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151 HISTORY of Banbury in Oxfordshire, including copious

Historical and Antiquarian Notices of the Neighbourhood, by ALFRED BEESLEY, thick 8vo. 684 closely printed pages with 66 woodcuts, engraved in the first style of art, by 0. Jewitt, of Oxford, (pub. at £1. 58) now reduced to 148

“ The neighbourhood of Banbury is equally rich in British, Roman, Saxon, Norman, and English Antiquities, of all which Mr. Beesley has given rcgularly cleared accounts. Banbury holds an important place in the history of the Parliamentary War of ihe Seventeenth Century, and was the scene of the great Battle of Edghill, and of the important fight of Cropredy Bridge. Relating to the events of that period, the author has collected a great body of local information of the most interesting kind. By no means the least valuable part of Mr. Beesley's work, in his account of the numerous interesting early churches, which characterize the Banbury district.”The Archæologist. J. R. Smith having bought

the whole stock of the above very interesting volume, invites the Subscribers to complete their copies in parts without delay, the price of which will be (for a short time) 1s. 6d.

instead of 28. 6d. 152 THE VISITOR'S Guide to Knole House, near Seven Oaks

in Kent, with Catalogue of the Pictures contained in the Mansion, a Genealogical History of the Sackville Family, &c. &c., by J. H. BRADY, F.R.A.S., 12mo. 27 woodcuts by Bonner, Sly, &c. cloth, 4s 6d-Large Paper, 10s "A very interesting guide to one of the most remarkable old Family Mansions, or we might even say, palaces, of England. The biographical notices of the portraits are very curious, and the description of old trees, and other particulars in the park and gardens will amuse the gardener; while the architect will be instructed by the engravings of different parts of the house, and of the ancient furniture, more particularly of the fire-places, fire-dogs, chairs, tripods, masks, sconces, &c.”

J. C. LOUDON, Gardener's Magazine, Jan. 1840. 153 ILLUSTRATIONS of Knole House, from Drawings by

Knight, engraved on wood by Bonner, Sly, &c. 8vo. 16

plates with descriptions, 5s 154 GREENWICH ; its History, Antiquities, and Public Build

ings, by H. S. RICHARDSON, 12mo. fine woodcuts by Bax

ter, ls 6d 155 THE FOLKSTONE Fiery Serpent, together with the Hu

mours of the DOVER MAYOR ; being an Ancient Ballad full of Mystery and pleasant Conceit, now first collected and printed from the various MS. copies in possession of the inhabitants of the South-east Coast of Kent, with Notes,

12mo. ls 156 A BRIEF Account of the Stowting, in Kent, and of the

Antiquities lately discovered there, by the Rev. F. WRENCH,

Rector, 8vo. three folding plates etched by the author, 2s 6d 157 HISTORY and Antiquities of the Hundred of Compton,

Berks, with Dissertations on the Roman Station of Calleva
Attrebatum, and the Battle of Ashdown, by W. HEWITT,
Jun., 8vo. 18 plates, cloth, (only 250 printed), reduced from
15$ to 78 6d

158 BIBLIOTHECA CANTIANA, a Bibliographical Account of what has been published

on the History, Topography, Antiquities, Customs, and Family Genealogy of the County of KENT, with Biographical Notes, by John RUSSELL SMITH, in a handsome 8vo. volume, pp. 370, with two plates of facsimiles of Autographs of 33 eminent Kentish Writers, 14s reduced to 58-large paper, 10s 6d

Contents—I. Historians of the County. II. Principal Maps of the County. III. Heraldic Visitations, with reference to the MSS, in the British Museum and other places. IV. Tracts printed during the Civil War and Commonwealth, 1640-1660. V. A Chronological List of all the LOCAL, PERSONAL, and PRIVATE ACTs of Parliament (upwards of 600), which have been passed on the County, from Edward I. to Queen Victoria. VI. Works relative to the County in general. VII. Particular Parishes, Seats, Customs, and Family Genealogy, in alphabetical order. The work also comprises a notice of every Paper which has been written on the County, and published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Gentlemen's Magazine, Archeologia, Vetusta Monumenta, Topographer, Antiquarian Repertory, and numerous other valuable publications, with a copious Index of every person and place

mentioned throughout the volume. 159 THE LOCAL Historian's Table-Book of Remarkable Oc

currences, Historical Facts, Traditions, Legendary and Descriptive Ballads, &c. &c., connected with the Counties of NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE, NORTHUMBERLAND, and DURHAM, by M. A. RICHARDSON, royal 8vo. profusely illustrated with woodcuts, now complete in 8 vols. royal 8vo. cloth, 9s each, or the Divisions sold separately as follows:HISTORICAL DIVISION, 5 vols. -LEGENDARY DI. VISION, 3 vols.

“ The legendary portion will be found very interesting volumes by those who take no interest in the Historical portion.

“ This chronology of local occurr nces, from the earliest times when a date is ascertainable possesses an especial interest for the residents of the Northern Counties; but, inasmuch as it records Historical events as well as trivial incidents, and includes Biographical notices of men whose fame extended beyond their birth-places, it is not without a value to the general reader. The work is divided into two portions, the larger consisting of the chronicle, and the lesser of the traditions and ballads of the country. Some of these are very characteristic and curious; they invest with poetic associations almost every ruin or plot of ground; and the earlier legends of moss troopers and border-strifes afford an insight into the customs and state of society in remote periods. The handsome pages are illustrated with woodcuts of old buildings and other antiqui

ties."-Spectator. 160 NEWCASTLE TRACTS : Reprints of Rare and Curious

Tracts, chiefly illustrative of the History of the Northern Counties ; beautifully printed in crown 8vo. on a fine thick paper, with fac-simile Titles, and other features characteristic of the originals, (only 100 copies printed), Nos. I. to XXX., £2. 17s 6d

Purchasers are expected to take the succeeding Tracts as published.

161 TRAVELS of Nicander Nucius of Corcyra in England, dur

ing the Reign of Henry VII., edited by Dr. CRAMER, small 4to. cloth, 48

(Camden Soc.) 162 A JOURNEY to Beresford Hall, in Derbyshire, the Seat of

CHARLES Cotton, Esq. are celebrated Author and Angler, by W. ALEXANDER, F.S.A., F.L.S., late Keeper of the Prints in the British Museum, crown 4to. printed on tinted paper, with a spirited frontispiece, representing Walton and his adopted Son Cotton in the Fishing-house, and vignette title-page, cloth, 58

Dedicated to the Anglers of Great Britain and the various Walton

and Cotton Clubs, only 100 printed. 163 HISTORY of Portsmouth, Portsea, Landport, Southsea

and Gosport, by HENRY Slight, Esq., 8vo. third edition,

bds. 48 164 HISTORICAL and Chorographical Description of the County

of Essex, by John NORDEN, 1594, now first printed, and edited by Sir H. Ellis, very curious map, small 4to. cloth, 48 6d

(Camden Soc.) 165 KEMP’S Nine Daies Wonder, performed in a Daunce from

London to Norwich, with Introduction and Notes by the
Rev. A. Dyce, small 4to. cloth, 48 6d

(ib.) A great curiosity, and, as a rude picture of national manners, ex

tremely well worth reprinting.”-Gifford's Notes to Ben Jonson. 166 HISTORIC Sites and other Remarkable and Interesting

Places in the County of Suffolk, by John WODDERSPOON, with Prefatory Verses by BERNARD BARTON, Esq., and a Poetical Epilogue by a “SUFFOLK VILLAGER,” improved edition, fine woodcuts, post 8vo. pp. 232, closely printed, and containing as much matter as many 12s volumes, cloth, 6s 6d

Principal Contents :-Framlingham Castle; Staningfield ; Rookwood Mrs. Inchbald; Aldham Common; the Martyr's Stone; Westthorpe Hall, the residence of Charles Brandon ; Duke of Suffolk; Ipswich; Wolsey's Gate and Mr. Sparrow's House; Rendlesham : Redgrave; Bury St. Edmunds, the Abbey ; David Hartley; Bp. Gardiner; George Bloomfield; Wetheringset; Haughley Castle; Grimstone Hall; Cavendish, the Voyager; Framlingham Church, the burial place of Surrey, the Poet; Bungay Castle ; Dunwich ; Aldborough; Wingfield,

and the Old Halls of Suffolk. 167 A NEW Guide to Ipswich, containing Notices of its Ancient

and Modern History, Buildings, and Social and Commercial
Condition, by John WOODDERSPOON, fcap. 8vo. fine wood-
cuts, cloth, 2s 6d
“ It is handsomely got up, and reflects great credit on Ipswich typo-

graphy.”-Spectator, 168 SPECIMENS of College Plate in the University of Cambride, by the Rev. J. J. Smith, 4to. 13 fine plates, 158

(Camb. Antiq. Soc.)


169 HISTORIA Collegii Jesu Cantabrigiensis à SHERMANNO,

olim præs. ejusdem Collegii, edita J. O. HALLIWELL, 8vo.

cloth, 2s 170 THE ARCHÆOLOGIST and Journal of Antiquarian

Science, edited by J. O. HALLIWELL, 8vo. Nos I. to X. COMPLETE, with Index, pp. 490, with 19 engravings, cloth, reduced from 10s 6d to 58 6d

Containing original articles on Architecture, Historical Literature, Round Towers of Ireland, Philology, Bibliography, Topography, Proceedings of the various Antiquarian Societies, Retrospective Reviews,

and Reviews of Recent Antiquarian Works, &c. 171 ROMAN and Roman-British Remains at and near Shefford,

Co. Beds, described by Sir H. DRYDEN, Bt. ; with a Catalogue of Coins from the same place, by C. King, 4to. 3 plates, coloured, 6s 6d

(Camb. Antiq. Soc.) 172 ROMAN-BRITISH Remains found at Warden, Co. Beds,

described by Professor HENSLOW, 4to. 4 plates (ib.) 173 NOTITIA BRITANNIÆ, or an Inquiry concerning the

Localities, Habits, Condition, and Progressive Civilization of the Aborigines of Britain ; to which is appended a brief Retrospect of the Result of their Intercourse with the Romans, by W. D. Saull, F.S.A., F.G.S., &c. 8vo. engravings,

38 6d 174 CALEDONIA ROMANA; a Descriptive Account of the

Roman Antiquities of Scotland; preceded by an introductory view of the aspect of the Country, and state of its Inhabitants in the First Century of the Christian Era, and by a Summary of the Historical Transactions connected with the Roman Occupation of North Britain. By ROBERT STUART, 4to. many fine plates, plates, 188

“ An able and highly readable (and cheap) volume on the transactions of the Romans in Scotland, and the remains they have left behind them in that part of the island. The little that is known of the acts of the Romans in Scotland, and of the state of the people in that age, is stated by Mr. Stuart in a graceful and flowing narrative. ... The view which he gives of the conntry, at the time when it was yet a sylvan wilderness, occupied by tribes not much different from those of Missouri and Araucania, is like a chapter in some beautiful romance. The roads and camps are all traced carefully, even unto Ptoroton and Bona, (Burghead and Loch Ness, and an ample chapter at the end is devoted to the wall of Antoninus. The scholar has here a satisfactory account of the Roman Antiquities of Scotland, illustrated by numerous draughts (in Lithography); while the general reader is presented with a work which he may peruse for the sake of its information,

without ever feeling it in the least dull."-Chambers's Journal. 175 A VERBATIM Report of the Proceedings at a Special Ge

neral Meeting of the British Archæological Association, held at the Theatre of the Western Literary Institution, 5th March, 1845, T. J. Pettigrew in the Chair. With an Introduction, by THOMAS WRIGHT, 8vo. sewed, ls 6d


port of the Proceedings and Excursions of the Members of the British Archæological Association, at the Canterbury Session, Sept. 1844. By A. J. DUNKIN, thick 8vo. with many engravings, cloth, £1. 18

“ The volume contains most of the papers entire that were read at the Meeting, and revised by the Authors. It will become a scarce book as only 150 were printed; and it forms the first yearly volume of the

Archæological Association, or the Archæological Institute. 177 HISTORY of the Origin and Establishment of Gothic Ar

chitecture, and an Inquiry into the mode of Painting upon and Staining Glass, as practised in the Ecclesiastical Structures of the Middle Ages. By John SIDNEY HAWKINS,

F.A.S., royal 8vo. eleven plates, bds. 38 6d (pub. at 128) 178 ACCOUNT of the Sextry Barn at Ely, lately Demolished.

With Architectural Illustrations by ProFESSOR Willis, 4to. plates, 38

(Camb. Antiq. Soc.) 179 ARCHITECTURAL Nomenclature of the Middle Ages. By Professor Willis, 4to. 3 plates, 78

(ibid.) 180 REPORT of the First, Second, and Third General Meetings

of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society, 8vo. 1s each (ibid.) 181 EPITAPHS. A Collection of Epitaphs and Monumental

Inscriptions, chiefly in Scotland, 12mo. bds. 58

The most extensive collection ever published relating to Scotland; it contains an entire reprint of the rare work entitled “ Monteith's Theatre of Mortality, 1704."


182 COINS of the Romans relating to Britain, De


scribed and Illustrated. By J. Y. AKERMAN, F.S.A., Secretary to the Numismatic Society, &c. Second edition, greatly enlarged, 8vo. with plates and woodcuts, cloth, 10s 6d

The Prix de Numismatique' has just been awarded by the French Institute to the author for this work.

“Mr. Akerman's volume contains a notice of every known variety, with copious illustrations, and is published at a very moderate price : it should be consulted, not merely for these particular coins, but also for facts most valuable to all who are interested in the Romano-British

hi-tory.”—Archeological Journal. 183 ANCIENT Coins of Cities and Princes, Geographically

arranged and described, HISPANIA, GALLIA, BRITANNIA. By J. Y. AKERMAN, F.S.A., 8vo. with engravings of many hundred coins from actual examples, cloth, 188

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