication to the Devil, by

THOMAS Nash, 1592, with Introduction and Notes by

J. P. COLLIER, 8vo. cloth, 48 (Shakespeare Soc.) 58 THE Old Play of Timon of Athens, which preceded that of

Shakespeare, now first printed from a MS., edited by the
Rev. A. Dyce, 8vo. cloth, 38 6d

(ib.) 59 THE Old Taming of A Shrew, 1594, upon which Shake

speare founded his Comedy ; to which is added the WOMAN LAPPED IN MORREL SKIN, edited by T. Amyot, 8vo. cloth, 4s 6d

(Shakespeare Soc.) 60 THE First Sketches of the Second and Third Parts of King

Henry the Sixth, with Introduction and Notes by J. O.
HALLIWELL, 8vo. cloth, 58

(ib.) The possessor of this volume will have the two Plays upon which Shakespeare founded his Second and Third Parts of Henry VI., both printed from unique copies in the Bodleian-one a small octavo, jwhich cost at Chalmers's sale, £130.; the other a very thin small quarto, which cost £64. several years ago, and would now probably realize more than

twice that sum. 61 SHAKESPEARE'S Play of King Kenry IV., printed from

a Contemporary Manuscript, edited by J. O. HALLIWELL, 8vo. cloth, 4s 6d

(Shakespeare Society.) 62 TRUE Tragedy of Richard III., to which is appended the

Latin Play of Richardus Tertius, by Dr. Thomas LEGGE, both anterior to Shakespeare's Drama, with Notes by BARON FIELD, 8vo. cloth, 48

(ib.) 63 THE Ghost of Richard III., a Poem, 1614, founded upon

Shakespeare's Historical Play, reprinted from the only

known copy, edited by J. P. COLLIER, 8vo. cloth, 38 6d (ib.) 64 HEYWOOD'S (Thomas) First and Second Parts of King

Edward IV., with Notes by BARRON FIELD. 8vo. cloth, 48 6d

(ib.) 65 LYRICAL Poems, selected from Musical Publications, be

tween 1589 and 1600, edited by J. P. COLLIER, post 8vo. 38 6d

(Percy Soc.) 66 HONOUR Triumphant: and a Line of Life, two Tracts by

John Fords, the Dramatist, recently discovered, edited

by J. P. COLLIER, 8vo. cloth, 38 (Shakespeare Soc.) 67 SIX Ballads with Burdens, from a MS. at Cambridge, about

the end of Elizabeth's Reign, edited by J. GOODWIN, post 8vo. ls 6d

(Percy Soc.) 68 POETICAL Miscellanies, from a MS. of the time of

James I., edited by J. O. HALLIWELL, post 8vo. 28 (ib.) 69 A MARRIAGE Triumph ; Solemnized in an Epithalamium

in Memorie of the Happie Nuptials betwixt the Count Palatine and the Lady Elizabeth, written by Thomas Hey. wood, in verse, 1613 ; with an Introduction, giving an account of other Poems by different Authors on the same event, by J. P. COLLIER, post 8vo. 28 6d


FIELD, A.D. 1594, edited by J. O. HALLIWELL, post 8vo. 38

(ib.) 71 POEMS, by Sir HENRY Wotton, edited by the Rev. A. Dyce, post 8vo. ls 6d


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