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mighty burden was the sufferings of Christ, and the glory that should follow.” They were God's witnesses, and historians of the future. Emphatically, from the first, “the testimony of Jesus was the spirit of prophecy.” Prophecy, therefore, constitutes one of the main branches of Christian Evidence. It stands alone in the earth, and is an absolute demonstration of the existence of a Power capable of most exactly dealing with the events of times still future. We are, then, to look on the Lord Jesus Christ as our Divine Prophet, and to receive the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament as a gracious gift, expressive of his holy will. Let us, therefore, receive them with grateful love, and make them the uniform rule of faith and conduct.


We are

WORSHIP OF THE VIRGIN. It is utterly vain to look to Popery from the moment of his conception, for improvement. To reform will was perfect God and perfect man. be to destroy. It is becoming worse After the adorable sacrifice of the rather than better; and it has only mass, there was no devotion more to be more known to be more hated.

pleasing to God, than that by which on principle opposed to we sought to elevate the privileges taking the opinions of a sect from of his blessed mother. How little those who would foist upon them did Protestants understand either not only their creed, but what they Catholic thoughts or feelings, or conceive to be its logical results. the Catholic religion, when they But a people may, at least, be al- found fault with them because they lowed to act as exponents of their regarded this homage as in any own faith. By this rule Romanism manner interfering with the homage would seem to be more blasphemous due to God, or the blessed Lord, than we had conceived it to be. At alike her Saviour and ours." the coronation of the picture of the Only an intellect the most debased Virgin the other day, in Hoboken, can tolerate such violence to reason U.S., Bishop Bailey gave the follow- and to Scripture. By sinking the ing account of their faith :

mental, Popery sinks the material According to the Catholic condition of individuals, families, Church, we knew that the Virgin and nations. All' travel and all Mary was the mother of God,—not history, down to Lord Macaulay, the mother of his humanity merely, testifies to this fact. During the but the mother of our blessed Lord three last centuries, to stunt the and Saviour Jesus Christ, perfect growth of the human mind has God and perfect man, and who, been the chief object of Romanism.

remain inert, while the whole continent around them is in a ferment with Protestant activity and enterprise.

The French have doubtless shown an energy and intelligence which have justly entitled them to be called a great people; but this apparent exception, when examined, will be found to confirm the rule, for in no country that is called Roman Catholic has the Roman Catholic Church, during several generations, possessed so little authority as in France.

The best friend, then, to mankind is he who does most to uproot from the earth that most deceiving, degrading, and destructive system.


Throughout Christendom, whatever advance has been made in knowledge, in freedom, in wealth, and in the arts of life, has been in inverse proportion to her power. The loveliest and most fertile provinces of Europe have, under her rule, been sunk in poverty, in political servitude, and intellectual torpor, whilst Protestant countries once proverbial for sterility and barbarism, have been turned by skill and industry into gardens, and can boast of a long list of heroes and statesmen, philosophers and poets.

Whoever, knowing what Italy and Scotland naturally are, and what, four hundred years ago, they actually were, shall now compare the country round Rome with the country round Edinburgh, will be able to form some judgment as to the tendency of Papal domination. The descent of Spain, once the first among monarchies, to the lowest depth of degradation; the elevation

.; of Holland, in spite of many natural disadvantages, to a position such as no commonwealth so small has ever reached, teach the same lesson. Whoever passes, in Germany, from a Roman Catholic to a Protestant principality; in Switzerland, from a Roman Catholic to a Protestant canton; in Ireland, from a Roman Catholic to a Protestant county, finds that he has passed from a lower to a higher grade of civilization.

On the other side of the Atlantic the same law prevails. The Protestants of the United States have left far behind the Roman Catholics of Mexico, Peru, and Brazil. The Roman Catholics of Lower Canada


IDOLATRY. On the recent Festival of Corpus Christi, great numbers were to be seen entering Tuam to witness the usual procession of the “Host.” About one o'clock it appeared ; the host was carried by Dr. M'Hale, under an ornamental canopy borne by four ecclesiastics, surrounded by a few priests in rich vestments, preceded and followed by trains of nuns and young girls. When the procession approached the leading entrance, accompanied by a large crowd of persons with hats off, it was met by the Rev. C. H. Seymour, holding a Testament in his hand, who, when the procession drew near the gate, advanced towards Dr. M'Hale, and said, “I am the minister of Jesus Christ in Tuam, and as such I do solemnly protest

against this idolatrous ceremony, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. I do also declare that God is a spirit, and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth; and that every one who is a sharer in this idolatrous cereniony is guilty of a sin which will keep him from the kingdom of heaven.” On this an official said, “ This is the ark of the covenant,” and another, “We have Jesus Christ here.” Mr. Seymour replied, “Jesus Christ is in heaven at the right hand of God, and not there; and it is idolatry to worship God under an image.” An attempt was now made to close the gate by order of some person in the crowd. This order was afterwards countermanded, and the gate thrown open. When the procession returned towards the chapel, an animated conversation took place be

tween Mr. Seymour and some of the people, while others hooted. Much attention was paid while Mr. Seymour proved it was his duty to act as he did, and repeated several texts of Scripture pointing out the way of salvation and the value of the word of God. As the people continued hooting, Mr. Seymour remarked it was easy to shout, but Dr. M'Hale, or any of his priests, might come forward, and he was ready to meet them. All was comparatively quiet until a mob came from the chapel, who, in the usual way of Romish tactics, commenced throwing stones, hooting and shouting vociferously. Soon after Mr. Seymour left without having been assaulted by a single person in the crowd. Too much praise cannot be given to the constabulary on this occasion for their efforts to restrain the violence of the mob.

The Christian Household.


To the Editor of the Christian's Penny Magazine. SIR,—Amid the multitude of valu- rity to say that over ten per cent. able counsels from time to time set of the deaf and dumb, and over five forth, there is one subject on which per cent. of the blind, and nearly you have been silent,-the terrible fifteen per cent. of the idiotic in our consequences of marriages of con- State institutions, for subjects of sanguinity. In the National Medi- these effects, are the offspring of cal Association, which adjourned

kindred parents. recently at Washington, District of “ Aside from the facts which I Columbia, U.S., a very able report have gained by corresponding with was submitted by Dr. S. M. Bemis, gentlemen who have given close of Kentucky, upon the influence of attention to these points, a curious marriages of consanguinity upon but perfectly legitimate process of offspring. The Doctor says:- computation confirms 'me in the

"My researches give me autho- opinion that these estimates are

speak with a voice of authority, which ought not to be disregarded. The influence by which the evil is to be rectified must proceed from the domestic hearth. Counsel will generally succeed; but where that fails, other measures should be adopted. If all concerned shall do their duty, such marriages will be of rare occurrence; and to promote this is the sincere desire of


very nearly correct. Five classes in the schedules prepared give 787 marriages of cousins, 246 of which have given issue to deaf and dumb, blind, idiotic, or insane children. Admitting the same ratio to prevail, the Ohio report, which contains 157 marriages of cousins, followed by deaf and dumb, blind, idiotic, or insane offspring, would indicate the existence of 332 other marriages of cousins in the same population, not followed by such defects.

“ The counties which furnish these 151 marriages, as above, and are supposed to comprise in their limits 392 unreported marriages, making a total of 483, contained in 1850 a population of 1,528,238. If the same ratio be supposed to exist throughout the Union, there would be found to the twenty millions of white inhabitants, 6,321 marriages of cousins, giving birth to 3,800 deaf and dumb, blind, idiotic, and insane children, distributed as follows:

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CORRECT SPEAKING. We advise all young people to acquire, in early life, the habit of using good language, both in speaking and writing, and to abandon, as early as possible, any use of slang words and phrases. The longer they live, the more difficult the acquisition of such language will be; and if the golden age of youth, the proper season for the acquisition of language, be passed in its abuse, the unfortunate victim of neglected education is very probably doomed to talk slang for life. Money is not necessary to procure this education. Every man has it in his power. He has merely to use the language which he reads, instead of the slang which he hears; to form his taste from the best speakers and poets of the country; to treasure up choice phrases in his memory, and to habituate himself to their useavoiding, at the same time, that pedantic precision and bombast, which show rather the weakness of a vain ambition than the polish of an educated mind.


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Then, if the figures of the last United States census still applied to our population, there would now be found in the Union 9,136 deaf and dumb, of whom 1,116, or 12:8 per cent., are children of cousins; 7,978 blind, of whom 641, or 08.1 per cent., are children of cousins; 14,257 idiotic, of whom 1,844, or 12:9 per cent., are children of cousins; 14,972 insane, of whom 299, or 0.19 per cent., are children of cousins." Surely, Sir, these appalling figures

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The Counsel Chamber.

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CONVERSION OF AUGUSTINE. YOUNG people! you have lately His agony and misery found vent been hearing a great deal about the in tears; and, prostrated by a sense Revival of Religion, which means of utter helplessness, he fell on his not merely a stirring up of Chris- knees, and cried, “How long ? how tians, but the conversion of men. long? To-morrow and to-morrow? Reader, are you converted ? If Why not now? Why is there not not, you cannot enter the kingdom this hour an end to my uncleanof heaven. Let me set before you ness ?” A child's voice is heard the facts of an example.

from a neighbouring house, singing, By degrees, from amid the haze Tolle, lege; tolle, lege(take and of Platonic ideas, the living truth read; take and read). Checking dawned on his sight, and the splen- his tears, hearosę, and going within, did but unreal visions which had took up St. Paul's Epistles. His charmed him before retreated into eye fell on the passage in the Epistle shadow. He had been undergoing to the Romans: “Not in rioting salutary moral and mental disci- and in drunkenness,” &c.; “but pline. Sorrow, disappointment, and put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ.” sin had made him weary and heavy The words met his case, They laden. Speculative doubts had given sounded in his ear like a voice from way. Conscience upbraided him. heaven, seconding the voice of conThe account of some who had re- science in drowning the clamours nounced the world's pomp and va- of the flesh, and pointing to a nity brought on a crisis. Sitting Divine Helper to strengthen his with his friend (Alypius), who had struggling will to make the grand heard the recital too, he started up, resolve. Animated by the Divine saying, “ What ails us? what is it? command, and nerved by a power What did you hear? The unlearned not his own, the prodigal son sinks take the kingdom of heaven by into his Father's arms, and the force; while we, with our learning, great crisis is over. Peace entered wallow in flesh and blood,” His his troubled bosom; the storm was tones, his gestures, his face, showed hushed; the clouds vanished; sunthe intensest emotion, and Alypius light flooded his soul, and lit up his looked on in silent wonderment. face with a tranquil joy. Augustine rushed into the garden Alypius took the book from the that adjoined the house, followed hand of Augustine, and read the by Alypius. He tried by one strong, passage and what followed, till he determined effort of will to break came to “Him that is weak in the his chain. He struggled to be free. faith receive ye;" and the gentler, His soul dashed against the bars of weaker Alypius, who, with almost her prison, only to fall down ex- womanly confiding, had clung to hausted and bleeding by the effort. the stronger arm of Augustine for


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