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is exalted. So that, He, that trusteth in the Lord, he is blessed; whereas, he, that trusteth in his own heart, is a fool: and it is a vain thing to boast thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day will bring forth. Pr. xviii. 14. xxviii. 1. xxiv. 10. xxix. 25. xviii. 14. xxviii. 1. iii. 5. iii. 6. xvi. 3. xiv. 32. xiii. 12. xxviii. 25. xvi. 3. iii. 6. xxx. 5. xxi. 31. xviii. 12. xvi. 20. xxviii. 26. xxvii. 1.

Patience is, not to refuse the chastening of the Lord, neither to be grieved with his correction: The patient man, in the day of wealth is of good comfort, and in the day of affliction considereth, God also hath made this contrary to that, that man should find nothing after him, whereof to complain: knowing that the Lord correcteth whom he loveth; and that the patient abiding of the righteous shall be gladness: Contrarily, the heart of the fool fretteth against the Lord; he is careless, and rageth: but to what purpose? Man cannot strive with him, that is stronger than he; yea, rather, the man, that hardeneth his neck when he is rebuked, shall suddenly be destroyed, and cannot be cured: In respect of men's injuries. He saith not, I will recompence evil; but waits upon the Lord, and he shall save him. In which regard, the patient in spirit that suffers, is better than the proud of spirit that requites. Pr. iii. 11. Ec. vii. 16. Pr. iii. 12. x. 28. xix. 3. Ec. vi. 10. Pr. xxix, 1. xx. 22. Ec. vii, 10.

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In all well ordered governments there are degrees, A higher than the highest, and yet a higher than they: and these, of God's appointment; not only in the inferior ranks, The rich and poor meet, and the Lord is the maker of them all but in the supreme, By me kings reign (saith Wisdom) and Princes decree justice: and not they only, but the nobles and all the judges of the earth; so it is a just wonder, that the grasshoppers have no king, yet they go forth by bands. And, as no king is a judgment, so many for, Because of the transgression of the land, there are many princes; many, not only in frequent succession, but in society of regiment. Ec. v. 7. Pr. ii. 22. viii. 15. viii. 16. xxx. 27. xxviii. 2.

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A KING must be high; as in place, so in blood: Blessed art thou, O land, when thy king is the son of nobles; not of any servile condition; for nothing can be more uncomely, than for a servant to have rule over princes: and it is a monster in state, to see servants ride on horses, and princes (of blood) to walk as servants on the ground: neither more monstrous than intolerable. There are. three things for which the earth is moved, yea four which it cannot sustain whereof one is, A servant when he reigneth. Ec. x. 17. Pr. xix. 10. Ec. x. 17. Pr. xxx. 21. xxx. 22.

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AND as his blood is heroical, so his disposition; not lascivious, What, O my son of my desires, give not thy strength to women, nor thy ways: But why should he withhold from his eyes whatsoever they can desire, and withdraw his heart from any joy? why may he not have all the delights of the sons of men: as women taken captive; as queens and concubines, and damsels without number? This is to destroy kings: He shall find more bitter than death the woman whose heart is as nets and snares. ther in wine for It is not for kings to drink wine, nor for princes Not riotously excessive; whestrong drink: What not at all? To him alone is it not said, Go eat thy bread with joy, and drink thy wine with a cheerful heart? who should eat or drink, or haste to outward things more than he? not immoderately: so as he should drink and forget the decree, and change the judgment of all the children of affliction or in meat: for, Woe be to thee, O land, when thy princes eat in the morning: and if he be not the master of his appetite, his dainty meats will prove deceivable. Not hollow, not double in speeches, in profession: The lip of excellency becomes not a fool; much less, lying talk a prince. Not childish: Woe to thee, O land, whose king is a child: not so much in age, which hath sometimes proved successful; but in condition. Not imprudent, not oppressing; two viccs conjoined: A prince destitute of understanding, is also a great oppressor. And, to conclude, in all or any of these, not wilfully inflexible: A poor and wise child is better than an old and foolish king, that will no more be monished. Pr. xxxi. 2, 3. Ec. ii. 10. ii. 8. Can. vi. 7. Pr. xxxi. 3. Ec. vii. 28. Pr. xxxi. 4. Ec. ix. 7. ii. 25. Pr. xxxi. 5. Ec. x. 16. Pr. xxiii. 2. xxiii. 3. xvii. 7. Ec. x. 16. Pr. xxviii. 16. Ec. iv. 13.

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