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When lo! a sudden blast the vessel blew,

In a mountain-lake the agitations are often violent and momentary. The winds blow in gusts and eddies; and the water no sooner swells, than it subsides.-See BOURN's Hist. of Westmoreland.

P. 42, 1. 21.

To what pure beings, in a nobler sphere,

The several degrees of angels may probably have larger views, and some of them be endowed with capacities able to retain together, and constantly set before them as in one picture, all their past knowledge at once.-LOCKE.

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Introduction-Ringing of bells in a neighbouring Village on the Birth of an Heir—General Reflections on Human Life-The Subject proposed-Childhood- Youth— Manhood-Love-Marriage-Domestic Happiness and Affliction-War-Peace-Civil Dissension-Retirement from active Life-Old Age and its Enjoyments— Conclusion.

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THE lark has sung his carol in the sky;
The bees have hummed their noon-tide harmony.
Still in the vale the village-bells ring round,
Still in Llewellyn-hall the jests resound:

For now the caudle-cup is circling there,

Now, glad at heart, the gossips breathe their prayer,

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