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not the least hurt; he who was with Daniel will be with all those who conscientiously wait upon Him; that they shall in the end suffer no loss or harm. And as Daniel, instead of losing his life, was by this means promoted to higher honour, so those who make a conscience of serving God as they ought, are high in God's favour, and shall certainly reap some great benefit and advantage by it.

It has been observed by many good men, that to begin the Lord's-day well, and to spend it in a religious manner, is the surest way to prosper in the following week; and that things can never go well with those who profane and mispend this holy day; and it is equally true, that they who begin and end every day with serious prayer, may hope for God's blessing to prosper them day and night. and to order all things so to go with them as shall be best and most for their good: But if any neglect this duty, and either go to work in the morning, or to rest in the evening without having prayed to God, such may justly expect to fall into some sin, or to have some unfortunate accident happen to thein or their families; for we are never safe either from sin or danger without the care of God's Providence, and prayer is the only way to engage the Almighty to take care of, and preserve us, that no evil shall befal us, neither shall any plague come nigh our dwellings.

Besides, as all of us have immortal souls, and an eternal state to provide for, we cannot surely think it much to spend a few minutes every day, in setting forward the important work of our salvation. Shall we labour for the meat that perisheth,

and yet take no pains for the meat that endureth to everlasting life:

Can we hear or read these words of our blessed Saviour, and not be moved? What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Mark vin. 37.

Let us consider the hazard of going into an evil world, without having implored the blessing, and protection of him who keepeth us from evil, who preserveth our going out and our coming in.

Let us consider the manifold dangers to which we are exposed in the night, when sleeping and defenceless : Who of us dare to suffer our eyes to sleep, or the temples of our heads to take any rest, before we have sought and begged for his protection, who neither slumbereth nor sleepeth. I laid me down and slept, said the Psalmist, and rose up again for the Lord sustained me. Psalm iii

. 5. And again in Psalm iv. 9. I will lay me down in peace, and take my rest : For it is thou Lord, only that makest' me dwell in safety.

Ye Fathers, and ye that are Masters of families, consider these terrible words of the Prophet, Pour out thy fury upon the families that call not upon thy name. Jer. x. 25. Consider also how the Apostle exhorts you to bring up your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Ephes. vi. 4.

And ye that are young, acquaint yourselves betimes with God, in all the ways of holy address, and in all the duties of the sanctuary and the closet; be not so foolish and unworthy as to forget your Maker and gracious Preserver, when he is inost mindful of you, “ when the candle of the


Lord shines about your tabernacle," and you are enjoying the health, and strength, and sweetness of life.

Let others, who are thoughtless and hate instruction, doat upon and follow the deceitful pleasures and vanities of the world : Let them run into the arms of temptation, who neglect to look up to God, and seek him not for the guide of their youth; but say you, and adhere steadfastly to, these resolutions : “ As for me, I will serve the Lord, and will make it my principal care and study to keep his commandments from my youth up--Lord, I will be thine---I have chosen Thee for my happiness and my portion for ever: Whom have I in heaven but thee? There is none upon earth that I desire in comparison with thee.

“Lo, they that forsake Thee shall perish; but

is good for me to draw near to God; to begin and end my days in his fear, and to his glory."

Finally ; Let it be our constant endeavour in gyery age and state of life, to mind the ONE THING NEEDFUL, and to do the work of Him that sent us while it is day. Let us walk in all the ordinances of the Lord blameless, not forsaking the asseinbling ourselves together, as the manner of some is. Let us strive above all things to please God, and daily implore his favour, direction, and blessing, while we live---That when we die, we may be found meet, through the merits of Christ our Saviour, to partake of those unspeakable joys, which he has purchased and prepared for all his faithful and obedient servants.

A verse may find him who a Sermon fries,
And turn delight into a sacrifice.

WHEN morning comes, the birds arise,
And tune their voices tow'rds the skies;
With warbling notes and hallow'd lays,
To sing their great Creator's praise.
Shall I then from my chamber go,
Or any work presume to do,
Before I've sought the God of heaven,
And my just morning tribute given ?
Let every bird's harmovious song,
Reproach me as I walk along,
Thoughtless of Him, whose guardian pow'r
Upholds, and saves me ev'ry hour.
Come then, my soul, awake and pray,
And praise thy Maker day by day;
Bless him for raiment, health, and food,
And for each peaceful night's abode.
Heathens who never knew the Lord,
Nor saw the brightness of his word,
Religious honours duly paid,
To Deities themselves had made.
The Turk, to various errors bred,
Yet learns the living God to dread;
Five tin a day at Mah’met's shrine,
He prays, and offers things divine.
These shall in judgment rise, and shame
Many who bear the Christian name:
The Judge in wrath shall cast them out,
- Who in their day, their God forget.

The beasts and fowls, craving to eat,
Beg as it were their daily meat;
The hand which feedeth them they know,
And to it grateful homage shew.
Shall Christians then the Hand above,
Refuse to know, whose boundless love
Pours blessings out, like kindly show’rs,
To fill with goodness us and ours?
Let man and wife, each little one,
Incessant hearts and voices join,
In ev'ry household, rich and poor,
Our God and Father to adore,
From this time forth for evermore.

General Directions in order to the leading a

Godly and a Christian Life. BEGIN every day with God, and go pot out of thy chamber before thou hast performed thy bounden duty of Prayer and Thanksgiving.

Walk all the day long in the fear of God: Whatever thou art, or whatsoever thou doest, bear this in mind, “ That thy Maker is present with thee and spieth out all thy ways." Exert thy reason to the keeping under thy passions, and vicious inclinations, and bringing them into subjections to the law of God.

Remember that thy virtue consists in the due government of thy corrupt affections :

This is the trial to which thou art called, and the prize contended for is no less than Immortality and eternal Life.

Shun idleness, in whatever station of life thou

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