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pur God, and promised to walk in his Ways, to keep his Commandments, and to hearken to his Voice. And the Lord hath avouched us this day to be his peculiar people.

I have sworn unto the Lord, and am ștedfastly purposed to keep his righteous judgments.

Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man to conceive, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

0! when shall I come to appear before the presence of God! When shall I come to the heavenly Jerusalem, to the innumerable company of Angels : to the general Assembly and Church of the first-born, which are written in Heaven; and to spirits of just men made perfect? A Thanksgiving after the Sacrament, to be saich

when you return home, I ACKNOWLEDGE, O Lord my God, with all thankfulness of heart, thy great mercy and goodļiess vouchsafed to me this day, in giving me an opportunity of approaching thy Holy Table, and disposing my mind to remember the infinite love of my crucified Saviour. I humbly hope that I shall hereby obtain all the benefit of his death and sufferings, to my great and endless comfort.

How many, O Lord turn a deaf ear to all the pressing exhortations of thy ministers, and being ruled by the cares, and riches, and pleasures of this life, when they are invited, refuse to come ? O be merciful unto them, and open their eyes in due tiine, to see and consider the things that belong to their peace. But all glory be to thee, O gracious God, that thou hast impressed a selise of this duty upon my mind. Praise the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me praise his holy name,

Glory be to thee, O Lord, for the fresh supplies of

grace I have received at thy hand. Glory be to Thee, for those comfortable promises 'Thou hast given ine of pardon and for. giveness.

Glory be to Thee, O Lord God Almighty, for that peace and quiet Thou hast restored to my soul : for those resolutions Thou hast wrought in me lo continue in thy service to the end of my life. O let it be my whole care to walk worthy of these thy great mercies, and to live such an holy and good life as becomes the redeemed of the Lord.

Lead me, O God, through the vale of misery and sorrow, and conduct me by the paths of peace and holiness to my own home, even my hea venly country, the Land of Promise, the

presence and enjoyment of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, world without end. Amen, Amen. A short PRAYER (to be added to your other Prayers,)

the Morning after you have received the HOLY SACRAMENT.

HEAR me, O merciful Saviour, assist me with thy-grace and Holy Spirit, that I may always keep those vows and good resolutions which I have so lately made at thy holy table, that I may never return to any of my former sins, but ever hereafter be very watchful over all my thoughts, words, and actions; and may continue su faithfully to serve Thee, even unto death, that I may obtain the crown of life which thou hast prepared in heaven for all thy faithful servants. Amen.

When you go out of your chamber, or are going

to your work, you may say these words: Order my steps in thy word O Lord, that no iniquity may have dominion over me.

O hold thou up my goings in thy paths, tha my footsteps slide not.

Let me not be of the number of those, who fall back into perdition, but of those who persevere in well doing, to the saving of their souls. Amen.

PRAYERS for the time of Sickness. A short PRAYER to be used whenever you take

Physic. O LORD, without whom all our endeavours are but vain, give thy blessing to the means I now use to procure me health and strength, if it be thy blessed will, that I may be enabled the better to serve Thee in all holy duties, and to do the business of my calling : and this I beg for Christ Jesus's sake. Amen.

A Prayer to be used in the time of sickness.

O Most blessed and gracious God, who only canst heal the sick, look down with pity on me thy unworthy creature, who am but sinful dust and ashes : I humbly submit myself to thy will, believing that thou correctest me in love and mercy to my soul, and that it is Thou only who eanst give me help in time of need. Grant, O Lord, that what I now suffer may set forward my eternal salvation; teach me, by this proof of thy fatherly correction, to be more dutiful for the time to come : to repent of all my past miscarriages ; and to redeem the time past by a double diligence for the future. If thou shalt in mercy raise me up again, I stedfastly resolve, through thy grace, to lead a new life and to make it my chief care and study to serve and please Thee, and to fit my soul for eternity ? But if it be thy blessed wili, Õ Lord, that this sickness should be unto death, grant me patience to go through it, and to bear it with an humble and quiet mind. Deal with me as it seemeth good unto Thee, only be pleased to pardon my sius, and save my soul for thy mercy's sake; and grant, that whenever I depart hence I may be received into thine everlasting and heavenly kingdom, for the sake of Jesus Christ our most blessed Lord and Saviour. Amen.

If the sick person's illness is so violent that he

is 'not able to make use of the foregoing Prayers, let him pour out his soul in some of these short ejaculations that are most suitable to his condition, sometimes saying over the Lord's prayer, as his strength will allow.

LORD, I am justly afflicted for my sins, 0 sanctisy by bodily suiferings to the saving of my soul.

Lord have compassion on my weakness, and lay no more upon me than I am able to hear. Let thy grace be sufficient for me.

On taking any Medicines, Lord, give a blessing to the means that are used for my recovery.

In the time of extreme pain or sickness. O Father of Mercies, and God of all comfort, have mercy upon me and comfort me!

Lord, increase my patience or abate my pain. Blessed Jesus, have mercy on me.

By thy agony and bloody sweat, by thy precious death and suffering, good Lord deliver me!

O dear Saviour, hear and help me.
Graciously look upon my affliction.
Pitifully behold the sorrows of my heart,
Mercifully forgive my sins !
On receiving ease or abatement of pain.

Glory be to thee, O Lord, for this ease and relief; be pleased to continue thy mercies to me!

When the sick person wants sleep. Lord, hear my groanings, and send ine rest to ease my complaints.

After a Sleep. Blessed be thy name, O Lord; how have thy comforts refreshed my soul!

When in danger.


time is in thine hand, Thou knowest what is best and fittest for me.

Lord, I resign myself to thy will, either te ive or die; but whether I liye or die, let me be thine for ever.

Lord, strengthen my faith, that it may never fail me to the last,

When death seems to be approaching. O blessed Spirit, support and comfort me in my passage through the valley and shadow of death.

Suffer me not, O Lord, for any pains of death to fall from thee.

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