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the promise about the new heart noticing is alone and looks to itself and the new spirit, of which he had for all good. It is an eye that makes been speaking. Now, when this no use of seeing. meeting is crowded and interesting There is a disposition observable -when the inquiry among Chris- in some to view unfavourably everytians is general, and earnest, and thing that falls under their notice. importunate the sinners' inquiry- They seek to gain confidence by meeting usually becomes crowded always differing from others in and interesting.

judgment, and to depreciate what Oh, that I could make my voice they allow to be worthy in itself by to be heard by all the dear people of hinting at some mistake or imperGod in the land on this subject! I fection in the performance. You would say: You wonder and lament are too lofty or too low in your manthat sinners do not inquire; but are ners; you are too frugal or too you inquiring? You wonder that taciturn or too free in your speech ; they do not feel; but do you feel ? and so of the rest.

Now guard Can you expect a heart of stone to against this tendency. Nothing will feel, when a heart of flesh does not ? more conduce to your uncomfortYou are surprised that sinners can ableness than living in the neighsleep; it is because you sleep along- bourhood of ill-nature, and being side of them. Do you but awake, familiar with discontent. The disand bestir yourselves, and look up position grows with indulgence, and and cry to God, and you will see is low and base in itself; and if any how soon they will begin to be should be ready to pride themselves roused, and to look about them, and on skill and facility in the science, to ask the meaning of your solici- let them remember that the acquitude. Oh, that the saints would but sition is cheap and easy; a child can inquire !-W. Nevins.

deface and destroy; dulness and stupidity, which seldom lack inclina

tion or means,can furnish ignorance, A CARPING SPIRIT. prejudice, and envy with a handle A criticising, carping, detracting of reproach. disposition is one of the most useless and damaging that can be. It is

THE LOCK. always the offspring of depravity, and lives on it. It corrupts all it A lock was shown to Gotthold, touches ; it mars all beauty, and constructed of rings, which were labours under the disability of en- severally inscribed with certain let. joying or finding any good. It is a ters, and could be turned round malignant emptiness, having nothing until the letters represented the in itself, and nothing to enjoy in name "Jesus.” It was only when others. Benevolence can enrich it- the rings were disposed in this manself in its estimation of the good of ner that the lock could be opened. others, it can take part in all good The invention pleased him beyond motions; but this leanness we are measure, and he exclaimed, “Oh!

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that I could put such a lock as this, and to his holy name, it continues upon my heart.” Our hearts are shut. May the Lord Jesus engrave already locked, no doubt, but gene- his name with his own finger upon rally with a lock of quite another our hearts, that they may remain kind. Many need only to hear the closed to worldly joy and worldly words gain, honour, pleasure, riches, pleasure, self-interest, fading honour, revenge, and their heart opens in a and low revenge, and open only to moment, whereas to the Saviour, | Him.

Biblical Illustration.


Hebrew no word for white, yet it A foul cutaneous disease, appearing to compare the leprosy to snow, as

seems probable that it was designed in dry, white, thin, scurfy scales or well on account of the whiteness as scabs, either on the whole body or the fakiness of its scales. Herodoonly on some part of it, and usually

tus says,

Whoever of the citizens attended with violent itching and other pains (Matt. viii. 3; Mark i. has the leprosy or white scab does 42; Luke v. 12, 13). The eastern not enter into the city, nor keep leprosy was a most filthy and loath- company with the other Persians. some distemper (Num. xiii. 10-12), And they say he is afflicted with highly contagious, so as to infect and this disease for some offence against

the sun." It is stated by a gentleseize even garments (Lev. xiii. 47, etc.) and houses (Lev. xiv. 34, etc.); Turkey, in Asia, that he had seen

man who resided some years in and by human means incurable, at least so deemed by the Jews. (See whose faces looked quite white, or,

several leprous persons in those parts 2 Kings v. 7.) The various symp- to use his own comparison, like the toms of this dreadful distemper, hoar-frost. which was a striking emblem of sin both original and actual, may be seen in Lev. xiii. and xiv., where we

THE BEE. may also read the legal ordinances The honey bee is probably the only concerning it, which, as on the one species alluded to in the Bible. hand they set forth how odious sin Wild bees were common in Palesis to God, so on the other they repre- tine, depositing their comb in clefts sent the cleansing of our pollutions of the rock, or in the hollow of trees, by the sacrifice and resurrection of or even finding an appropriate recepChrist, by the sprinkling and appli- tacle in the skeleton of a dead lion. cation of his blood, and by the (Psa. lxxxi. 16; Judges xiv. 8.). A sanctifying and healing influences of very recent traveller speaks of a the Holy Spirit on ail our powers district in Judea, "where the atmoand faculties. (See Lev. xiv. 1–32.)) sphere was vocal and almost dark. The Greek name seems to have been ened by an incredible number of given to this distemper on account bees.” They must have been very of those thin white scales which numerous in Canaan, as honey was usually appeared on the bodies of a common article of food (1 Kings the leprous, and with which they xiv. 3; Psa. lxxxi. 16; Sol. Song v. were sometimes so overspread, as to 1; Isa. vii. 15) and commerce (Ezek. look like snow. See Exod. iv. 6; xxvii. 17). Num. xii. 10; 2 Kings v. 27; in The disposition of bees to take which texts, though there is in the vengeance on any one who disturbs

their hives is alluded to in Psa. I leaves of trees so abundantly, as cxviii. 12.

often to fall in drops upon the The figurative expressions in Isa. ground. This is the substance menvii. 18, compared with Zech. x. 8, tioned in 1 Sam. xiv. 25, 27, and, may allude either to a practice of perhaps, the same is intended in calling bees from their hives by a Matt. iii. 4. hissing sound, or to the known habit, Honey was not to be offered on the in one species of the insect, of going altar (Lev. ii. 11). Its peculiarly forth to labour at the short buzzing delicate flavour and sweetness, when sound which a queen-bee makes newly dropped from the comb, is with her wings, while she is perched alluded to in Psa. xix. 10. In Prov. on the top of her cell.

xxv. 16, it serves the wise man to There was a kind of wild honey point one of his maxims inculcating deposited by other insects on the moderation.

The Counsel Chamber.

BE SHORT. How is it that the bulk of men somewhat to educate the people, and seem so insensible to the value of yet the tedium that “drags its slow time? They are as if they lived length along” is still the impedinot in time but in eternity.

ment-we had almost said, the vice I remember seeing, a dozen years -of multitudes. The number is since, in prominent letters over the not relatively large who know how study door of a most useful pastor to accomplish well, and at the same - who served the same church a time be brief. Who passes through an quarter of a century, and who has anniversary season-often through a now gone to his reward-the words, Sabbath, too-without wishing at "Be short." How much, it occurred some point not for ear trumpets so to me, is comprehended in these mo- much as condensers? The result is nosyllables, and how much meaning tedium and loss of effect—a result in placing them there! Long calls, that is often more far-reaching than inquisitive and tedious conversation, is dreamed of. had frittered away too many valu- Be short. No two words mean able moments of a life that was not so much as these. They give the to be long, its possessor having died greatest satisfaction in argument, in before he reached the age of fifty conversation, in writing, in visiting, years. Yet there is scarcely a lesson in almost everything. They accom. which men in general are so slow to plish things which too many words learn as this one-Be short. In and too much dalliance would imprayer, preaching, singing, author- peril with failure. They redeem ship, and business, in meetings, in time, that all-comprehending and speeches, in the thousand-and-one all-meaning something we call our details of every-day life, there is a own, on the right and saving use of marvellous absence of despatch. The which depends the wonders of good railroad and telegraph are doing we may do, and the treasures we


upon whom

may lay up for the long needs of renew his policy of insurance. As eternity. All our losses and perils he was a man of limited pecuniary here spring from the misuse or abuse means, he decided not to renew at of time. Our minutes here, relative all. The sum required of him was to duration and importance, are only a few pounds, and this would more to be considered than ages of have secured to his family in the eternity.

event of his death several hundreds. The agent urged, but he still de

clined. Two or three days after, he THE DUTY OF LIFE IN

was killed by falling from the loft SURANCE.

of the building where he was emThe man is worse than an infidel ployed, and left his wife and children who provides not for his own house. penniless. The temporal next to the spiritual

To such casualties as these every welfare of a household must be the man is more or less subject. The concern of its head. The amount future is equally hidden from all, must depend upon circumstances. and it becomes one The earlier it is begun the less it those dearest to him of all earthly will cost; and, once commenced, let objects depend for, perhaps, the very neither difficulty nor sloth prevent means of subsistence, to make all renewal.

provision possible against those conOn the Saturday preceding the tingencies which are so much belate destructive fire in the yond control. Where the comfort of agent of a life insurance company a whole household depends on called upon a gentleman, and pro- single arm, it becomes a primary posed to him to renew his policy, duty to call in the aid of assurance as the term of the old one had ex. when that arm shall fall. pired. Money was hard to get, and claims were pressing, and the gentleman, declining to renew on that

HOW TO PROSPER IN BU. day, said, “I will renew my insur

SINESS. ance on Monday.” Monday morning, early, he was summoned from First seek the kingdom of God sleep to see his building on fire, and and his righteousness, and then at while engaged with others in the every step commit your way to effort to remove his goods, was him. crushed beneath the ruin that over- Make up your mind to accomplish whelmed so many besides. As a whatever you undertake; decide consequence his widow lost the upon some particular employment, amount, the large sum for which and persevere in it. All difficulties his life had been insured, and is left are overcome by diligence and asin circumstances of comparative siduity. destitution.

Be not afraid to work with your Not long since, in, an indi- own hands, and diligently too: "A vidual was similarly requested to cat in gloves catches no mice ;"

a a

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“He who remains in the mill grinds, They never blister the tongue or not he who goes and comes." lips; and we have never heard of

Attend to your business; never any mental trouble arising from trust to another: “A pot that be- this quarter. Though they do not longs to many is ill stirred and cost much, yet they accomplish worse boiled."

much. Be frugal: “That which will not 1. They help one's own good namake a pot will make a pot lid;" ture and good will. Soft words soften Save the pence, and the pounds our own soul. Angry words are will take care of themselves." fuel to the flame of wrath, and make Be abstemious:

it blaze the more fiercely. “ Who dainties love

2. Kind words make other people Shall beggars prove."

good-natured. Cold words freeze Rise early: “The sleeping fox people, and hot words scorch them, catches no poultry;"

and sarcastic words irritate them,

and bitter words make them bitter, “Plough deep while sluggards sleep,

and wrathful words make them And you will have corn to sell and

wrathful. keep.”

There is such a rush of all other Treat every man with respect and kinds of words in our days that it civility: “Everything is gained and

seems desirable to give kind words nothing lost by courtesy;"

“ Good

a chance among them. There are manners insure success."

vain words, and idle words, and Never anticipate wealth from any hasty words, and spiteful words, and other source than labour; especially silly words, and empty words, and never place dependence upon be- profane words, and boisterous words, coming the possessor of an inherit- and warlike words. He who waits for dead men's

Kind words also produce their shoes may have to go for a long time

own image on men's souls; and a barefoot;'

" "He who runs after a beautiful image it is. They soothe, shadow has a wearisome race."

and quiet, and comfort the hearer. Above all things, never despair: They shame him out of his sour, “God is where he was.” He helps morose, unkind feelings. We have those who truly trust in him.

not yet begun to use kind words in Temporal affairs are best expe- such abundance as they ought to be dited when they are made the sub

used. ject of secret prayer. Generally speaking, he who prays fervently in his closet will speed well at his shop, at the plough, or in whatsoever A WORD TO YOUNG MEN. he may turn his hand to.

If you would ever come to anything, you must form the habit of studious

reading. Readers may be divided VALUE OF KIND WORDS.

into four classes : KIND words do not cost much.. 1. Sponges, who absorb all they

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