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son of Careal, and Seraiah the son of Tan-l. 27. 1 And it came to pass, in the seven ano humeth the Netc phathite, and Jaazanial the thirtieth year of the captivity of Jehoiachir son of a Maachathite, they and their men. king of Judalı, in the livellih month, on the

24 And Gedalialı sware to them, and to seven and ewentieth day of the month, that their men, and said unto them, Fear not to Evil-merodacii king of Babylon, in the year be the servants of the Chaldres : dwell in the that he began to reign, did lift up the head land, and serve the king of Babylon, and it of Jehoiachin king of Judalı out of pri shall he well with you.

son ; 25 Cut it came to pass in the seventh 28 And he spake kindly to him, and set month, that limaelthe son of New.anialı

, the his throne above the throne of the kings that son of Elisbaina, of the seed royal, came, and were with lim in Babylon; tenmen with him, and smote Gedaliah, that be 29 And changed his prison-garments: and died, and the Jews and the Chaldees that he did eat bread continually before him ali were with him at Mizpah.

the days of bis life. 26 And all the people, both small and 30 Ånd his allowance was a continual algreat, and the captains of the armies, arose, lowarce give: him of the king, a daily raie and came to Egypt; for they were afraid of for every day, all the days of his life. the Chaldees.


[ The First Bock of the CHRONICLES. CHAP. I.

24 9 Shem, Arphaxad, Shclah,

25 Eher, Peleg, Réu, ADAM, Sheth, Enosti

, 2 Kenan, Mabalaleel. Jered,

26 Serug, Nabor, Terah, 3 Henoch, Methuselahi, Lamech,

27 Abram; the same is Abraham. 4 Noah, Shem, Ilam, and Japheth. 28 The sons of Abraham; Isaac, and Isb

51 The sons of Japheth; Gomer, and Ma- mael. gog, and Medai, and Javan, and Tubal, and 29 ^ These are their generations : The Meshech, and Tiras.

first-born of Islımael. Nebaioth; then Kediri 6 And the sons of Gomer; Ashchenaz, and and Adbeel, and Milsam, Riphath, and Togarmalı.

30 Mishma, and Dumal, Massa, Hadad, 7 And the sons of Javan, Elishalı, and and Tema, Tarslish, Kittim, and Dodanim.

31 Jetur, Naphish, and Kedeinah. Then 8 11 The sons of Ham; Cusli, and Miz- are the sons of Ishmael. raim, Put, and Canaan.

32 | Now the sons of Keturah, Abraham' 9 And ile sons of Cush ; Seba, and Ha-concubine: she bare Zimran, and Jokshan vilajı, and Sabta, and Raamah, and Sable- and Medan, and Midian, and Islobak, and cha. And the sons of Raamal; Sheba, and Shuah. And the sous of Jokslian ; Sheba Dedan.

and Dedan. 10 And Cush begat Nimrod : he began to 33 And the sons of Midian ; Epliah, and be mighty upon the earth.

Epher, and Penoch, and Abida, and Eldaah il And Mizraim begat Ludim, and Ana- All these are the sons of Kelurah. mim, and Lehabim, arı Naphiuhim, 31 ! And Abraham begat Isaac. The song

12 And Patnrusiin, and Caslubim, (of whom of Isaac; Esau, and Israel. came the Philistine,) and Captılınrim. 35 The sons of L.saw; Eliphaz, Reuel, and

13 And Canaan begat Zidon bus firs! horn, Jeush, and Jaalam, and Koralı. and Heth,

36 The sons or Eliphaz : Teman, and 14 The Jebusite also, and the Amorite, and (mar, Zephi, and Gatam, kenaz, and Tim. the Girgashite,

na, and Amalek. 15 And the Hivite, and the Arkile, and the 37 Tlie sous of Reuel ; Nalathi, Zerah, Sinite,

Shaminali, and Mizzah. 16 And the Arvadite, and the Zemarite, 39 | And the sons of Seir ; Lotan, and and the Hamachile.

Shobal, and Zibeon, and Anal, and Dislion, 17 The sons of Shein ; Elam, and As. and Ezer, and Dishan. slar, and Arphaxad, and Lud, and Aram, 39 And the sons of Louan; Hori, and Ho and Uz, and Hul, and Gether, and Meshech. mam: and Timna was Lotan's sister.

18 And Arplaxad begat Shelali, and Sbe- 40 The sons of Shobal ; Alian, and Ma. lah hegat Eber.

nahath, and Ebal, Shephi, and Onam. And 19 And unto Eher were born two sons; the the sons of Zibeon ; Aiali, and Anab. name of the one was Peleg, (because in his 41 The sons of Anab ; Dislion, And the days the earth was divided,) and his brother's sons of Dishon; Amram, and Eslihan, and naine was Joktan.

libran, and Cheran. * And Joktan begat Almodad, and She- 42 The sons of Ezer: Biilian, and Zavan, leph, and Hazarmaveth, and Jerah, and Jakan. The sons of Dishan; Uz, and 21 Hadoram also, and Uzal, and Diklah, Aran. 22 And Ebal, and Abimae, and Sheha, 43 1 Now 1l.ese are the kings that reignea 23 And Ophir, and Havilalı, and Jotab. in the land of Edom before any king reignAll these were the sons of Joktau.

led over the children of Israel • Bela the son

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of Beor : and the name of his city was Dino 14 Nethaneel the fourth, Raddai the fift, hahah.

15 Ozem the sixth, David the seventh : 44 And when Bela was dead, Johah, the 16 Whose sisters were Zeruial, and Abi. son of Zerah of Bozrah, reigned in his stead. gail. And the sons of Zeruialı; Abishai, and

-15 And when Jobab was dead, Hustiain, Joa!), and Asaliel, three. of the land of the Temanites, reigned in bis 17 And Abigail bare Amasa : and the fa. stead.

ther of Amasa ius Jether the Islimaelite. 46 And when Huslam was dead, Hadad 18 | And (aleb the son of Hezron begat the son of Bedad (wlich smote Midian in the children of Azubalı his wife, and of Jerioth: tiell of Moals) reigned in his stead : and the her sons are these; Jesher, and Sl:obab, and name of his city wir Ivith.

Ardon. 47 And when Hadad was dead, Samlah 19 And wlien Azubali was dead, Caleb took of Masrekah reigned in his stead. unto lim Epbrath, which bare liim Hur.

43 And when Samlalı was dead, Shaul or 20 And Hur begat Uri, and Uri begat Be. Rehobotli by the river reigned in lois stead. zaleel.

49 And when Shaul was dead, Baal-banan 211 And afterward Hezron went in to the the son of Achbor reigned in his stead. danghter of Machir, the father of Gilead,

50 And when Baal-hanan was dead, Ha- whovo he married when he was threescore dad reigned in his slead: and the name of years old, and she bare bim Seguh. nis city wus Pai; and his wife's name was 29 And Seguh begai Jair, who had three Mehetabel, the daughter of Matred, the and twenty cities in the land of Gilead. daugliler or Mezahab.

25 And he took Geshur, and Aram, with 51 11 Hadad died also. And the dukes of the towns of Jair, from tliem, with Kenath, Edom were; duke Tinnah, duke Alialı, and the towns thereof, eren direcsrore cities: duke Jethethi,

all these belonged to the sons of Machir, the 52 Duke Aholibamah, duke Elah, duke father of Gilead. Pinon,

24 And after that Hezron was dead in Ca53 Duke Kenaz, duke Teman, duke Mil- leb-ephratah, then Abialı, Hezron's wife, zar,

bare lin Aslur the father or Tekoa. 54 Duke Magdiel, duke Iram. These arel 5.1 And the sons of Jerahmeel, the firstthe dukes of Edom.

born of liezron, were Ram the first born, and CHAP. II.

Bunah, and Oren, and Ozem, onul Abijah.

20 Jerahineel had also another wife, wliose Simeon, Levi, and Judalı, Issachar, and name was Ataral: she was the mother of Zebulun,

Onam. 2 Dan, Joseph, and Benjamin, Naphtali, 27 And the sons of sam, the first-born of Gad, and Asher.

Jeralmeel, were Maaz, and Jamin, and 3 The sons of Judah ; Er, and Onan, Eker. aad Shelal, which three were born wito 28 And the sons of Onam were Shammai, him of the daughter of Shuah the Canaan- and Jarla. And the sons of Shammai ; Na itess. And Er, the first-born of Judah, was dab, and Abishur. evil in tlie sight of the LORD, and he siew 29 And the name of the wife of Abilur uas him.

Abihail, and she bare him Abban, and Molid. 4 And Tamar lis daughter-in-law bare 30 And the sons of Nadab; Seled; and bin Pharez, and Zerahı. All the sons of Ju- Appaim; but Seled died without children. dah sere fire.

31 And the sons of Alpaim; Ishi. And the 5 The sons of Pharez; llezron, and Ha- sons of Isli ; Shesian. And the chillren of mul.

Sheshan; Ahlai. 6 And the sons of Zeralı; Zimri, and 32 And the sons of Jada, the brother of Ethan, and Heman, and Calcol, and Dara : Shammai ; Jether, and Jonathan : aud JeSve of them ip all.

ther died without chillren. 7. And the sons of Carini; Aclar, the 33 And the sons of Jonathan ; Peleth, and boubler of Israel, wlio transgressed in the Zaza. These were the sons of Jeraluneel. thing accursed.

34 1 Now Sheshau had no sons but dargh. 3 And the sons of Ethan ; Azariah. ters; and Sheshan had a servant, an Egyp

9 The sons also of Hezron, that were born uan, whose name uus Jarha. unto him ; Jeraimeel, and Ram, ard Chie- 35 And Sbeshan gave his dangliter to Jarlja Jubai.

his servant to wise, and she bare him duai." 10 And Ram begat Amminadab; and Am- 36 And A:tai begat Nallian, and Nathan minadab begat Nalishon, prince of the cliil. ingat Zahad, dren of Judalı;

37 And Zabad begat Ephlal, and Epla 11 And Nahishon begai Salma, and Salmajvegat Obed, begat Boaz,

38 And Obed begat Jelu, and Jeliu begat 12 And Boaz begat Ohed, and Obed begat Azarial, Jesse.

39 And Azariah begat Helez, and Helez 13! And Jesse begat his first-born Eliab, begat Eleasan, And Abinadab the second, and Shimina the 40 And Eleasalı begat Sisamai, and Sistir third,

Imai begat Shallum,

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41 And Shallum begat Jekamiah, and Je-l the sons of the concubines, and Tamar kamiah begat Elishama.

+? Now the sons of Caleh, the brother of 10 9 And Solomon's son was Rehoboam, Jerahmeel, were Meslia his first-born, which Abia his son, Asa bis son, Jelioshiaphat his was the father of Ziph ; and the sons of Ma- son, reshali, the father of Hebron.

U Joram his son, Ahaziah his son, Joash 43 And the sons of Hebron : Korali, and his son, Tappuah, and Rekein, and Shema.

12 Amaziah his son, Azariah his son, Jon 44 Aud Sliema hegat Raham, the father tham his son, of Jorkoam; and Rekem begat Shammai, 13 Ahaz his son, Hezekiah his son, Maras.

45 And the son of Shammai was Maon : seh his son, and Maon rus the father of Beth-zur. 14 Amon his son, Josiah his son.

46 And Ephali, Caleb's concubine, bare 15 And the sous of Josiab were, the first Haran, and Moza, and Gazez: and Haran horn Jolianan, the second Jehoiakim, the begat Gazez.

third Zedekiah, the fourth Shallum. 47 And the sons of Jaldai; Regem, and 16 And the sons of Jelioiakim ; Jeconiah Jothain, and Gieslian, and Pelet, and Ephalı, bis son, Zedekiah his son. and Shaaph.

17 1 And the sons of Jeconiah, Assir ; Sa49 Jaachah, Caleb's concubine, bare She- lathiel his son, ber, and Tirhanah.

18 Malchiram also, and Pedaiali, and She 49 She bare also Shaaph the father of Mad- nazar, Jecamianı, Hoshama, and Nedabiah mannah, Sleva the father o? Machbenah, and 19 And the sons of Pedaiah were Zerubba the father of Gibea: and the daughter of Ca-bel, and Shimei: and the sons of Zerubba .eh wis Achsah.

bel; Mesimllam, and Hananiali, and Shelo 50 9 Tliese were the sons of Caleb the son mich their sister: of Hur, the first-born of Ephratan; Shobal 20 And Hashubah, and Obel, and Berechj the father of Kirjath-jearim,

ah, and Hasadialı, Jushab-hesed, five. 51 Salına the father of Beth-lehcin, Harcph 21. And the sons of Hananiah ; Pelatiah, the father of Beti-gader.

and Jesaialı: the sons of Rephaiah, the sons 52 And Shobal, the father of Kirjath-jra- of Arnan, the souls o Obadialı, the sons of rim, liad sons; Haroel, anul half of the Ma- Sbechaniah. nalet:ites.

92 And the sons of Shechaniah ; Shemaiah 5:3 And the families of Kirjath-jearim; the and the sons of Shemaiah; Hatiush, and Ithrites, and the Pulites, and the Shumath. Igeal, and Barial, and Nearial, and Sha ites, and the Mishraites: of them came the pliat, six. Zareathites, and the Eshtaulites.

23 And the sons of Neariah ; Elioenai, ang 51 The sons of Salma; Beih-lehem, and Hezekiah, and Azrikam, !hree. the Netophathites, Alaroth, the house of Joab, 24 And the sons of Elioenai were Hodaiah and hall of the Manahethites, the Zorites. and Eliashib, and Pelaiah, and Akkub, alia

55 And the sainilies of the scribes which Johanan, and Dalaiah, and Anani, seven. dwelt at Jahez; the Tirathiles, the Shimea

CHAP. IV. thites, and Suchathites. These are the ke


VIE sons of Judalı; Pharez, Hezron, and nites that came of Hemath, the father of the Carmi, and Hur, and Shobal. house of Rechab.

2 And Reaiah the son of Slobal begat Ja. CHIP. III.

hath ; and Jalath begat Alumai and Lalad Nowe beste were the songs of David, which, Toge se ore de camilies of bloer Zorabites. born Amnes, of Abinoam the Jezreelitess; Jezreel, and Ishma, and lobash ; and the the second, Daniel, of Abigaii the Carme-name of their sister was Hazelelponi : litess ;

4 And l'enueltbe father of Gedor, and Ezer 9 The third, Absalom, the son of Maachah, the father of Husliah. These are the sons of the daughter of Talmai king of Geshur; the Hur, the first-born of Ephratalı, the father of fourth, Achonijah, the son of Haggith ;. Beth-leliem.

3 The fiftli, Sheplatial, of Abital ; the 5 ! And Ashuur, the father of Tekoa, had sixth, Ithream, by Eglah his wife.

two wives, Helah and Naarah. 4 These six were born unto him in Hebron; 6 And Naarah bare livin Ahuzam, and and there lie reigned seven years and six Hepber, and Temeni, and Haahashiari. moahs : and in Jerusalem he reigned thirty These were the sons of Naarah. and three years.

7 And the sons of Ilelah were Zereth, and 5 And these were born unto him in Jerusa- Jezoar, and Ethnan. lein; Shimea, and Shobah, and Nathan, and 8 And Coz hegat Anuh, and Zobebak, and Solomon, lour, of Bath-shua the daughter of the families of Aharliel the son of Haruin. Ammiel:

99 And Jabez was more honourable than 6 Ibhar also, and Elishama, and Eliphelet, his brethiren: and his mother called his nama 7 And Nogan, and Nepheg, anu Japhia, Jabez, saying, Because I bare him with sor

8 And Elishama, and Eliada, and Eliphe-row, let, nine,

10 And Jabez called on the God of Israel 9 These were all the sons of David, besides saying, Ob that thou wouldest bless are in

deed, and enlarge my coast, and that thine 33 And all their villages that roere rouna hand might be with me, and that thou about the same cities, unto Baal. These were wuuldest keep me from evil, that it may not their habilations, ard their genealogy. grieve ine! And Gol granted bim that which 31 And Meshobab, and Jamlech, and Ja be requested

sbah the son of Amaziai, n And Chelub, the brother of Shuah, 3.5 And Joel, and Jehu ibe son of Josibiah, begat Melir, which was the father of Eshton. the son of Seraian, the son of Asiel,

12 And Eshton begat Beth-rapha, and Pa-| 36 And Elioenai, and Jaakobah, and leshospah, and Telianali the father of Irnahashi baiah, and Asaiah, and Adiel, and Jesimiel, These are the men of Rechah.

and Benaialı, 13 And the sons of Kenaz; Othniel, and 37 And Ziza the son of Shiphı, the son of Seraiah: and the sons of Othniel; Hathath. Allon, the son of Jedaiah, the son or Shimri,

1 And Meonothai bogat Oplerah: and Se the son of Shemaiah: raialı begat Joah, the father of the valley of 38 These mentioned by their names were Charashim ; for they were craftsmen. princes in their fanilies; and the house of

15 And the sons of Caleb the son of Jephun-their fathers increased greatly. geh ; Iru, Elah, and Naam: and the souls of 39 And they went to the entrance of Ge. Elahi, even kenaz.

dor, even unto the east side of the valley, 19 16 And the sons of Jehaleleel; Ziph, and seek pasture for their focks. Zipbali, Tiria, and Asareel.

40. And they found fat pasture and good, 17 And the sons of Ezra rere Jether, and and the land was wide, and quiet, and peace Mered, and Epher, and Jalon: and she bare able ; for they of Ham bad dweltibere of old. Miriam, and Shammai, and Isl:bah tie father 41 And these written by name came in the of Eshteinoa.

days of Hezekialı king of Jual, and smote 18 And his wife Jebudijah bare Jered the their lents, and the habitacions that were father of Gedor, and He!ver the father of So- found there, and destroyed them utterly unto cho, and Jekuthiel the father of Zanoals. And this day, and dweit in their rooms; because these are the sons of Bithia, the daugliter of there was pasture there for their flocks. Pharaoh, which Mered 100k.

42 And some of them, even of the sons of 19 And the sons of his wife Hudiah, the Simeon, five hundred men, went to mount sister of Naham, the father of Keilahthe Gar. Seir, having for their captains l'elatial, and mile, and Eshtemoa the Maachathile. Neariah, and Rephaiah, and Uzziel, the sons

20 Aud the sons of Shimon were Amnon, jon Ishi. and Rinnah, Ben-hanan, and Tilon. And the 43 And they smote the rest of the Amalek. sons of Ishi were Zoheth, and Ben-zoheth. lies that were escaped, and dwelt there unto

21 ! The sons of Shelah the son of Judalij is day. were Er, the father of Lecah, and Laadal

CHAP. V. ne house of them that wronglil fiue mine'ns of Now the sons of Reuben, the first-born of

Israel, (for he was the first-born ; but, ne house of Aslbea,

forasmuch as he defiled his father's bed, his And Jokim, and the men of Chózeba, birtlıright was given unto the sons of Joseph and Joasli, and Saraphi, who had the do- the son of Israel: and the genealogy is not to Binion in Moab, and Jashubi-lehem. And be reckoned after the birthright. these are ancient things.

2 For Judah prevailed above his bretliren, 23 These were the potters, and those that and of lim came the chief ruler ; but the dwelt among plants and liedges : there they birtlıright was Josepili's ;) dwelt with the king for liis work.

3 The sons, I say, of Reuben, the first-born 24 9 The sons of Simeon were Nemuel, of Israel, rere Hanoclı, aud Pallu, Hezron, and Jainin, Jarib, Zerah, and Shaul: and Carini. 2. Shallum his son, Mibsam his son,

Mish- 4 The sons of Joel; Shemaialı his son, Gog ma his son.

his son, Shemei his son, 26 And the sons of Mishma; Hamuel hisi 5 Micah his son, Reaia his son, Baal his son, Zaccliur luis son, Shimei bis son.

27 Ard Shimei had sixteen sons and six 6 Bcerah his son, whom Tilgath-pilneser daugliters; but his brethren had not many king of Assyria carried away captive : be children, neither did all their fainily multiply wus prince of the Reubenites. like to the children of Judah,

7 And his brethiren by their families, (when 28 And they dwelt at Beer-sliela, and the genealogy of their generations was reckMoladah, and Hazar-chual,

oned,) wer: the chief, Jeiel, and Zechariat.. 29 And at Bilhah, and at Ezem, and at 8 And Bela the son of Azaz, the son et Thlad,

Sliema, the son of Joel, who duelt in Aroer, 30 And at Bethuel, and at Flormal, and even unto Nebo and Baal-meon : at Ziklag,

9 Anci eastware he habited unto tlie en31 Anil at Besh-marcaboth, and Hazar-'tering in of the wilderness from the river Eu susim, and at Beth-birei, and at Shaaraim. phrates; because their caille were inultiplied These were their cities unto the reign of David. in the land of Gilead.

32 And their villages were Etain, and Ain, 10 And in the rays of Saulshoy made war Rimion, and Tochen, and Ashan,five cities; with the Hagarites, who fell by then haud

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and they dwelt in their lents throughout all| 2 And the sons of Kolazh ; Amram, izhar, the east land of Gilead.

and Hebron, and Uzziel 111 And the children of Gad dwell over 3 And the children of Amram; Aaron, and against them, in the land of Bastian, unto Moses, and Miriam. The sens also of Aaron: Salcah :

Nadab, and Abilu, Eleazar, and Ithamar. 12 Joel the chief, and Slapham the next, 41 Eleazar begat Phinelias, Phinehas be and Jaanai, and Shaphat in Bastian. gat Abishwa,

13 And their brethren, of the house o! 5 And A bishua begat Bukki, and Bukk their fathers, were Michael, and Meshullam, begat L'zzi, and Sheba, and Jorai, and Jachan, and Zia, 6 And L'zzi begat Zeraliiah, and Zeraliial: and Heber, seven.

begai Meraioli, 14 These are the children of Abihail the son 7 Meraioth begat Amariah, and Amariab of lluri, the son of Jaroah, the son of Gilead, begat Alitub, the son of Michael, the son of Jeslisliai, the 8 And Abitub bega. Zadok, and Zadok son of Jalıdo, the son of Buz;

begat Abimaaz, 15 Ali the son of Abdiel, the son of Guni, 9 And Abinaaz begat Azarialı, and Aza. chief of the liouse of their fathers.

rialı begat Johanan, 16 And they dwelt in Gilead in Bashan, 10 And Johanan begat Azarialı, (he it is and in her wwns, and in all the suburbs of that executed the priest's office in the teinple Sharon, upon their borders.

that Solomon built in Jerusalem,) 17 All these were reckoned by genealogies 11 And Azariah begat Amariah, and Amain the days of Jotham king of Judalı, and in rialı begat Abitub, the days of Jeroboam king of Israel.

12 And Aliitub begal Zadok, and Zadok 18 4 The sons of Reuben, and the Gadites, begat Shallum, and half the tribe of Manassehı, os valiant 13 And Shallum begat Hilkiah, and Hi men, men able to bear buckler and sword, kiah begat Azarialı, and to shoot with bow, and skilful in war, 11 Avd Azarial begat Seraiah, and Se. were four and forty thousand seven bundred aiali begat Jehozadak, and threescore, that went out to the war, 15 And Jebozadak went into captivity, when

19 And they made war with the Hagarites, the LORD carried away Judah and Jerusawith Jetur, aid Nephish, and Nodab. lemn by the hand of Nebuchadnezzar.

20 And they were lielped against them, 16 1 The sons of Levi; Gerslıom, Kobath, And tie Hagarites were delivered into their and Merari. hand, and all that were with them : for they 17 And these be the names of the sons of cried to (iod in the battle, and he was en-Gershıom ; Libni, and Shimei. treated of thein ; because they put their trust 18 And the sons of Koliath, were Amram, in him.

and Izhar, and Hebron and Uzziel. 2 And they took away their cattle; of 19 The sons of Merari ; Mabli, and Mushi. their carnels filly thousand, and of sleep two And these are the families of the Levites, achundred and fitiy thousand, and of asses two cording to their fatliers. thousand, and of inen an hundred thousand. 20 7 Of Gershomn; Libni his son, Jahath

22 For there fell down many slain, be- his son, Zimmah his son, cause the war was of God. And they dwell 21 Joal bis son, Iddo his son, Zerah bis in their steads until the captivity:

son, Jeaterai his son. 23 | And the children of the half-tribe of 22 11 The sons of Kohath; Amminadab huis Manasseh dwell in the land : they increased son, Korah bis son, Assir his son, from Bashau unto Baal-herinon and Senir, 23 Elkanalı his son, and Ebiasaph bis son, and unto mount llerinon.

and Assir liis son, 24 And these were the heads of the bouse 24 Tanath his Uriel his son, Uzziab of their fathers, even Epher, and Ishi, and his son, and Shaul his son, Eliel, and Azriel, and Jeremiali, and Ho- 25 And the sons of Elkanah; Amasai, and davialı, au:i Jahdiel, mighly men of valour, Ahimoth. famous men, und heads of the house of their 26 As for Elkanal: the sons of Elkanah ; fathers.

Zopliai his son, and Nanath his son, 25 11 And they transgressed against the God 7 Eliab liis son, Jerobam his son, Elka. or their fathers, and went a whoring after the nah liis son. gods of the people of the land, whoin God 28 And the sons of Samuel; the first-horn destroved before them.

Vaslini, and Atiali. 26 And the God of Israel stirred up the spi- 29 1 The sons of Merari: Malli; Libni rit of Pul king of Assyria, and the spirit of bis son, Siimei, his son, Czza his son,

silgath-pilneser king of Assyria, and bacar- 30 Shimca bis son, Haggiahı his son, Asaried them away,(rven the Reubeniles, and the iahı his son. Gadites, and the hall-tribe of Manasseh,) and 31 ! And these are they whom David set brought thein unto Halali, and Haber, and over the service of song in the house of the flara, and to the river Gozan, unto this day. Lorn, after that the ark bad rest. CUAP. VI.

32 And they ministered before die dwellsons of Levi; Gershon, Kohath, and ing-place of the tabernacle of the congregaMerari.

Lion withi singing, until Solomon had built



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