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1.—THE PICTORIAL EDITION. This work, the sale of which has far exceeded that of any edition of Shakspere ever published, has nearly reached its completion. It consists of

COMEDIES, 2 Vols.-containing fourteen Plays, accompanied by Notes, Illustrations, and Critical Notices; with 335 Woodcuts, executed by the first Artists.

HISTORIES, 2 Vols.-containing ten Plays, and, in addition to the usual Notes, full Historical Illustrations, and an Essay on the Three Parts of Henry VI. and Richard III. ; with 304 Woodcuts.

TRAGEDIES and POEMS, 2 VOLS.-containing eleven Plays, and the Poems; and, besides the accustomed Notes, &c., a full Illustration of the Sonnets; with 271 Woodcuts.

SUPPLEMENTARY VOLUME.-Containing Titus Andronicus, Pericles, Two Noble Kinsmen, Analysis of the Doubtful Plays, History of Opinion on the Writings of Shakspere, and Index; with 84 Woodcuts.

WILLIAM SHAKSPERE: A BIOGRAPHY. This INTRODUCTORY VOLUME, which will be completed in June, 1843, forms a distinct work, exhibiting our great Poet in association with the circumstances of his domestic position, and portraying the Literature, Manners, and Events of his Age. The subject includes a full HISTORY OF THE STAGE. The volume will contain above 200 Woodcuts.

The entire Work consists of Fifty-six Parts, at Half-a-Crown each. THE SEVEN VOLUMES, without the Biography, occupy Forty-six Parts, price 51. 158., or bound in cloth, 61. 12s. 6d. The Biography will cost in Parts, 11. 58., making the total cost of the Work 71., or in cloth 81. The total number of Woodcuts in this edition is TWELVE HUNDRED, which have been executed at a cost of little less than Ten Thousand Pounds.

2.—THE LIBRARY EDITION. This is a re-publication, in demy octavo, with an accurate revisal of the Text and Notes, of Mr. Knight's Pictorial editiou. Such Woodcuts are inserted as are strictly illustrative. The Seventh Volume was issued on the 1st of February, completing the publication of 25 Plays. The work will be finished early in 1843. Price TEN SHILLINGS each Volume.

3.--THE CABINET EDITION. The want of a correct Text of Shakspere, in a neat form, and at a cheap rate, has long been felt. It is now generally acknowledged that the received Text, that of Steevens (inaccurately called the text of Steevens and Malone), is shamefully disfigured through the tasteless and unwarrantable deviations from the original copies, made by the modern Editors of Shakspere. The text given by Mr. Knight, in his Pictorial and Library Editions, is founded upon the most careful collations; and a reason is assigned in those editions for every deviation from the received text of the modern copies. To print the Text of the Works of Shakspere, such as we may judge that it proceeded from his pen, so as to make his real words accessible to all, is the object of · The Cabinet Edition.' Alexander applied the perfume-cabinet of Darius to a noble use : 'I will have it,' he said, 'to serve for a case for Homer's books.' The works of Shakspere, in like manner, deserve a Cabinet that may always be at hand, like “ the case for Homer's books. This Cabinet Edition will not be rendered bulky by much Commentary. A few glossarial Notes will be added to the Text, to explain words and sentences which are not familiar to the general reader.

The Cabinet Edition will be completed in Numbers, each Number containing a complete Play, at SIXPENCE; published Weekly.

Also, in Ten Volumes, at HALF-A-Crown each, bound in cloth, with gilt edges, published Monthly.

The Weekly publication commenced on Saturday, the 7th of January; and the Monthly on the 1st of February.

London : CHARLES KNIGHT and Co., 22, Ludgate Street.




1.-SKETCHES OF CHINA : Partly during an Inland Journey of Four Months,

between Peking, Nanking, and Canton. By John Francis Davis, Esq., F.R.S., &c., late His Majesty's Chief Superintendent in China. In 2 vols. post 8vo, price Sixteen Shillings.

2.- THE CHINESE : A General Description of China and its Inhabitants.

By John FRANCIS Davis, Esq., F.R.S., &c. A New Edition, enlarged and revised, in which the History of English Intercourse is brought up

to the present time. In one closely-printed volume, price Five Shillings.


Published occasionally. Of these have appeared



The Maid of All-Work
The Lady's.Maid
The Dairy-Maid
The Nursery-Maid
The House-Maid
The Poultry-Maid
The Laundry-Maid
The Ploughman, Carter, & Labourer
The Shepherd
The Cowherd
The Groom and Coachman

Ditto, in cloth
The Clerk
The Cook, with 700 Receipts

Ditto, in cloth
The Nurse

S. d. 0 8 1 0 0 8 1 0 0 8 1 0 0 8 1 0 1 0 1 0 2 0 2 6 1 6 3 0 3 6 1 0




The Printer
The Plumber, Glazier, and Painter
The Chemist and Druggist
The Shoemaker, Part I.

Part II.
The Tailor
The Milliner and Dress-maker
The Joiner and Cabinet-maker
The Carver and Gilder
The Baker
The Cooper
The Miller
The Confectioner, with numerous Recipes

s. d. 1 0 1 0 0 8 1 0 1 6 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 6


London: CHARLES KNIGHT & Co., 22, Ludgate Street.

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