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WAIT SILENTLY. THERE's a tuneful river

“Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently In Erin's isle,

for him.”—Psa. xxxvii. 7. Where the sunbeams quiver In silvery smile;

Wait silently! ere thou invoke Where the leaves that fall

Jehovah on his throne; 'Neath the autumn sky,

Reflect, my soul, the solemn thought, Grow gem-like all,

Thou art with him alone.
And never die.
And such is the stream, by truth en-

Wait silently! be passion hushid, lightened,

Each other thought withdrawn; That leaves the breast by wisdom bright- Let worldly interests slumber now; ened,

Wake, soul! bid sleep be gone ! There even the joys that storms dis

Wait silently ! expectant wait,

Till his own Spirit come, Are turn'd to gems that glow for ever.

And breathe upon thy deaden'd heart; There's a darkling tide

Till then, thy lips be dumb. In the Indian clime,

Wait silently! the heart prepared, By whose herbless side

God's fire shall touch thy lips; There's a sulphury slime

Desire and praise shall upward flame, To the flower that it touches,

While soft contrition weeps.
A scorching wave;
To the bird that approaches,

Wait silently, when prayer is done,
A weltering grave.

In solemn reverence wait;
And such are the waters of bitterness, With humble urgency and faith

Thy heart thy prayer repeat.
In the desert bosom of dark disguising :
And the birds of joy, and the flowers of Then silently, like dew, will fall

Heaven's grace upon thy soul,
Must perish where'er that wave is steal. Refreshing all thy weariness,

While pressing towards the goal.

Monthly Observations.

Let the Christian in his closet, after suffered than there was at one time composing his mind, and lifting up reason to apprehend. He will, morehis heart to God, look out, and see over, note, that amid the extended what is going on in this great world, privation and distress actually exand he will behold much that is fitted isting, there is manifested much pato exercise his thoughts, and to call tience and submission. forth thanksgiving, praise, supplica- Penetrating more deeply into the tion, and intercession. At home he heart of society, he will perceive, on will everywhere perceive tokens of all sides, notwithstanding the genegoodness and of mercy. Among ral deadness, which all deplore, these he will rank a bountiful har- marks of the Divine favour amongst vest, preceding the mercantile con- the various denominations of Chrisvulsions which have followed, and tians—in particular, a growing spirit vastly mitigating the wide-spread of zeal on behalf of the perishing calamity. He will further remark, multitudes of our native land. Exin regard to trade and commerce, on amining Zion through all her borwhich the British people are

so ders, he will distinctly perceive, that mainly dependent, that less has been the means of man's salvation are

still on the increase, and that, to a of all Theological Colleges, and a large extent, all things are ready for full supply of fit and proper men to the descent of the Holy Spirit, who, conduct them, that they may conalthough free and sovereign, as a tinue to be fountains of light and rule, works by human instrument- truth, and be kept wholly free from ality.

error and corruption. This survey—and that is the ob- 6. A just, wise, humane, and perject of it-will serve the Christian as manent settlement of the Govern. a general guide to personal duty in ment of India, and the speedy diffuthe all-important exercise of prayer. sion of the Gospel throughout the As the one great thing wanted to the whole of Hindostan. Church's revival and the world's 7. The early and bloodless adjustconversion is the outpouring of the ment of the lamentable misunderHoly Spirit, this consideration ought standing which now prevails between to regulate the people of God in China and England, and the entheir closets, in their families, and largement of Missionary operations in their more public assemblies. throughout that vast portion of the Amongst the subordinate points to human race. be pleaded with a confiding and an True prayer must be intelligent, agonising fervour are the follow- as well as believing and fervent. It ing:

is, therefore, needful that the Chris1. The thorough awakening of tian should always be at special the universal Church through every pains to inform himself on the subland, but especially in this our na-ject of his supplication, thankstive country.

giving, and intercession; making it 2. The complete and entire puri- the theme of frequent and devout fication of the Church general from meditation. It has been found very all carnality and corruption, that advantageous to draw up a sort of she may be clothed with zeal as plan of private prayer, jotting down with a garment, and shine in the the main points of each head or beauties of holiness.

subject. The course may comprise 3. The raising up and sending as many days as there are subjects; forth of an adequate supply of la- the foregoing would occupy seven bourers into the harvest; men after days. God's own heart, whom he will bless Were a million of the faithful in and make blessings to mankind. Christ Jesus, during the year now

4. A full supply of suitable mis- begun, thus to act, the result would sionaries for the foreign field, more be to put a new face on the affairs especially for India ; a general not only of the Empire, but of the awakening of the Church to the World. The renovation of the huclaims of that vast country to spe- man race can be acomplished by cial efforts for enlightening their nothing short of Almighty power, darkness and securing their salva- and that power will infallibly be put tion.

forth in answer to the prayers of the 5. A fresh and powerful baptism people of God.

Personal Religion.

In a

THE YEAR 1858. What an event is the past year, with all its responsibilities, brought before us; the future, with its cares, perplexities, trials, wisely hid from our view! We know not what the next hour may develope; all is enshrouded in darkness, all concealed, that we may feel our entire dependence on Him who regulates the orbs of heaven in their course, and appoints the individual destiny of man. world where all is exposed to uncertainty and mutability, how needful is it to explore the future in reference to eternity! How momentous the thought to each, to all: Am I prepared for the great change? It must take place sooner or later ; it may be near at hand. It is impossible to shake off the all-absorbing question : Am I prepared to die? Nothing, indeed, is worth a thought below, but how to escape the death that never dies. An unforeseen accident or a fit of sickness happens suddenly, and the soul is ushered before its Maker in the twinkling of an eye! Nothing can arrest the blow, nothing stem the torrent which hurries the bark into the deep ocean of eternity. All is solemn, impressive, that the hour is certain, fixed, irrevocable, in which the precious soul wings its way to the bar of the great Eternal! The link is precarious by which

we are bound to time. We are not our own, and we have no power ! over the next moment of our existence. We live only by permis

sion, and we walk every moment on the brink of an eternal world ! And yet, how thoughtless, how inconsistent, how careless, how i reckless, not to embrace the present to lay up in store for the

future, where our destiny will for ever be fixed! Time ! how precious does it appear, in which we are to be meetened for the glory of the inheritance above! The golden hours are still prolonged, to show forth the unsearchable riches of Divine grace, that we may lay hold of eternal life. Let the voice of the messenger of the covenant now be heard in all its deep solemnity, “Prepare to meet thy God !” Let the sound find its way to the awakened conscience: Is it I to whom these awful words apply?

Reader ! are you unprepared ? Do you wilfully sin against light, conscience, reason, and refuse to yield your heart to Jesus? Do

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you resist the Holy Ghost, who speaks loudly to the heart, “How shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation ?” Is it safe to peril the soul by indifference to your spiritual welfare ? to trifle with your eternal interest ? Is it well to proceed in a course so dangerous, so utterly opposed to the Divine will? There is but a step between you and death ; and if you die without Christ, you perish everlastingly! It is an awful thought to be rejected by the Judge as reprobate silver, and to be cut off from everlasting bliss ! And yet such must be your lot, if you persevere in the ways of sin, in seeking your own pleasures, in the indulgence of sensual gratification, a life of gaiety, a routine of reckless folly. To-day is yours; to-morrow your sun may set for ever. The past reminds


of lost opportunities for self-improvement, self-culture, and the acquisition of spiritual wealth. The hours squandered have sent up their account to God, and record a sad and fearful history. Nothing is lost, nothing forgotten, nothing passed over by One who has marked the

progress of sin and disobedience. All things are naked to the eyes of Him who is to be our future Judge. There is no escape, no delivery from the one great searching ordeal. In the full light of revelation, in the face of Him who knoweth the secrets of the heart, in the prospect of the coming judgment, in the consciousness of individual responsibility, how fearful to die without an interest in Christ! The charms of life, with all their absorbing influence; the wealth, the honours, the dignities, the full tide of earthly pleasures, all add bitterness and wormwood to the soul without Christ in the hour of dissolution.

If anything can add to the intensity of anguish in the dying hour, it is the recollection of precious time frittered away in laboriously doing nothing to further the great end of life. However important may be the earthly vocation, the claims of business, the arduous pursuits of professional or other duties, the necessity for a punctual performance of pressing engagements, it must be admitted that, above all, the absorbing interest of the soul outweighs every other consideration. To neglect the one thing needful, to maintain a studied indifference to religion, to be inattentive to the warnings of conscience, the threatenings of revealed truth, the dispensations of Divine Providence, is in fact to run counter to the solemn convictions of a righteous retribution hereafter.

There is a time for reflection and serious thought, and never more


The past

so than at such a season as the opening of a new year. has fled, never more to return; and in the retrospect, how much there is to humble the mind, how much to call forth the prayer of strong and earnest penitence, to open the channels of the great deep within, to pour forth floods of bitter

remorse, and strong cries to Him who is able to save! What solemn duties neglected ! what time devoted to the world, how little to God! what Sabbaths desecrated and lost for ever! what eager desire for the things that perish! what coldness and deadness to the things which pertain to salvation !

And now, my reader, what shall be your deterinination for the future? What will be your solemn resolution at the commencement of this year? How much depends on thought, purpose, action! Right or wrong must be your course. You must decide either to take up your cross to follow Christ fully, or you must reject him. There is no middle path. “ He who is not for me is against me,” said our blessed Redeemer. If you live one hour without yielding your heart supremely to Jesus, you are exposed to his wrath, and to everlasting woe! In the hour you think not the Son of Man cometh! Now only is the accepted time; to-morrow is not yours—it belongs to God. You are warned to flee from the wrath to come at once. If you despise this great offer of forgiveness and Divine acceptance through the blood of the everlasting covenant, you reinain with the word unpardoned written on your brow! And what a thought to carry with you in all the busy concerns of life, amid its pleasures and smiles, this awful sentence, as a sign, a seal of righteous judgment, because you wilfully reject so great salvation !

Is it not so ? “ He that believeth not is condemned already,” at the moment you read these awful truths, if you are not decided to yield to Christ your precious, never-dying soul! “Except a man is born of the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.” “Without holiness no man shall see the Lord." What is written is written : no one can set it aside. Truth must stand. It is, therefore, a period for deep reflection and study of the Word of God. Eternity is at hand. The Judge already stands at the door of your heart. He seeks admittance—he warns youhe counsels you-he entreats you. “Why will ye die ?" He poured out his precious blood for you? Is not this enough? Was it not a costly sacrifice? Was it not love unfathomable, unsearch.

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