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2. How

many things are required of a Christian?


2. What are we bound to KNOW?

A. God and Ourselves.

2. What must we know of God?

A. What one he is, and what he hath done.

2. What is God?

A. He is one Almighty and Infinite Spirit, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

2. What bath he done?

A. He hath made all things: he governeth and preserveth all things; and hath eternally decreed how all things shall be done; and hath revealed his will to us in his Word.

2. What more must be known concerning God and his actions? A. That God the Son, Jesus Christ, took our nature upon him, died for our redemption, rose again, and now liveth gloriously in heaven, making intercession for us.

2. Thus much concerning God: what must we know of Ourselves?

A. What we were, what we are, and what we shall be.

2. What were we ?

A. We were made at first perfect and happy, according to God's image, in knowledge, in holiness, in righteousness.

2. What are we?

A. Ever since the fall of our first parents, we are all naturally the sons of wrath, subject to misery and death: but those, whom God chooseth out to himself, are in part renewed through grace, and have the image of God in part repaired in them.

2. What shall we be?

A. At the general resurrection of all flesh, those, which were in part renewed here, shall be fully perfected and glorified in body and soul: those, which have lived and died in their sins, shall be judged to perpetual torments.

2. Thus much for our Knowledge: now, for our PRACTICE, What is required of us?

4. Due obedience and service of God; both in our ordinary course of Life, and also in the special exercise of his Worship.

2. What is that obedience, which is required of us in the ordinary course of our Life?

A. It is partly prescribed us by the Law, and partly by the Gospel.

2. What doth the Law require?

4. The Law, contained in Ten Commandments, enjoineth us all piety to God, and all justice and charity to our neighbour. 2. What doth the Gospel require?

A. Faith in the Lord Jesus, with the fruit of it, Repentance; as our only remedy for the breach of the Law.

2. What is Faith?

A. The affiance of the soul upon Christ Jesus, depending upon him alone for forgiveness and salvation.

2. What is Repentance?

A. An effectual breaking off our old sins with sorrow and detestation, and an earnest purpose and endeavour of contrary obedience.

2. Thus much of our obedience in the whole course of life: What are the services required more specially in the immediate exercises of God's Worship?

A. They are chiefly three: first, Due hearing and reading the Word: secondly, Receiving the Sacraments: thirdly, Prayer. 2. Which call you the Word of God?

A. The Holy Scriptures, contained in the Old and New Testa


2. How many Sacraments are there?

A. Two: Baptism, and the Lord's Supper.

2. What is the use of Baptism?

A. By water washing the body, to assure us that the blood of Christ, applied to the soul of every believer, cleanseth him from his sins.

2. What is the use of the Lord's Supper?

4. To be a sign, a seal, a pledge unto us, of Christ Jesus given for us, and given to us.

2. What signifies the Bread and Wine?

A. The body and blood of Christ, broken and poured out for our redemption.

2. What is required of every receiver?

4. Upon pain of judgment, that he prepare himself by exami


2. Whereof must a man examine himself?

A. Whether he find in himself, first, Competent knowledge; secondly, A true, though weak, Faith; thirdly, Unfeigned repentance for his sins; fourthly, Charity and readiness to forgive; fifthly, A hungering desire to this Sacrament; sixthly, A thankful heart for Christ, and it.

2. What is Prayer?

A. A calling upon God through Christ for a supply of all our wants, and praising him for all his blessings.

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