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Welcome Yule, thou merry man,
In worship of this holy day.

Welcome be thou, heaven-king,
Welcome born in one morning,
Welcome for whom we shall sing,

Welcome Yule.

Welcome be ye, Stephen and John,
Welcome Innocents, every one,
Welcome Thomas Martyr one,

Welcome Yule.

Welcome be ye, good New Year, Welcome Twelfth Day, both in fere,* Welcome saintés left and dear,

Welcome Yule.

Welcome be ye, Candlemas,
Welcome be ye, Queen of Bliss,
Welcome both to more and less,

Welcome Yule.



† Loved.

Welcome Yule.


Welcome be ye that are here,
Welcome all and make good cheer;
Welcome all, another year,
Welcome Yule.

Ritson's Ancient Songs.



As Joseph was a-walking,

He heard an angel sing: “This night shall be born

Our Heavenly King;

“ He neither shall be born

In housen nor in hall,
Nor in the place of Paradise,

But in an ox's stall;

“ He neither shall be clothéd

In purple nor in pall, But all in fair linen,

As we were babies all.

“He neither shall be rocked

In silver nor in gold, But in a wooden cradle

That rocks on the mould.

“He neither shall be christened

In white wine nor in red, But with fair spring-water

With which we were christenéd."

[blocks in formation]

Mother and maiden

Was never none but she;
Well may such a lady
God's mother be.

Wright's Songs and Carols.

* Matchless.

+ Chose.

| As.


Remember, O thou Man,
O thou Man, O thou Man;
Remember, O thou Man,

Thy time is spent.
Remember, O thou Man,
How thou camest to me then,
And I did what I can,

Therefore repent.

Remember Adam's fall,
O thou Man, O thou Man;
Remember Adam's fall

From Heaven to Hell.
Remember Adam's fall,
How we were condemned all
To Hell perpetual,

There for to dwell.

Remember God's goodness,
O thou Man, O thou Man;
Remember God's goodness

And promise made.
Remember God's goodness,
How His only Son He sent
Our sins for to redress,

Be not afraid.

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