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Page 29, for usser, usse, ussum, usses, ussa read ússer, ússe &c.

51, l. 3, for read hange, hó.
52, for geong read geúng.

66, l. 12, for peow, þeowen read þeów, þeówen, and accent þeów, and its derivatives elsewhere.

71, l. 3, for niwan read niwan, and accent niwe elsewhere. do. l. 19, for fíc-treow read fíc-trebw. 78, 1. 8, for Oder-healf read O'Her-healf. 79, 1. 3, 4, for axian read áxian, and accent the verb elsewhere, 83, 1. 11, for ehtan read éhtian or éltan, and accent elsewhere. 90, for úpp-on, inn-on, út-on read úppon &c. 100, for aðena, aðenede, aðenian read a-bena, a-benede, a-benian. 101, for lociað, locian read lóciat, lúcian, and accent elsewhere. 102, for un-fæle, fæle, fæl-s-ian read un-féle, féle, fél-s-ian. 103, 1. 1, for ge-drefede read ge-dréfede. 105, l. 14, for sacerdra read sacerda. 109, last but one, for sód-líce read sox-líce. 115, note 14, for herd read heed. 118, note 2, for (II. 1.) read (II. 2.) 126, note 9, for for líðan read for-líðan. 133, l. 8, for moton read múton. do. for teohhiad, teohhian read teóbhiad, teóbbian. 134, note 1, for Ut-a-springan read U't-a-springan. 138, 1. 5, for boded read bade. 143, for cyðše, cyfðu read cýfde, cý8ðu. 168, 1. 20, for birne read byrne (birne). 172, 1. 4, for she read the, who. 180, l. 23, for G. ans read Goth, ans. 183, l. 14, for keaven read heaven. 184, 1. 1, for imper. fyligde read imperf. fyligde.

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Manuscripts, illustating chiefly Early English Literature, and the English Language, edited by Wright and HalliWELL, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, £2. 2s—reduced to £1. 48

Containing communications by Ellis, Madden, Hunter, Bruce, Turnbull, Laing, Nichols, &c. But very few copies remain. Odd numbers may be had to complete sets at 28. each.

It contains a large number of pieces in Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, and Early English; it will be found of use to future Philologists, and to all who take an interest in the history of our language and lite

rature. 2 EARLY MYSTERIES; and other Latin Poems of the

XIIth and XIIIth Centuries, edited from original MSS. in the British Museum, and the Libraries of Oxford, Cambridge, Paris, and Vienna, by Thos. WRIGHT, M.A., F.S.A.

8vo. bds. 4s 6d 3 LATIN POEMS, commonly attributed to Walter de Mapes,

Archdeacon of Oxford in the XIIIth century, edited by
T. Wright, pp. 420, small 4to. cloth, 10s 60

(Camden Society.) The Appendix contains some very curious Translations of the Poems (many now first printed), in Anglo-Norman, French, Scotch, and

English, from the 13th to the 16th century. 4 AN ESSAY on the Origin, Progress, and Decline of Rhym

ing Latin Verse, with many specimens, by Sir Alex.

CROKE, post 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d-reduced to 38 5 POPULAR Treatises on Science, written during the Middle

Ages in Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, and English, 8vo. edited by Thos. WRIGHT, cloth, 48 6d

(Historical Society of Science) Contents :-- An Anglo-Saxon Treatise on Astronomy of the TENTH CENTURY, now first published from a MS. in the British Museum, with a translation ; Livre des Creatures, by Phillippe de Thaun; now first printed with a translation,(extremely valuable to the Philologist, as being the earliest specimens of the Anglo-Norman remaining, and explanatory of all the symbolical signs in early sculpture aud painting); the Bestiary of Phillippe de Thaun, with a translation; Fragment on Popular Science from the Early English dietrical Lives of the Saints, (the earliest piece of the kind in the English

Language.) 6 THE Anglo-Saxon Version of the Holy Gospels, edited by

B. THORPE, post 8vo. cloth, 98 6d

7 AN INTRODUCTION to Anglo-Saxon Reading : com

prising Ælfric's Homily on the Birthday of St. Gregory, with a copious Glossary, &c. by L. LANGLEY, F.L.S.,

12mo. cloth, 2s 6d 8 THE Homilies of Ælfric, with an English Translation by

THORPE, 7 parts—Poetry of the Codex Vercellensis, by KEMBLE-Anglo-Saxon Dialogues of Solomon and Saturn, by KEMBLE—altogether 9 parts, 8vo. £2. 108

(Ælfric Society.) 9 COMPENDIOUS Anglo-Saxon and English Dictionary,

by the Rev. JOSEPH BoswORTH, D.D., F.R.S., F.S.A.,

&c. in the press 10 ANECDOTA Literaria : a Collection of Short Poems in

English, Latin, and French, illustrative of the Literature and History of England in the XIIIth Century; and more especially of the Condition and Manners of the different Classes of Society, by T. Wright, M.A., F.S.A., &c. 8vo. cloth, only 250 printed, 78 6d

EARLY ENGLISH LITERATURE. 11 ESSAYS on Subjects connected with the LITE

ENGLAND in the Middle Ages, by THOMAS WRIGHT,
M.A., F.S.A., 2 stout vols. post 8vo. elegantly printed,
cloth, 168

Contents: - Essay I. Anglo-Saxon Poetry. II. Anglo-Norman Poetry. III. Chansons de Geste, or Historical Romances of the Middle Ages. IV. On Proverbs and Popular Sayings. V. On the AngloLatin Poets of the Twelfth Century. VI. Abelard and the Scholastic Philosophy VII. On Dr. Grimm's German Mythology. VIII. On the National Fairy Mythology of England. IX. On the Popular Superstitions of Modern Greece. X. On Friar Rush, and the Frolicsome Elves. XI. On Dunlop's History of Fiction. XII. On the History and Transmission of Popular Stories. XIII. On the Poetry of History. XIV. Adventures of Hereward the Saxon. XV. The Story of Eustace the Monk. XVI. The History of Fulke Fitzwarine. XVII. On the Popular Cycle of Robin Hood Ballads. XVIII. On the Conquest of Ireland by the Anglo-Normans. XIX. On Old English Political

Songs. XX. On the Scottish Poet Dunbar. 12 DICTIONARY of Archaic and Provincial Words, Obsolete

Phrases, Proverbs, and Ancient Customs, from the XIVth Century, forming a Key to the Writings of our Ancient Poets, Dramatists, and other Authors, whose works abound with allusions of which explanations are not to be found in the ordinary books of reference, by JAMES ORCHARD HALLIWELL, F.R.S., F.S.A., &c. 8vo. Vol. 1. containing 480 pages, closely printed in double columns, £1. 1s

“ This promises to be a most useful work. Mr. Halliwell is, we must acknowledge, as well qualified, by industry, ability, and previous study, to be the editor, as any man living. We could indeed easily name a dozen persons, each of whoin would be better qualified for particular departments, but not one who, including the whole range embraced by the title, would have the ability and energy to go through all the drudging duties of the office more satisfactorily. It is a work,however, that, in the first instance, must be imperfect. We hold, therefore, that every English scholar should have an interleaved copy, that he may contribute a something towards improving a second edition, The first number appears to have been carefully compiled; but we are not inclined to seek very curiously for faults in a work of such obvious difficulty, when, even if it be imperfect, it cannot fail to be useful."

Atheneum. 13 POLITICAL Songs of England, from the Reign of King

John to that Edward II., edited and translated by T.
WRIGHT, small 4to. pp. 426-cloth, 88 6d

(Camden Society.) 14 SPECIMENS of Lyric Poetry, of the Reign of Edward I.,

edited by T. Wright, post 8vo. 48 60 (Percy Society.) 15 LIFE and Martyrdom of Thomas Becket, Archbishop of

Canterbury, from the Series of Legends by Robert of Gloucester; now first printed and edited by W. H. BLACK, post 8vo. 58

(ib.) 16 ST. BRANDRAN; a Medieval Legend of the Sea, in Eng

lish Verse and Prose, edited by T. WRIGHT, post 8vo. 38

(ib.) 17 THE Harrowing of Hell, a Miracle Play, written in the

Reign of Edward II., now first published from the Original in the British Museum, with a Modern Reading, Introduction, and Notes, by JAMES ORCHARD HALLIWELL, Esq. F.R.S., F.S.A., &c. 8vo. sewed, 28

This curious piece is supposed to be the earliest specimen of dramatic composition in the English language ; vide Hallam's Literature of Europe, Vol. I.; Strutt's Manners and Customs, Vol. II.; Warton's English Poetry ; Sharon Turner's England ; Collier's History of English Dramatic Poetry, Vol. II. p. 213. All these writers refer to the

Manuscript. 18 LUDUS COVENTRIÆ. A Collection of Mysteries for

merly represented at Coventry, on the Feast of Corpus Christi, edited, with Notes and Glossary, by J. O. HALLI

WELL, thick vol. 8vo. cloth, 128 (Shakespeare Society.) 19 THE CHESTER PLAYS. A Collection of Mysteries

founded upon Scriptural Subjects, and formerly represented by the Trades of Chester at Whitsuntide, edited by THOMAS WRIGHT, Vol. I., 8vo. cloth, 9s

(ib.) 20 OWL and the NIGHTINGALE, a Poem of the 13th Cen

tury, attributed to Nicholas de GUILDFORD; with some shorter Poems from the same MSS., edited by T. WRIGHT, post 8vo. 28 6d

(Percy Society.) 21 A SELECTION from the Minor Poems of Dan John

LYDGATE, edited by J. O. HALLIWELL, post 8vo. pp. 284, 98



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