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This volume contains a selection from the Proceedings of the MASSACHUSETTS HISTORICAL SOCIETY, beginning with the monthly meeting in April, 1873, and ending with the monthly meeting in March, 1875.

There are five illustrations in heliotype. At is a French caricature, furnished by our associate, Mr. APPLETON, who communicated some remarks respecting the original engraving. At page 126 are profile likenesses of General Washington and his brother John, from the original silhouettes. At page 191 is a facsimile page of John Adams's Diary relative to the Destruction of the Tea. At page 352 is the Zeno map, taken from an original, belonging to a copy of the Zeno narrative published in 1558, in the library of the late John Carter Brown, of Providence; and at page 405 will be seen a portrait of Governor Gore, taken from the original in the Society's Cabinet.

For the Committee of Publication.

Boston, 10 June, 1875.

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