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nister," Are your hopes still firm on “ We cannot go, Betsy ; but your Christ?” she would say, “Oh, yes! | best friend, your Saviour, will go all I am willing and waiting for him to the way with you; and his presence take me whenever he pleases.” She will lighten up the valley quite frequently said to her aunt, “I am through.” She said, “Oh, yes.going to glory, and Jesus is here Soon after this a temptation prewaiting for me; don't you see him, sented itself, and she said, “Go aunt? Oh! he is so beautiful, so away, Satan, I do not want you ; beautiful!" On another occasion Jesus is here, and he is never far she said to her aunt and uncle," I off.” see Jesus by my bed, and little She then requested me to call on James " (alluding to her aunt's little Miss L—, and give her love, and boy, who had been dead about three thank her for all her kindness, and years); "they are clothed in white, “ please thank all my friends, and and look so beautiful. I am going tell them I am happy. I am going to glory! Uncle, will you come?” once more to chapel, for this poor A day or two after she called a little body to be laid under the turf, and girl, a cousin, to her, and gave her a then I shall be in glory.” I thought, book, and told her to be very obe- when looking on the peaceful coundient to her parents, and to love tenance, Surely this is the gate of Jesus and to love her Bible. Indeed, heaven ; and of the lines of Young: the name of Jesus was at all times a

" The chamber where the good man cordial to her.

The last time I saw her was two Is privileged beyond the common days before her death; and thinking

walks that she was just about to cross Jor

Of virtuous life, quite in the verge of

heaven." dan's streams, and too weak to converse, I repeated the hymn begin- Mr. W called early the next ning, “ Jesus, lover of my soul,” morning, and as he entered she was when she revived a little, and said, exclaiming, “ Beautiful! beautiful! in broken sentences, “Sing that at more beautiful than ever!” And chapel when I am gone to glory, though she was labouring as usual and 'Title clear,' and •Vital from shortness of breath, she desired spark;' and ask Mr. W- to to be raised during the devotions, tell the young people, and all the after which she continued peaceful people at chapel, that I am gone to and calm through the day and glory; and I hope they will meet night, and early the next morning me there.” She then became quite she said to her grandmother, “I am exhausted, and we thought her going, I am going, I am going." She going; and as I moved towards the said, “ Where are you going, Betsy?foot of the bed, she said, “I should "I am going to glory.” After which like you to go with me;" and, look- some hours of extreme bodily suffering round upon her aunts and ing came on; and when a little regrandmother, she said, “I should lieved, she said, “Raise me, uncle;' like you all to go with me.” I said, intending, no doubt, to give her last

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testimony of confidence in the Sa- in humble life. He was a baker by viour; but as soon as she was raised, trade, and in a small way of busiher happy spirit took its flight to the ness. There was nothing whatever realms of glory on the 18th of No. in his circumstances to lead to the vember, 1857, in her twenty-second supposition that he would ever be year,

heard of, or regarded, beyond the Dear reader! will you not seek narrow limits of his own little circle. that Saviour who was so kind to But he believed in the principles of this poor orphan ? You cannot tell Christianity and practised them. that you will be so long in the He felt that he had an interest in school of affliction as she was; you whatever concerned the public good may, like the mother, be taken away - the progress of the Gospel, temin your sleep; and if such should perance, the business of his parish, be the case, can you say that you etc., and fearlessly maintained the are ready to depart and be with opinions he held, trusting in God to Christ? If you cannot, then seek defend the right. As might be exthe Lord at once, for he has pro- pected, there were many who differed mised that they who seek shall find. from and opposed him. He was A pious young man from a neigh- frequently derided, but he held on bouring village visited the deceased his way, and secured in the end on her death-bed, and, on his return, universal esteem and respect. In said, “ I have learned a lesson which his life and in his death we have an I shall never forget.” Then, I be- illustration of Scripture, “ The meseech you, let not this lesson be lost mory of the just is blessed." upon you, but give your heart at He enjoyed religion. He belonged once to the Saviour, and all will be to the Independent connexion, but well for time and eternity.

Christ was his head. With him, Wheathampstead. J. W. Christianity concerned not merely

the outward appearance, but, first of THOMAS MUSKET. all, the heart. He deeply felt himThe little town of Olney, in Buck- self a sinner, went to Christ for inghamshire, has long been distin- mercy, and, trusting in his blood guished for its religious privileges. and righteousness, found pardon, Here Newton preached, Cowper peace, and purity. Constantly feelwrote, Gauntlett and Hillyard la- ing his need of "more grace," and boured, and the fruits of their endea- continuing in the exercise of prayer vours are clearly seen even to the and faith, he was enabled to say, present day. “Blessed are the dead “The inward man is renewed day that die in the Lord from hence- by day.” In his earlier years he

saith the Spirit, that they suffered much in his business, promay rest from their labours, and bably from an unlawful anxiety to their works do follow them.” In get and to do too much; but in his this highly-favoured place the sub- distress he cried unto the Lord, and ject of the following sketch lived. found abundant support; and by

Thomas Musket was a Christian this experience he was taught to

forth: yea,

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declare afterwards, “I have learned, ing for eternity, and must be saved in whatsoever state I am, therewith or damned, according to your recepto be content.” With him, wisdom tion of “the Scripture of truth." was the principal thing, and he His last days were eminently days regarded every secondary agency of peace. His last prayer in public according "to the law and to the will never be forgotten by those who testimony." He believed in the Di-heard it. With the presentiment of vine power of religion as the grand his approaching end on his mind, regenerator of society, and valued his earnest petitions for his brethren, all social reforms in proportion as his fervent supplications to be elethey pointed to Christ, the fountain- vated above the fear of death, his head of holiness. This was his touching faith in God, as he desong:

clared, “E'er since by faith I saw the stream

“Sure the last end Thy flowing wounds supply,

Of the good man is peace! How calm Redeeming love has been my theme, his exit! And shall be till I die."

Night dews fall not more gently to the He was regular in his attendance ground, at Divine worship. In this respect Nor weary, worn-out winds expire so he was a model to church members.

soft,” Would that they were all like him! were overpowering. There were He readily sacrificed bodily comfort many that night who individually to spiritual health. Whenever prac- said, “Let me die the death of the ticable, he was found in his place in righteous, and let my last end be the house of God. The


like his.” In his illness, which meeting was his especial delight; to immediately followed, he found the him that was the grand service of answer of his prayer. He was raised the sanctuary. He was a prince who above the fear of death. He enjoyed had power with God, and prevailed. an unspeakable peace. His unvaryThe Lord abundantly multiply the ing testimony was, " My only hope seed of Jacob!

and dependence is the finished work He loved plainness. Often has he and righteousness of Jesus Christ.” cheered his young pastor's heart, Characteristic of his life, he selected after the public rebuke of some in- as the foundation of his funeral disconsistency, by saying, “That's it, course, Eph. ii. 8, 9, “ By grace are sir; never dress the word up for ye saved through faith ; and that any body; the truth will always last not of yourselves: it is the gift of

longest.” At a time when plain God: not of works, lest any man | dealing is at a great discount, such should boast.”

a testimony is doubly valuable. The Surely professors of religion may truth must be spoken, and in sim- take a lesson from this short history. plicity. Woe to the unfaithful “ It is high time to awake out of watchman! The blood of immortal sleep." What is your life? What souls shall be required at his hands! is your hope? What is your enjoyHearer of the word! you are listen- ment? Do you use the means of

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grace in connection with the hope of heart, and you will soon be able to glory? Mark! your hope without tell.

You are a sinner needing the means is not worth anything. mercy. Christ is the Saviour of Are you growing in grace? Do you sinners; "He is able to save to the cheer your minister by the consis. uttermost all that come unto God tency and regularity of your walk by him, seeing he ever liveth to and conversation? It is high time make intercession for them.” for you to inquire. It is high time blood of Jesus Christ his Son that professors were adorned with cleanseth from all sin.” Then it the beautiful garments of salvation. can purify your heart. Jesus saith, Beware, lest you lament your luke- “Come unto me, all ye that labour

and formality in the and are heavy laden, and I will depths of hell! Ponder Christ's give you rest." “ Blessed is the awful words, “ Not every one that man whose transgression is forgiven, saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall whose sin is covered. Blessed is enter into the kingdom of heaven; the man unto whom the Lord im. but he that doeth the will of my puteth not iniquity, and in whose Father who is in heaven," Matt. spirit there is no guile." vii. 21.

“ There is a fountain fill'd with blood, Unconverted friend! we love your

Drawn from Immanuel's veins; soul, and desire to point you to

And sinners plunged beneath that peace and joy. You will want some- flood thing to cheer your dying hour. Lose all their guilty stains. What kind of reflections should you

* Dear dying Lamb, thy precious blood die with at the present moment? Shall never lose its power, Closely examine your past life, re- Till all the ransom'd church of God membering that God searcheth the Be saved to sin no more."

The fragment Basket.

GOD HIS PEOPLE'S their ground and retire from the

conflict. It was urged that it was Early in the present century, vain to maintain the form of godliwhen evangelical religion in eastern ness when the reality was wanting. Massachusetts was all undermined, At this juncture an aged negro and many churches had forsaken woman, once a slave in Carolina, the old paths, two Baptist churches arose, and looking the reverend in Boston sustained a united prayer- speaker in the face, inquired, “ Is meeting. This meeting dwindled God dead ?" These words touched and thinned, and congealed in spirit, many, hearts. The thought-God till it became a question whether it yet lives the same-almighty to had not better be discontinued. A save-breathed new life into their meeting was held to consider the souls. They went forward, and soon question of its suspension. Its sup- a glorious revival made them sing porters had grown almost hopeless for joy. Let the Christian reader of success, and were ready to yield inquire of himself whether his feel.

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ings nf discouragement and despon- | them said, “You wrote that on purdency do not sometimes tacitly as- pose for us.' He saw his own chasume that “God is dead.” Are they racter, and that of his people, as the not such as can be justified on no apostle saw and described it.” other assumption ?

RELIGIOUS DEPRESSION. THE PASSING AWAY. The best way to dispel the fears Life wanes: we are passing away. for the salvation of others. Pro..

of our personal safety is to labour The ringing, whistling engine upon fessed Christians often get into a the railroad track rushes over a morbid state of mind about their fellow-mortal, and he is no more. religious prospects. They are afraid The lightning's shaft strikes down they shall not be saved. Perhaps one here and another there; the ex- they will not. If that is their chief plosion of the boiler of some gigan- anxiety, they do not deserve to be. tic manufactory makes fearful de. It is very selfish always to be thinkstruction of human life, while the ing about their own future happi. ocean-world of waters swallows its scores and hundreds. On every

ness, and, in their terrible fears, they hand we see weeping parents, bro- low ambition. But let them go

are paying the just penalty of their thers, and sisters. Love's tie is sun

out of themselves, and try to secure dered. The smiling infant and the the salvation of others, and all their venerable guardian, the rich and the fears are gone. Then they are doing poor, the bond and the free, the God's work, and they have no doubt oppressed and the oppressor, all are of his love. laid side by side, all are passing away. Like the daffodil, " which

THE BRITISH MINISTER A decays so soon,” as Herrick says:

SABBATH KEEPER. “We have short time to stay as you; We have as short a spring,

A commodore in the American As quick a growth to meet

decay, navy not long since called at Lord As you or any thing.

Napier's residence in Washington We die,

on the Sabbath. The servant who your hours do; and dry

came to the door informed him that Away,

his lordship did not receive visitors Like to the summer's rain, Or as the pearls of morning dew,

on Sunday. Ne'er to be found again.”

“ But am Commodore -;"

replied the visitor. YOU WROTE THAT FOR US.

* It makes no difference, sir," said the servant,

“ he will not receive The most awful portrait of the

you." natural man is drawn by St. Paul in the Epistle to the Romans. The

“But go and tell him Commodore

has called.” natural tendency of the heart is still

“ I'll do so, sir, if you insist upon the same; and a constant impulse it; but I know he'll not receive you, from above, and a continual effort for it is not his custom to receive from within, is needful, or we should visitors on Sunday.” be as far as those described by the

The finale was, that the commo. apostle were from glorifying God, dore had to depart without seeing of retaining him in our knowledge. the minister. When Dr. Wade returned the first time, a friend asked him if the


ALLEGED MIRACLE heathen had any consciousness of TURNED TO PRACTICAL sin and guilt. He answered, “ Yes.

ACCOUNT They know it is wrong to steal and to lie, and yet they are constantly in Dr. Duff states, that a few years the habit of doing both.” He fur- ago a company of ascetics having ther stated, “I once read Rom. i. to lighted their sticks of dried cowa group of Burmans, when one of dung where veins of coal were out


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