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be wondered that my heart grew to him, and that I became unhappy with desire of a situation aboard his frigate. As propitious fortune would have it, he took an equal fancy for me, and noting the violence of my marine propensity, he interceded with my father, and offered to give me a birth, and a share at mess, during his cruise, and offered me all possible facilities for seeing the country, without putting me or mine to any ex. pense, except for the necessary outfit. As this course of travel would not require much disbursement, and as my habits were by this time quite confirmed, the kind old gentleman was persuaded to let me go.

• Well, Ned,' said he, one morning, after breakfast, and a tear stood in his eye, · l’ve traded you off. You may go with your uncle. He has been begging, and hammering me, fortnight, and last night he offered me a quarter cask of Juno, and said he would take good care of you, and watch over your behavior aud so forth, and so I told him he might have you. There, the secret is broken.'

6. So is my heart,' said my mother, sobbing.

“. So is his coffee-cup,' chuckled the old gentleman, pointing to the fragments, which my surprise and delight had strewn upon the floor.

" • Remeinber now, my son,' continued the old gentleman, and then he read me a lecture containing the essence of all that Solomon ever said to Rehoboam, with the addition of a digest of the more modern maxims of parental wisdom, down to the date of the discourse. It was a precious mixture. I took it with all becoming meekness, and in the agitation and affliction produced by the notification that I 'soon should be on the boundless ocean, far, far from the tender watchfulness of parental kindness,' I stuck my fingers into my mouth, and then applied their watery ends to my eyes ;-not anticipating

the dialogue, I was unprovided with an onion. The old gentleman at last got through, finishing with an injunction that really made me cry, because I did not dare to laugh.

Not least of all,' said he, 'be thankful for being born in a country, where you, though only a private citizen, and one possessed of no peculiar merit, may accomplish your travels as a passenger on board a public ship. It doesn't cost any thing. Uncle Sam pays the whole shot; and you can go to Dan, and Beersheba, and all the other cities up the Mediterranean, and write your travels, and I shall not be out of pocket a penny. I shan't have to advance you a cent. That's what I look at.'

Sponge! thought I, a little startled, but I prudently kept my peace.

“ The rest of the discourse,-the parting,—the sailing, the deep, deep sea, -whales,-water-spouts,-Cape St. Vincent,-hurricane,-chicken-coop, and two men overboard, Gibraltar,—duel between two midshipmen,-monks of Palermo,— Mount Ætna,-earthquake of Catania,—Dromio of Syracuse, -Cape Matapan,-Bozzaris,-Greek pirates,-Colossus of Rhodes, -Smyrna,--and so forth, I


Suffice it to say, that we finally arrived in the Levant, and cast our cable in the neighborhood of Cyprus.”

“ Cypress ? Cypress ?” asked Venus Raynor. What, any relation to our Mr. Cypress here ?''

“ No, no; near the island of Cyprus. Cyprus ! beautiful isle! In what glorious majesty stood thy old Olympus. How fragrantly from thy hills came down the odor of thy orangegroves and grape-vines, mingling with the wind-borne scent of thy hyacinths, and anemonies ! Land of generous wine, and glowing beauty! Birthplace of Venus !"

VOL. 1.-7


“Hullow, Ned! hullow! what's thee up to now?” cried Oliver.

“It's a lie," pronounced master Peter. 6. Venus was born at Raynor South. I knowed his father. Have my doubts it's a lie.”

“ That's what the family Bible says,” muttered the namesake of the goddess, getting a little angry.

“Don't bother me, you fool,” said Ned, snappishly, and putting his hand over Peter's mouth. “I did nt mean this he Venus ; no, but her, the queen of beauty, the mother of love, Paphia,—Cytherea,- Aphrodite, -emerging from old ocean's


" Emersam ex undis Venerem,' as Stephanus Forcatulus hath it, Ned,” I took the liberty of suggesting ; fearing that he would tire out the boys with his raptures. "I thought it was Cythera, where the zephyrs carried the foam-born goddess. You had better go on with the story. How far is it to the Lanjan Empire ?"

“Pardon, pardon, boys, for rearing up, and caracoling, in this irregular fashion. No, Cypress, Cyprus. Only Hesiod says Cythera. And you, certainly, won't put his . theogony' in competition with the judicious Tully's de natura Deorum.' -I will try, now, to be less episodical. But whenever I think of Cyprus, my bosom swells with the same feelings that half overwhelmed me when first I breathed the air from its beautiful shore ; and my heart jumps within my body just as my legs did upon the upper deck of the Winnipissiago, when young Bob Shelley, a midshipman, for whom I had formed the fondest friendship, was relieved from his watch, and came up where I was listlessly lounging.

«• We'll go ashore to-night, Bob,' said I, rubbing my hands between my knees, "and taste some Cyprian

“No; nor wine nor women,' interrupted Bob, despondingly. The old man has given orders that not a soul quit ship to-night. All shore-boats are to be prohihited from approaching within thiriy yards.'

• Why, the dd old tyrant! what's in the wind now?' "Can't say ;-should'nt be surprised if we were off to the coast of Africa before morning : you now his way.'

" • Well, well; I'll go ashore ;-yes,' said I, at that moment catching the eye of a Greek fisherman who was sculling upon the edge of the tabooed distance, and who seemed to understand our conversation and wishes ; “I'll be cursed if I don't go ashore. Dare you go along ? When is your next watch;


steal two or three hours.' “' I may. I-may. But we must wait until night; we would be observed now. It will soon be dark.'

“ As Bob spoke, we observed the skiff of the fisherman glide swiftly towards the ship, and her minute figure was soon lost under the shade of our giant stern. The tongue is not the only maker of assignations. My eyes met those of Palinurus once more, and we had a perfect understanding upon the subject of our wished-for visit to the shore.

“ Night came, and we found our wily Cypriot under the fore-chains; and we were soon at a miniature little city, built upon a promontory, that jutted out towards the ship, and which seemed to welcome our approach by the louder swelling strains of various music, and happy-hearted laughter. That night—that night !-I cannot tell the incidents of that night now.-No-never-never. We got back safely, however, and, as good fortune would have it, undiscovered, and unsuspected. Not having been found out, I went to my hammock with a quiet conscience, as indeed, with such a consolation, after what had happened, I was bound to do, aboard the commodore's ship. The next morning, however, changed the face of affairs; the non-intercourse regulation was repealed, and free trade and sailors' rights let the crew ashore, and a dark-browed Frank, the keeper of the cassino, where we danced the night before, aboard. The old man was in his cabin. Bob ran up into the main-top, and I turned into

Bob was on the sick-list at his next watch. I myself was exceedingly disposed to be under the weather, and out of the way of recognition, and identification by the sorrow. ful host of the three spears.' But the next morning the ship stood away for the opposite coast of Africa, and we happily recovered. I got well just in time to see the devil in the old man's eyes, as I walked up towards him, in obedience to his

my nest.


««Sick! nephew, ha ?' he began, half frowning, half sneering. I felt sick at heart, indeed. But when he asked me what had made me sick, and I replied that I attributed it to eating too many Cyprian oranges, he shut his eyes half up, and glimmering at me, sidewise, he turned slowly upon his heel, rapped the rattan in his hand hard upon his leg, and walked away. I saw it was all over.

“ About six bells A. M., the officers, with myself, were all called aft.

“Gentlemen,' said the old man, looking black and digni. fied as an incipient thunder-squall, ' I regret that any individual under my command should disgrace the national flag, by riot, and violence in a foreign port; but much more do I regret that any officer of the Winnipissiago should so far forget his duty to his country, and his commander, as to break the order of the day.' Then he ripped out a few appropriate juramenta-juramentorum—that is, whoppers, boys. After letting off steam, he went ahead again.

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