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184 A LIST of Tokens issued by Wiltshire Tradesmen, in the

17th Century. By J. Y. AKERMAN, 8vo. plate, contain

ing 13 specimens, ls 6d 185 ARIANA ANTIQUA ; A Descriptive Account of the Anti

quities and Coins of Affghanistan, with a Memoir on the buildings called Topes. By C. Masson.

Edited by H. H. Wilson, Sanscrit Professor at Oxford, 4to. many plates of antiquities, and many hundred coins, cloth, £2. 28

A very handsome and cheap volume. Printed at the expense of the

East India Company. 186 ESSAY on the Numismatic History of the Ancient Kingdom

of the East Angles. By D. H. Haigh, royal 8vo. 5 plates,

containing numerous figures of coins, sewed, 6s 187 LECTURES on the Coinage of the Greeks and Romans,

delivered in the University of Oxford. By EDWARD CARDWELL, D.D., Principal of St. Alban's Hall, and Professor of Ancient History, 8vo. cloth, reduced from 88 6d to 4s

A very interesting historical volume, and written in a pleasing and

popular maoner. 188 A HAND-BOOK of English Coins from the Conquest to

Victoria. By L. JEWITT, 12mo. 11 plates, cloth, 1s 189 NUMISMATIC Chronicle and Proceedings of the Numis

matic Society, 5 vols. and 3 Nos. to Oct. 1843; a subscriber's copy, many plates, cloth, £2. 128 6d (pub. at £3. 178)

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BIBLIOGRAPHY. 190 LECTURES on Dramatic Art and Literature.

By AugustUS WILLIAM SCHLEGEL, translated from the
German by John BLACK, Esq., Editor of the Morning
Chronicle,' 2 vols. foolscap 8vo. Second Edition, cloth,

“ The present work contains a critical and historical account of the ancient and modern drama--the Greek, Latin, Italian, German, Spanish, and English. The view which the author has taken of the standard productions, whether tragic or comic, is ingenious and just, and his reasonings on the principles of taste are as satisfactory as they are profound. The acute and sensible remarks-the high tone of moralityare very admirable and exemplary; and we refer those who desire 10 elevate their understandings to a guide so learned and philosophical as the author of these volumes." - Edinb. Rev.

“In a few pages we reap the fruit of the labour of a whole life. Every opinion formed by the author, every epithet given to the writers of whom he speaks, is beautiful and just, concise and animated.”

Mad. de Stael's Germany. “A work of extraordinary merit.”—Quarterly Review, Vol. XII. pp. 112-46.

191 WHO WAS JACK WILSON the Singer of Shakespeare's

Stage ? An attempt to prove the identity of this person with John Wilson, Dr. of Music in the University of Oxford, A.D. 1644. By E. F. RIMBAULT, L.L.D., F.S.A.,

8vo. sewed, ls 192 ON THE CHARACTER OF FALSTAFF, as originally ex

hibited by Shakespeare in the two parts of King Henry IV.

By J. O. HALLIWELL, 12mo. cloth, (only 100 printed), 28 192*AN INTRODUCTION to Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights'

Dream. By J. O. HALLIWELL, 8vo. cloth, (only 250

printed) 38 193 FIRST SKETCH of Shakespeare's Merrie Wives of

Windsor, with a collection of the Tales on which the Plot is supposed to have been founded. Edited by J. O. HALLI. WELL, 8vo. cloth, 48 6d

(Shakespeare Soc.) 194 AN ACCOUNT of the only known Manuscript of Shake

speare's Plays, comprising some important variations and corrections in the Merry Wives of Windsor, obtained from a Playhouse copy of that Play recently discovered. By J.

O. HALLIWELL, 8vo. sewed, ls 195 SHAKESPERIANA, a Catalogue of the Early Editions of

Shakespeare's Plays, and of the Commentaries and other
Publications illustrative of his Works. By J. O. HALLI-
WELL, 8vo. cloth, 38

Indispensable to everybody who wishes to carry on any inquiries connected with Shakespeare, or who may have a fancy for Shakespearian Bibliography."--Spectator.

It ought to be placed by the side of every edition, It is the most concise, yet the most copious illustration of the subject which has been

given to the public,”-Lit. Gaz. 196 OBERON’S Vision in the Midsummer Nights' Dream. Il

lustrated by a comparison with LYLIE's Endymion. By the

Rev. J. HALPIN, 8vo. cloth, 4s 6d (Shakespeare Soc.) 197 TI

SHAKESPEARE Society's Papers, being a Miscellany of Contributions Illustrative of the objects of the Society. Vol. I. 6s, Vol. II. 6s 8vo. cloth

(ibid.) 198 REPORT Extraordinary of a late Meeting of the Society of

Antiquaries, in a letter to “ Punch,” occasioned by a remarkable Omission in that Gentleman's Account of the

Metropolis, post 8vo. 6d 199 ENGLISH MONASTIC LIBRARIES. 1. Catalogue of

the Library of the Priory of Bretton, Yorkshire. II. Notice of the Libraries belonging to other Religious Houses. By the Rev. JOSEPH HUNTER, F.S.A., 4to. very few

printed, 58 200 CATALOGUE of the Original Library of St. Catherine's

Hall, Cambridge, 1475. Edited by Prof. CORRIE, 4to. ls 6d

(Camb. Antiq. Soc.) 201 CATALOGUE of the Contents of the Codex Holbrookianus.

By J. O. HALLIWELL, 8vo. Is

202 DESCRIPTIVE Catalogue of the Manuscripts and Scarce

Books in the Library of St. John's College, Cambridge,
Part I. 4s 6d-Part II.48 6d, 4to.

(ibid.) 203 MANUSCRIPT Rarities of the University of Cambridge.

By J. O. HALLIWELL, 8vo. bds. 68

A companion to Hartshorne's “ Book Rarities” of the same

University. 204 CATALOGUE of the Miscellaneous Manuscripts preserved

in the Library of the Royal Society. By J. 0. Halli

WELL, 8vo. 28 205 A FEW HINTS to Novices in Manuscript Literature. By

J. O. HALLIWELL, 8vo. 1s 206 AN ACCOUNT of the European Manuscripts in the

Chetham Library, Manchester. By J. O.. HALLIWELL,

12mo. ls
207 BIBLIOTHECA SCOTO-CELTICA ; or, an Account of

all the Books which have been printed in the Gaelic Lan-
guage, with Bibliographical and Biographical Notices. By
John REID, 8vo. bds. 5s (pub. at 10s 60)

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208 ENGLAND'S WORTHIES, under whom all the

Civil and Bloody Warres, since Anno 1642 to Anno 1647,
are related. By John VICARS, Author of “ England's
Parliamentary Chronicle,” &c. &c., royal 12mo. reprinted
in the old style, (similar to Lady Willoughby's Diary,)
with copies of the 18 rare portraits after Hollar, &c. half
morocco, 58
Copies of the original edition have been sold from £16. to £'20.

The portraits comprise, Robert, Earl of Essex; Robert, Earl of
Warwick; Lord Montague, Earl of Denbigh, Earl of Stamford, David
Leslie, Gen. Fairfax, Sir Thomas Fairfax. 0. Crom well, Skippon, Col.
Massey, Sir W. Brereton, Sir W. Waller, Col. Langhorne, Gen. Poyniz,

Sir Thos. Middleton, Gen. Brown, and Gen. Mitton.
209 AUTOBIOGRAPHY of Joseph Lister, of Bradford, in

Yorkshire, to which is added a contemporary account of the
Defence of Bradford, and Capture of Leeds by the Par-
liamentarians in 1642. Edited by Thomas WRIGHT, 8vo.
only 250 copies printed, cloth, 48

“ This volume is curious in several respects : Ist, as showing us the
spirit, tcnets, and manners of the nonconformists; 2dly, as minutely
describing some remarkable affairs belonging to the civil wars; and
3rdly, as throwing a light upon the general habits of a particular class
of the inhabitants of England two hundred years ago.Lit. Gaz.

“ Several remarkable matters may be collected from its perusal, and such compositions are always valuable as pictures of character and manners."--Gent.'s Mag.

“ The volume is a curious and interesting fragment of the history of those eventful times. It gives a welcome glimpse of the early nonçonformists."'-- Bradford Observer.

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210 LOVE LETTERS of Mrs. Piozzi, written when she was

Eighty, to the handsome Actor, William Augustus Conway, aged Twenty-seven, 8vo. sewed, 28

written at three, four, and five o'clock (in the morning) by an Octogenary pen, a heart (as Mrs. Lee says) twenty-six years old, and as H. L P. feels it to be, all your own." - Letter V.3d Feb. 1820.

This is one of the most extraordinary collections of love epistles we have ever chanced to meet with, and the well known literary reputation of the lady-the Mrs. Thrale, of Dr. Johnson and Miss Burney celebrity--consid-rably enhances their interest. The letters themselves it is not easy to characterize ; nor shall we venture to decide whether they more bespeak the drivelling of dotage or the folly of love; in either case they present human nature to us under a new aspect, and furnish one of those riddles which nothing yet

dreamt of in our philosophy can satisfactorily solve."--Polytechnic Rev. 211 COLLECTION of Letters on Scientific Subjects, illustrative

of the Progress of Science in England temp. Elizabeth to Charles II. Edited by J. O. HALLIWELL, 8vo. cloth, 38

(Historical Society of Science.) Comprising letters of Digges, Dee, Tycho Brahe, Lower, Harriott, Lydyat, Sir W. Petty, Sir. C. Cavendish, Brancker, Pell, &c.; also the autobiography of Sir Samuel Morland, from a MS. in Lambeth

Palace, Nat. Tarpoley's Corrector Analyticus, &c. &c. 212 LETTERS of James, Earl of Perth, to his Sister, the

Countess of Errol, and other members of his Family, 1688 -1696. Edited by W. JERDAN, small 4to. cloth, 68 6d

(Camden Soc.) 213 PLUMPTON CORRESPONDENCE ; a Series of Letters

written in the reigns of Edward IV. to Henry VIII., by the Plumpton Family of Yorkshire. Edited by T.

STAPLETON, small 4to. pp. 450, cloth, 188 (Camden Soc.) 214 MEMOIR of John Aubrey the Antiquary, embracing his

Autobiographical Sketches, Review of his personal and literary merits, and Anecdotes of his Contemporaries. By John BRITTON, 4to. engravings, very few printed, cloth, 158

(Wiltshire Topog. Soc.) 215 THE WILL of Thomas Tusser, author of the “Five Hun

dred Points of Good Husbandry,” to which is added his Metrical Autobiography, 4to. only 100 privately printed

by C. Clark, of Great Totham Hall Essex, 18, 216 DIARY of Dr. Thomas Cartwright, Bishop of Chester,

Aug. 1686 to Oct. 1687, now first printed. Edited by the
Rev. JOSEPH HUNTER, sm. 4to. cloth, 48 6d (Camden Soc.)

Cartwright was one of James the Second's creatures for the purpose of furthering Popery in England, and also principal commissioner for

depriving Dr. Hough of the Presidency of Magdalen College, Oxford. 217 PRIVATE Diary of Dr. John Dee, and the Catalogue of

his Library of MSS. now first printed. Edited by J. 0. HALLIWELL, small 4to. cloth, 58

(ibid.) It gives the reader a most curious insight into the “ sayings and doings” of this celebrated man during his residence at Mortlake in Surrey.

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218 AUTOBIOGRAPHY of Sir John Bramston, K.B. of

Screens, in the County of Essex, 1611 to 1700. Edited by LORD BRAYBROOKE, small 4to. 400 pp. cloth, 108 6d

(Camden Soc.) A very interesting piece of autobiography. 219 MEMOIRS of Edward Alleyn, Founder of Dulwich Col.

lege, including new particulars of Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, Massinger, Marston, &c., by J. P. COLLIER, 8vo. cloth, 78 6d

(Shakespeare Soc.) 220 ALLEYN PAPERS : a Collection of Original Documents

illustrative of the Life and Times of Edward Alleyn, and of the Early English Stage and Drama. Edited by J. P. COLLIER. [A Companion to the previous Article.] 8vo. cloth, 4s 6d

(ibid.) 221 THE DIARY and Account Book of Philip Henslowe the

Player, from 1591 to 1609, now first printed from the MS. in

Dulwich College. Edited by J. P. COLLIER, 8vo. 78 6d (ibid.) 222 NOTES on Ben Jonson's Conversations with William Drum

mond of Hawthornden. Edited by D. Laing, 8vo. cloth, 58

(ibid.) 223 ORIGINAL Letters of Eminent Literary Men of the

XVIth, XVIIth, and XVIIIth Centuries, from the originals in the British Museum and the Bodleian Library, with Notes by Sir HENRY Ellis, small 4to. cloth, pp. 468, facsimiles, 10s 6d

(Camden Soc.) 224 ACCOUNT of the Life, Writings, and Inventions of Sir

Samuel Morland, Master of Mechanics to Charles II. By

J. O. HALLIWELL, 8vo. Is 225 ACCOUNT of the Rites and Ceremonies which took place

at the Consecration of Abp. Parker. Edited by J. GoodWIN, 4to. facsimile, 38 6d

(Camb. Antiq. Soc.) A refutation of the foolish and absurd story, commonly known as the

Nag's Head Consecration. 226 EGERTON PAPERS. A Collection of Public and Pri

vate Documents, chiefly illustrative of the Times of Elizabeth and James I. from the original MSS. the property of Lord Francis Egerton. Edited by J. P. COLLIER, sm. 4to. pp. 518, cloth, 78 6d

(Camden Soc.) "Mr. Collier has fallen into a rich field, and full of pasture, among the Egerton papers. They seem to be stored with abundant materials, and the single volume before us is a valuable sample of their national interest, and which throw a light upon public events hitherto imperfectly

appreciated.”Lit. Gaz. 227 CORRESPONDENCE of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester,

during his Government of the Low Countries in 1585 and 1586. Edited by J. BRUCE, thick sm. 4to. 500 pp. cloth, 128

(Camden Soc.)


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