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A. The being reconciled to God's love and favour.

Q. How does baptism reconcile you to God's love and favour ?

A. By washing away the guilt of that sin wherewith we are born.

Q. How is the guilt of that sin washed away by baptism?

A. Through the sufferings of our Lord Jesus Christ, in whose name we are baptised.

Q. What is required of persons to be baptised ?
A. Repentance and faith.
Q. What do you mean by repentance ?

A. A hearty sorrow for sins past, and an utter forsaking them for the time to come.

Q. What do you mean by faith ?

A. A hearty belief of all things made known to us in the word of God.

Q. Why then are infants baptised when they can neither believe nor repent ?

A. They promise by their sureties, that when they come to age they will forsake sin, and be. lieve in the word of God.

Q. What is the second Sacrament?
A. T'he Sacrament is the Lord's Supper,
Q. Why do you call it the Lord's Supper ?

A. Because our Lord Jesus Christ ordained it at his last supper with his disciples.

Q. For what end did Christ ordain this holy Supper ?


A. For the continual remembrance of the sa. crifice of his death, and of the benefits we receive thereby.

Q. What is the outward visible sign in this Sacrament?

A. Bread and wine.
Q. What do they signify or represent ?

A. The body of Christ which was bruised, and his blood which was shed upon the cross for our salvation.

How can we receive the body and blood or Christ?

A. We cannot receive his real body and blood.

Q. What then is the inward spiritual grace, that we do receive ?

A. The benefits of Christ's death and suffer ings.

Q. Who are they that ought to come to the Lord's Supper?

A. All Christians, who are come to years of discretion, and live agreeably to their profession.

Q. What obligations do such lie under to come to the Lord's Supper ?

A. The express command of Christ, and the benefits offered to their own souls.

Q. What are the benefits offered in this holy Sacrament ?

A. The pardon of our sins, the grace of God's Holy Spirit, and the promise of eternal life.

Q. In what manner are our souls strengthened and refreshed by these benefits ?

A. In the same manner our bodies are strengthened and refreshed by common bread and wine.



Q. What preparation is required of them who come to the Lord's Supper ?

A. To examins themselves whether they re

pent, &c.

Q. What are the duties contained in this preparation ?

A. To forsake our sins, to amend our lives, to believe in Christ, to be thankful for our redemption by him, and to be in peace with all our neighCours.


In Explanation of the two COVENANTS; the

GREAT Feasts and Fasts of our CHURCH;
with some RELIGIOUS TERMS not generally



my design in this little work is to be as useful as I can, and to prepare people for the better understanding what they hear from the pulpit, and read in the Holy Scriptures, and other godly books; so I hope, what is offered herein, will, through God's blessing, be serviceable to this end. I have endea. voured, in as short a compass, and as clearly as I could, to explain the Two Covenants, a subject of great consequence, in which every Christian ought to be well instructed, in order to know the wonderful schema of our Redemption, the conditions of our Salvation, and the nature of the Sacraments: I wish this veces. sary point were better understood than it usually is.

Next to this, I have explained the meaning of the grand Festivals and Fasts of our Church, which none, who mention the Name of Christ, ought to be ignorant of; ard yet I fear there are hundreds of grown Christiaus, in country places, who know little or nothing of these things. As to the great Festivals of our Church, common people and servants call them by the name of Holydays, when they are used to put on their best cloathes, to leave work, and go abroad; but they cannot give an answer to any one who asks them the reason of these days being observed. And as to the Fasts of the Church, they are as little known to such people, even that solemy Fast of all, Good Friday. It may seem strange indeed that people should be so very ignorant, when there is such constant Preaching at these great Festivals and Fasts of our Church: But the truth is, they will not be brought to the knowledge of Religion by Preaching, unless the grounds and first principles of it be conveyed into their minds beforehand; the earth must be well pre. pared, and the seed properly sown and laid in the ground, or otherwise it is in vain to expect any fruit, at least any to perfection. This the farmer and labouring man well know, that practice in their lande, but they as much neglect it in the minds of their poor children and servants : These lie uncultivated, unim. proved, and unsown; and no wonder that so much ignorance and wickedness spring up and prevail. It is very observable that in many country places, where there are large families, and abundance of poor chila drey and servants, little or no care is taken to keep them in regular order, to restrain them from vice, or to teach them their duty. On the Lord's day, and on the most solemn Feasts and Fasts of our Church, As soon as ever divine service is over, the Masters and Mistresses either make or receive visits, and spend the reviainder of these holy days in company, when they should be amongst their children and ser. vants, hearing them and asking them questions. But these things ought not to be so; for, besides the un.

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