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art, and know, that it is the part of a wise man to have always something to do.

Avoid the common, but odious vices of siander and tale bearing ; strive to live in peace with all men, and to cultivate in thyself a meek, courteous, and benevolent disposition of inind.

Speak the truth upon all occasions, without dissimulation; be sincere and upright in all thy conversation ; for he only is a Christian indeed, in whom there is no guile.

In all thy concerns with others, be they little or much, let this be the constant rule and measure of thine actions: Whatsoever thou wouldest that men should do unto thee, even so do thou unto them.

In every time of tribulation think upon God, and His gracious promise, “ That all things shall work together for good, to them that love and serve Him."

If thou art an Householder, call thy whole fa: mily together, at least every evening, to join in their common supplications, to Him, in whom they live and move, and have their being.

If thou art a Child or a Servant, endeavour to be always within at the time of family prayer.

Never lay thyself down to rest before thou hast prayed in private, and recommended thyself to the Divine protection.

Always say grace before and after meals.

DIRECTIONS for the Lord's Day. BE sure to spend the Lord's Day well, as you desire to prosper in the following week.

Make all your Children and Servants go with you to your own parish Church; and suffer them not to wander to other Churches.

Stay not from Church either part of the day, unless in cases of sickness or great necessity.

Never go a journey unless in cases of great necessity, or join parties for pleasure on the Lord's Day.

Take care not to come late to Church ; be always there, if possible, before Divine Service begins.

When you first come into your seat at Church, always fall upon your knees, and use a short prayer : Do the same at going out.

Always kneel in the time of prayer. Do not give way to sleep, or wandering thoughts.

Make your answers after the Minister, not in a gabbling or careless manner, but with seriousness and reverence.

Frequent not houses of public resort on the Lord's day: After Divine Service is over, spend the remainder of the Sabbath in reading godly books, and recollecting what thou hast heard at Church. DIRECTIONS concerning the Holy Sacrament

of the LORD'S SUPPER. “ REMEMBER thy Redeemer in the days of thy youth while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, in which thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them.”

Consider, that frequent partaking of the Lord's Supper is as necessary to nourish the soul to eternal life as our common food is to the preservation of our bodies.

Endeavour to be rightly informed of the nature and end of this Holy Ordinance; and have rem course to thy Minister in any thing that thou art ignorant of, or doubtful about.

Fit thyseif in the best manner thou art able by Prayer and Self-Examination, when thou intendest to approach the Lord's table; but know," that a good life is of all others the best preparation for the Lord's Supper.”

Receive the holy Elements cautiously, and with


Let those who can read bring their books with them, and attend devoutly to every part of this solemn office.

After having received the Holy Communion, take heed to lead thy life agreeable to it, and pray continually for the assistance of God's Holy Spirit to strengthen thee so to do.

Think on the account thou must give hereafter, and thou wilt never do amiss.

A PRAYER for a young Scholar. O LORD God Almighty, froin whom cometh every good and perfect Gift, I look up to Thee, beseeching Thee to direct, assist, and bless all my endeavours after useful knowledge. Enlighten my understanding, O Father of lights, preserve me from error, and lead me into a right apprehension of all things : dispose me to be diligent, in whatever business or profession thy good Providence shall call me to : Endue me with that humility and soberness of mind, which Thou delightest to reward. Bestow on me a sound judgment, and an honest and good heart, sincerely desirous to please Tliee: that I may be a comfort to my friends, and å worthy member of Christ's Church. Enrich my mind with the Pleasures of Thine inspired wisdom, contained in those Holy Scriptures, which are able to make me wise unto Salvation. Let these be riy rule and guide in passing through things temporal, that I may not fail to attain the things that are eternal, through the merits of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.


At your first rising, say, “I laid me down and slept, and rose up again :

for the Lord sustained me.” Psal. iii. 5.

A Morning Prayer for a Person in private. O Lord grant me grace to attend seriously to my

prayers to thy great and glorious Majesty. O ALMIGHTY and most merciful God, I bless and praise thy holy Name for that thou hast preserved me from the evils and dangers of the night past, and hast safely brought me to the beginning of a new day. And as Thou hast now awakened my body from sleep, so raise my soul from the death of sin unto a life of righteousness.Strengthen me by the blessed Spirit, that I may embrace all opportunites of serving Thee, and doing good, and may carefully avoid

* Here name all occasions of evil, especially * those such sins sins which by nature and inclination you are most I am most likely to fall into ; Enable afraid of me to withstand the temptations of the world, the f" and the Devil; and to live in such a sober,


righteous, and godly manner héré, that when I die, I may be comforted with the blessed hope of everlasting life. Bless all iny relations and

* Here name friends, especially* give the holy anyour relalions, gels charye over all of us, to protect &c.

us this day from all sin and danger. Make me diligent in the duties of any calling, and grant that in all the changes and chances of this life, I way entirely submit to thy divine pro. vidence. Let thy blessing be lipou my actions, and let thy wisdom direct my intentions, that so the whole course of iny life, and tlie principal desiguis of iny heart, may be ordered by thy goverhance; to do always that which is righteous in thy siglit, through Jesus Christ my most blessed Lord and Saviour, who hatli taught us when we pray

to say,

Our Father, &c.

The blessing of God be with me and all belonging to me; and bless my going out and my coming in, this day and evermore. Amen.

An Evening Prayer for a person in private. O Lord, grant me grace to attend seriously to my

prayers to thy great and glorious Majesty. 0 Biessed Lord God, I now come before Thee with an heart truly thankful for all tliy goodness and inercies towards nie; especially for preserving me this day in the midst of so inany dangers as we are liable to. And now that I am going to lay me down to rest, let this remind ine, that ere long my body must lie down in the grave, and my soul must enter upon an eternal state. O let not sickness or


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